Cafe Arabica in Cleveland Menu

Garden Salad All your favourite garden salad items
Small $13.95 / Large $15.95
Greek Salad Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, onion Olives & feta cheese
Small $13.95 / Large $15.95
Caesar Salad Coz lettuce, crispy bacon, croutons, Parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing
Small $13.95 / Large $15.95
- Add anchovies extra $1.50
- Add Plain/Cajun Chicken extra (sml) $3.50
- Or Calamari extra (lrg) $4.50
Leg Ham or Chicken $4.80
Turkey or Egg & Lettuce or Salami $4.90
Pink Salmon or Tuna $4.80
Smoked Salmon $6.50
Salad $4.60
Kids Meals
Fish & Chips $10.95
Chicken Schnitzel & Chips $10.95
Healthy Choices
Vegetarian Dream - cream cheese, lettuce, Tomato, sunflower kernels, alfalfa $10.95
Chicken Delight - Avocado, chicken, tomato, capsicum & lettuce $10.95
Super Salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, onion, mushroom & alfalfa $10.95
Sunshine Salad - Ham, lettuce, pinapple & swiss cheese $10.95
Rye Bread or Gluten Free Bread Add $0.40
Croissant or Panini Add $1.50
Focaccia Add $2.20
Pocket Bread, Fingers Or open Sandwich Add $1.50
Toast your sandwich Add $0.60
Fruit Salad & Natural Yoghurt $8.95
Ice Cream Sundae Choose your topping served with nuts & cream $9.95
Banana Split Banana & your choice of topping, ice-cream & cream $9.95
Dessert Pancakes 2 Pancakes, your choice of topping, ice-cream & cream $9.95
Berry Pancakes 2 Pancakes topped with mixed berries & ice-cream Sprinkled with icing sugar $9.95
BLT & Chips (Turkish Bread) $14.95
Bacon, Egg & Salad Sandwich (Turkish Bread) served with chips $14.95
Open Steak Sandwich 120gm Served on thick toasted bread with egg Onion, salad & chips $18.95
Lasagne, Salad & Chips $15.95
Quiche Lorraine, Chips & Salad $15.95
Filos with creamy sauce, Chips & Salad Flavours at the counter $19.95
Chicken Breast Schnitzel Wrap (toasted) Rolled in a tortilla with Caesar dressing Lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese $13.95
Open Grills - Served on 1/2 a Panini -
- Hog - ham, avocado, tomato, onion, Swiss cheese $8.95
- Cog - Chicken, avocado, sun dried tomato, onion Swiss cheese $8.95
Mini Pizza Served on 8 inch pizza base -
- Ham & Pineapple $14.95
- Supreme chicken, ham, pepperoni, onion, capsicum, Pineapple, mushrooms & olives $14.95
- Cajun Chicken Spicy chicken & capsicum $14.95
Beef Burger Beef, salad, cheese, fried onion & BBQ sauce $16.95
Vegetarian Burger Veggie pattie, salad, cheese Fried onion & BBQ sauce $16.95
Fish Burger Whiting fillets, lettuce, tomato & tartare sauce $15.95
Chicken Schnitzel Burger Chicken breast schnitzel, lettuce, Caesar dressing $15.95
Meat Fettuccini Topped with Arabica’s special meat sauce Sprinkled with Parmesan cheese & herbs
Small $13.95 / Large $18.95
Chicken Breast Schnitzel Served with chips & salad $18.95
Chicken Breast Schnitzel Parmigiana Served with chips & salad $20.95
Crumbed Whiting Chips & Salad
Small $15.95 / Large $20.95
Pan Fried Nile Perch, Chips & Salad Pan fried in garlic butter $21.95
Prawn Cutlets, Chips & Salad $20.95
Calamari, Chips & Salad $20.95
Seafood Basket, Chips & Salad $20.95
Bangers & Mash, Veggies & Gravy $17.95
Fettuccini - Create your own - Choose a Cream or Tomato Base Add your favourite fillings ...... Chicken, bacon, mushrooms, sundried Tomato, tomato, capsicum
Small $13.95 / Large $19.95
Monster Breakfast 2 eggs, steak, sausage, bacon, tomato, Hash brown, baked beans, mushrooms & toast $22.50
Big Breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, Baked beans & toast $17.95
Cooked Breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, tomato baked beans & toast $14.95
Mushrooms on Toast $10.95
Eggs Benedict Served on 2 toasted English Muffins, Drizzled with Hollandaise Sauce Ham $15.95
Bacon/Egg/Cheese and Tomato Sauce On a Toasted Muffin $6.25
Pumpkin Soup & Toasted Panini (seasonal) $8.95
Garlic or Herb Bread on Panini $4.50
Sweet Chilli Cheese Bread 8 inch pizza base with sweet chilli & cheddar cheese $5.95
Bruschetta Bread Toasted panini spread with pesto and Topped with a mixture of tomato, Red onion, garlic and herbs $7.95
Turkish Bread toasted with Dips With 3 Assorted Dips $9.25
Eggs on Toast $9.95
Bacon, Eggs & Toast $11.95
Bacon & Egg Sandwich (Toasted) $7.95
Baked Beans on Toast $7.95
Homemade Savoury Mince on Toast $9.95
Croissant with Butter & Jam $5.95
Natural Toasted or Gluten Free Served with natural yoghurt/milk $7.95
Plate of chips chicken salt or Cajun seasoning $8.50
Bowl of chips Chicken salt or Cajun seasoning $6.25
Bowl of Potato Gems $5.95
Gravy $2.50
Seasoned Wedges Served with sour cream & salsa
Small $10.95 / Large $13.95
Cajun chicken or Meat Nachos
Small $16.95 / Large $18.95
Plain Nachos Served with sour cream & guacamole
Small $13.95 / Large $15.95

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Nearby sample menus

The French Table (sample menu)
Pate De Foie De Volaille - a smooth marinated duck liver pate, served in a little pot with crispy toasts & garden salad $15.00
Escargot Bourguignonne - served in shells sizzling in garlic & fresh herb butter (Half / 1 dozen) $14.00/$19.00
Canard A L'Orange (Chefs Specialty) - open range duck slowly cooked in jus to retain tenderness $37.00
Summer Berry Pudding - with raspberry coulis & creme anglaise $14.00
Fresh Asparagus Spears with King Prawns - with a pistachio nut dressing garnished with salad $15.00
Creme Brulee - a delicate egg custard with a brittle toffee top served with whipped creme on side $13.00
Breast of Chicken Chanticlere - filled with crabmeat with a mushroom & sour creme mild curry sauce $33.00
Profiteroles Au Chocolaet with whipped creme $14.00
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Thai Natong (sample)
Pad Spicy Noodle - stir fried flat rice noodle with fresh chilli, basil leave & vegetable (Chicken, Beef or Pork/Vegetarian with or without tofu/Duck, Lamb, Prawn or Seafood) $12.90/$12.90/$16.90
Natong Special Salad (Mild/Med/Hot) - deep fried eggs & vegetable salad with our own special natong's spicy dressing $12.90
Red Curry - thai red curry paste in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, beans, capsicum & basil (Chicken, Beef or Pork/Vegetarian with or without tofu/Duck, Lamb, Prawn or Seafood) $12.90/$12.90//$16.90
Seafood Pad Cha - seafood spicy stir fried with vegetable & fresh herbs $16.90
Pad Cashew Nut - stir fried with sweet chilli paste, vegetables & cashew nut (Chicken, Beef or Pork/Vegetarian with or without tofu/Duck, Lamb, Prawn or Seafood) $12.90/$12.90//$16.90
Tom Chud (Chicken or Pork/Vegetarian with or without tofu/Prawn or Seafood) - tasty thai style clear soup with vegetables $6.90/$6.90/$7.90
Po-Tak Seafood (Chicken or Pork/Vegetarian with or without tofu/Prawn or Seafood) - thai spicy soup with mushrooms, onion, shallot, basil leaves, chilli & lemon juice $6.90/$6.90/$7.90
Pineapple Curry - thai spicy curry in coconut milk with pineapple, tomato, bean, carrot & capsicum (Chicken, Beef or Pork/Vegetarian with or without tofu/Duck, Lamb, Prawn or Seafood) $12.90/$12.90//$16.90
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Coffee Secret (sample)
Extra Bacon, Eggs, Tomato, Potato Rosti's, Mushrooms & Chorizo Sausages n/a
Homemade Pancakes - two fluffy pancakes served with warmed strawberry maple syrup & ice cream $9.95
Free Range 3 Egg Omelet (low carb gluten free) - our very own fluffy omelet recipe filled with champagne ham, swiss cheese, slow roasted tomato & fresh baby spinach $9.95
Secret Bacon & Eggs - succulent bacon & farm fresh eggs served on Turkish toast with slow roasted tomatoes $8.95
Secret Big Breakfast - succulent bacon rashers, chorizo sausages & farm fresh eggs on Turkish toast with grilled mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes & potato rosti $13.95
Eggs on Toast - two farm fresh eggs cooked anyway you like served on plain toast $6.95
Cinnamon Toast - your choice of toasted raisin loaf or thick sliced white bread topped with cinnamon sugar (For 1/For 2) $2.50/$3.50
Raisin Toast - our very own thick sliced European raisin loaf toasted & served with butter (For 1/For 2) $2.50/$3.50
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Thai Focus Restaurant (sample)
BEEF SALAD / CHICKEN SALAD Sliced grilled beef / grilled chicken mixed with red onion, coriander, shallot and Thai herbs. $15.90
SPICY DRY CURRY Stir fried Thai style curry paste with capsicum, green beans, bamboo shoot and lime leaves with your selection of. [As above] -
Vegetables $12.90
Roast Duck $19.90
Vegetables $5.50
Chicken or Pork or Beef $15.90
COCONUT PRAWNS (4 Pieces) King prawns cooked with coconut, battered and deep fried served with special sauce. $9.00
Vegetables $12.90
Clean Here for the full menu for Thai Focus Restaurant
Ton Luck Cafe & Takeaway (sample)
Chicken Chow Mein $11.00
Ham Omelette $10.00
King Prawn $14.00
Pork Fillet $12.00
Honey Chicken $11.00
Sweet & Sour Pork $10.00
Spring Rolls $6.00
Braised Beef $10.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Ton Luck Cafe & Takeaway

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Table Service
187 Middle St, Cleveland, QLD, 4163, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

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