Golden Eagle Collies Chinese Restaurant in Collie Menu

Chicken and Vegetables $16.90
Chicken in black bean sauce $16.90
Chicken with almonds or cashews $16.90
Chicken with ginger and Shallots $16.90
Chicken with mushrooms $16.90
Chicken with plum sauce $16.90
Chili chicken hot or mild $16.90
Garlic Chicken hot or mild $16.90
Garlic Chicken $16.90
Honey chicken $16.90
Satay Chicken $16.90
Sizzling Chicken $16.90
Singapore Style Chicken mild $16.90
Kung Po Chicken hot $16.90
Honey Chili Chicken $16.90
Beef and vegetables $16.90
Beef in black bean sauce $16.90
Beef with Almonds or cashers $16.90
Beef with Ginger and Shallots $16.90
Beef with mushrooms $16.90
Beef with oyster sauce $16.90
Beef with Plum Sauce $16.90
Chili Beef hot or mild $16.90
Garlic Beef $16.90
Honey Beef $16.90
Mongolian Beef $16.90
Satay Beef $16.90
Singapore Style Beef mild $16.90
Tomato beef $16.90
Chili Pork Hot or mild $16.90
Garlic Pork $16.90
Pork and vegetables $16.90
Pork and black bean sauce $16.90
Pork with Almonds or cashews $16.90
Satay pork $16.90
Peking Style pork spare Sauce $18.90
Pork Spareribs in plum sauce $18.90
Chili salt & pepper pork spare ribs $18.90
Pork Spare Ribs with ginger & shallots $18.90
Sang Choy Bow $19.80
Lemon Grass & Butter King Prawns $22.00
Honey Chili King Prawns $22.00
Chili salt & pepper deep fried Oyster $26.00
Sizzling Black pepper Fillet steak $24.00
Sizzling Fillet Steak $24.00
Fatshan Crispy Skin Chicken $17.00
Mongolian Lamb $22.00
Seafood bean curd claypot $20.00
Sizzling Creamy beef or chicken $17.90
Pork Spareribs in mandarin Sauce $18.90
Honey black pepper pork spare ribs $18.90
Fried Sizzling chicken $17.90
Garlic King Prawn dry style $22.00
Short Soup $6.80
Long Soup $6.80
Vegetable Soup $6.80
Combination Soup $7.80
Chicken & Mushroom Soup $6.80
Chicken & Sweetcorn soup $6.80
Chicken & Shark fin soup $11.90
Hot & Sour Soup $6.80
West lake beef Soup $6.80
Curry Puffds $6.80
Prawn Crackers $2.50
Prawn cocktail $8.00
Spring Rolls 4 pcs $6.80
Fried or steamed dim sum 4 pcs $6.80
Chicken Beef Satay Sticks 4pcs $7.80
Chicken Wings 4pcs $6.80
Chips large $6.80
Chips small $5.00
Fried Squid 5pcs $7.00
Sesame Prawns 6pcs $8.50
Fried Prawn fritters 6pcs $8.50
Fried Fish fritter $7.80
Fried Combination Platter $8.80
Fried oyster $13.80
Prawn Toast 3pcs $8.50
Fried or steamed wonton 6pcs $6.80

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Popular Menu Item Crispy Duck with Pancakes Crispy Duck with Pancakes Served in virtually every Chinese restaurant around the country, Crispy Duck is a sociable way of eating with a group of friends or family. The duck is air-dried and then roasted in the oven with a honey and soy glaze and Chinese 5-Spice. This renders the skin crisp while the flesh stays tender. It is then shredded and served with a plum sauce, pancakes and finely sliced matchstick pieces of cucumber and spring onion. Take one of the pancakes from the bamboo steamer, a spoonful of sauce and top with the shredded vegetables and duck. Roll up and crunch it to it, simply delicious! Chinese
Popular Menu Item Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Served in most Asian restaurants, it is probably a ‘signature smoothie’ type of drink. Fresh mangoes with yoghurt and light spices poured over ice – absolutely delicious and refreshing to the palate and takes away any heat from spicy food still burning your tongue! Asian
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer Tsingtao is the most popular Chinese beer in China. Best served with spicy food, it is crisp and refreshing when ice cold. It has a nutty, sweet taste and is a perfect accompaniment to Chinese dishes. It is a lager style beer and a modest 4.8% alcohol. Chinese
Popular Menu Item Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea is a famous Chinese tea brew, deeply aromatic and usually served at the end of a meal with great ceremony. Always served with a teapot and cup, often on a bamboo mat. The unique flavour and aroma is caused by the jasmine blossom fragrance being absorbed into the tea during growth. Subtlely sweet, is is renowned throughout the world. Chinese
Popular Menu Item Green Tea Green Tea Green tea is very popular in Chinese restaurants and sushi bars. This could be due to its apparent ‘healing properties’ and distinct flavour. Green Tea aids digestion of raw food and has a slightly earthy but not unpleasant taste. Served in a cup that is often prettily decorated. Chinese, Sushi

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
115 Throssell St, Collie, WA, 6225, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Golden Eagle Collies Chinese Restaurant

Authentic Chinese cuisine

Golden Eagle Collies Chinese Restaurant Collie Menu

Opening Hours

Friday 11:30am–2pm, 4:30–9pm

Saturday 11:30am–2pm, 4:30–10pm

Sunday 11:30am–2pm, 4:30–10pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11:30am–2pm, 4:30–9pm

Wednesday 11:30am–2pm, 4:30–9pm

Thursday 11:30am–2pm, 4:30–9pm