Golden Swan Chinese Take Away in Elizabeth South Menu

1. Spring Rolls (3 per serve) $4.80
2. Prawn Chips $2.30
3. Satay Steak (3 per serve) $6.50
4. Chinese Roast Pork $5.50
5. Dim Sim Steamed or Fried (3 per serve) $5.40
6. Chicken Satays (3 per serve) $6.50
7. Golden Fried King Prawns (X5) $6.480
8. Prawn Cocktails $5.80
9. Dumplings $7.80
10. Spicy Chicken Wings (X7) $7.30
11. Salt & Pepper Squid (X8) $6.80
12. Spicy Thai Squid (X8)
New Dish
13. Long Soup $5.40
14. Short Soup $5.40
15. Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $4.80
16. Chicken & Asparagus Soup $5.40
17. Crab Meat & Asparagus Soup $5.40
18. Crab Meat & Chicken Soup $5.40
19. Crab Meat & Sweet Corn Soup $5.40
20. Combination Soup $5.40
21. Sweet & Sour Chicken/ Beef or in Pork batter $9.80
22. Sweet & Sour King Prawns $13.80
23. Sweet & Sour Prawns $11.80
24. Sweet & Sour Combination $11.30
25. Combination Special Fried Rice (Small) $5.30
26. Combination Special Fried Rice (Large) $6.30
27. Combination Special Fried Rice (X-Large) $7.20
28. Braised Chicken/Beef & Steamed Rice $10.80
29. Curry King Prawns & Steamed Rice $13.80
30. Curry Chicken/ Beef & Steamed Rice $10.80
31. Combination Curry & Steamed Rice $11.30
32. Curry Prawns & Steamed Rice $11.80
33. Curry Squid & Fried Rice $11.80
Stir Fry with Options of EXTRA Hokkien, egg or rice noodles for $2
34. Chicken/ Beef Chop Suey/Chow Mein $9.80
35. Chinese Roast Pork Chop Suey /Chow Mein $10.30
36. King Prawns Chop Suey/Chow Mein $13.80
37. Prawns Chop Suey/Chow Mein $11.80
38. Combination Chop Suey/Chow Mein $10.80
Hokkien, egg or rice with new dishes
39. Braised Chicken/Beef $9.80
40. Chinese Roast $10.30
41. Braised King Prawns $13.80
42. Small Prawns $11.80
43. Combination Meats $10.80
44. Combination Seafood $13.80
45. Singapore Noodles $9.30
46. Pork Spare Ribs with Sauce
Plum, Sweet & Sour and Black Bean
47. Golden Deep Fried Pork in Batter with Sweet & Sour, Lemon or Plum Sauce $10.30
48. Roast Pork in Cashew Nuts $10.50
49. Golden Deep Fried Chicken in Batter & Chips $10.80
50. Lemon Chicken (Boneless) $10.30
51. Golden Deep Fried Chicken in Batter with Sweet & Sour Sauce $10.30
52. Satay Chicken $10.80
53. Braised Chicken with Cashew Nuts $10.30
54. Braised Chicken with Mushrooms & Vegetables $9.80
55. Braised Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $9.80
56. Combination Chicken in Batter & Cashew Nuts $13.20
57. Thai Chicken
Chef's favourite
58. Lemongrass Chicken $10.80
59. Spicy Chicken $10.80
60. Honey Chicken $10.80
61. Flaming Chilli Chicken $10.80
62. Salt and Pepper Chicken (New Dish ) $10.80
63. Braised Beef with Black Bean Sauce $9.80
64. Braised Beef with Bean Sprouts $9.80
65. Braised Beef with Cashew Nuts $10.30
66. Braised Beef with Mushrooms & Vegetables $9.80
67. Braised Beef with Fresh Mushrooms $10.80
68. Spicy Beef $10.80
69. Chilli Beef $10.80
70. Satay Beef $10.80
71. Flaming Satay Fillet Steak $10.80
72. Mongolian Sizzling Beef $11.80
73. Sizzling Fillet Steak (Cantonese Style, Black Bean Or Oyster Sauce) $10.80
74. Steak & Chips $14.80
75. King Prawn Fritters (Battered) (10Pcs) $14.80
76. Braised King Prawns with Mushrooms & Vegetables $13.80
77. Braised King Prawns with Cashew Nuts $13.80
78. Braised King Prawns with Bean Sprouts $13.80
79. Braised King Prawns with Black Bean Sauce $13.80
80. Braised King Prawns with Fresh Mushroom $13.80
81. Scallops with Black Bean Sauce $13.80
82. Honey King Prawns $14.80
83. King Prawns with Satay, Chilli or Curry Sauce $14.80
84. Sizzling Garlic King Prawns $14.80
85. Scallops with Cur, Satay or Spicy Sauce $11.80
86. Squid with Black Bean Sauce $11.80
87. Curry Squids with Vegetables $11.80
88. Squid with Curry, Satay or Spicy Sauce $11.80
89. Combination Seafood $13.80
Family Sunday Special
(Valid only on Sunday): Order over $40 and receive one mouth watering soup, Spicy Wings & Prawn Chip (not valid with purchase of the combo pack)
Pension and Servicemen Day Special
(Valid only on Monday): for Police, Army, Firemen etc. Present your card and receive 10% off your total bill
Couple Pack $30.00
4 Spring Rolls
1 Large Fried Rice
1 Golden Deep Fried Pork with Sauce
1 Braised Chicken or Beef Chop Suey
1 Prawn Chips
Family Pack $40.00
1 x Steak or Chicken Satay
1 Extra Large Fried Rice
1 Braised Chicken or Beef Cashew Nuts
1 Braised Chicken or Beef in Black Bean Sauce
1 Deep Fried Pork or Chicken with Sauce
Free 1.25 Coke & Prawn Chips
Party Pack $55.00
2 Prawn Chips
6 Spring Rolls
1 Satay Steak/Chicken
2 Extra large Fried Rice
1 King Braised Prawn with Mushroom and Vegetables
1 Deep Fried Pork with Sauce
Free 1.25 Coke & 7 Spicy Wings
Free Prawn Chips
with orders over $30
Free Spicy Chicken Wings
with orders over $40
Free Spicy Chicken Wings and Prawn Chips
with orders over $50
90. Chicken/Beef Omelette $9.90
91. Prawn Omelette $10.80
92. King Prawns Omelette $12.80
93. Combination Omelette $10.80
94. Rain Omelette $8.20
95. Roast Pork Omelette $10.80
96. Mixed Vegetable Omelette
New Dish
97. Mixed Vegetables $8.20
98. Curry Vegetables $8.40
99. Sweet & Sour Vegetables $8.40
100. Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce $8.40
101. Bean Sprouts $8.40
102. Vegetables with Tofu New Dish $9.40
Steamed Rice (S/L/XL) $3.5/$4.0/$4.5
Sauce (S/L/XL) $2.5/$3.5/$4.5
Meat (S/L/XL) $2/$4/$6
Seafood (S/L/XL) $2/$4/$6
Noodles (S/L/XL) $2/$3/$4
Vegetables (S/L/XL) $2/$3/$4
103. Banana Fritter With Ice Cream
New Dish
104. New Dish, Pineapple Fritter
New Dish

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Restaurant Details

Elizabeth South
Table Service
5/100 Philip Hwy,, Elizabeth South, SA, 5112, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Golden Swan Chinese Take Away

Delicious chinese food ready for pick up or delivery!

Golden Swan Chinese Take Away Elizabeth South Menu

Opening Hours

Wednesday 4–9pm

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