Company Profile was formed to help everyone enjoy there lunchtime. The concept was to develop a web site that provided a portal of information advertised by food providers.

Whilst many companies have their own web sites prompting their products and services there is no single location for the consumer to make choices.

The choices available to the consumer range from food type to location, cost to culture. The clients of are those companies who advertise their products through the web site.

The website offers a variety of subscription options from the basic entry level partner to premier provider. Other options include links to daily discounts, weekly specials and seasonal surprises i.e. St Patrick’s day.

By providing a single consumer location for this information clients can make selections quicker and more relevant to their preference and the providers services. The website contains information from a variety of food types including sandwiches, burgers, pizza to higher profile restaurants.

Links are provided from the web site to the individual client sites so that the customer can easily connect directly to additional information or services provided by the client. This service provides another indirect form of marketing for clients that provide services other than food service.

The benefits of the lunchtime event as a mid daybreak has, to a large extent been lost. aims to restore and rebuild the importance of the lunchtime in promoting a better lifetime. The statement “a better lunchtime leads to a better lifetime" starts to challenge the assumption that working through lunch is better. If we are to plan better lifestyle than we can begin by planning better lunchtime's. And as we all know a lot of our activities center around food.

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