Jamaica Blue in Hurstville Menu

Tomato, Bacon & Chickpea Salad N/A
Classic Greek Salad N/A
Caesar Salad N/A
Cobb Salad N/A
Roast Beetroot & Goat's Cheese Salad N/A
Gourmet Chicken & Avocado Salad N/A
Tandoori Chicken Salad N/A
Thai Chicken Noodle Salad N/A
Chicken & Bean Tabouleh Salad N/A
Roast Vegetable Couscous N/A
Sweet Potato & Beetroot Salad N/A
Vietnamese Beef Salad N/A
Coconut, Mango & Chicken Salad N/A
Italian Salami & Eggplant Turkish N/A
Italian Salami & Eggplant Sourdough N/A
Chicken, Almond & Herb Wrap N/A
Chicken, Almond & Herb Sourdough N/A
Chicken, Almond & Herb Turkish N/A
Spiced Chicken & Hummus Wrap N/A
Spiced Chicken & Hummus Sourdough N/A
Spiced Chicken & Hummus Turkish N/A
Spinach, Ricotta & Pumpkin Wrap N/A
Classic Ham, Cheese & Tomato Wrap N/A
Classic Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sourdough N/A
Classic Ham, Cheese & Tomato Turkish N/A
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Wrap N/A
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sourdough N/A
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Turkish N/A
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Bagel N/A
Turkey & Brie Bagel N/A
Turkey & Brie Turkish N/A
Turkey & Brie Sourdough N/A
Tandoori Chicken N/A
Tandoori & Cranberry Turkish N/A
Tandoori & Cranberry Wrap N/A
Tandoori & Cranberry Sourdough N/A
Antipasti Wrap N/A
Antipasti Sourdough N/A
Antipasti Turkish N/A
Prosciutto, Tomato & Parmesan Wrap N/A
Prosciutto, Tomato & Parmesan Sourdough N/A
Prosciutto, Tomato & Parmesan Turkish N/A
Chicken, Pesto & Sundried Tomato Wrap N/A
Chicken, Pesto & Sundried Tomato Sourdough N/A
Fresh Salmon & Leek Tart N/A
French Bacon Tart N/A
Pumpkin, Fetta & Olive Tart N/A
Spinach, Fetta & Thyme Tart N/A
Individual Zucchini & Fetta Tart N/A
Individual Beetroot Goat's Cheese Tart N/A
Individual Roast Vegetable Tart N/A
Individual Mushroom & Asparagus Tart N/A
Individual Tomato, Fetta & Bacon Tart N/A
Individual Fresh Salmon & Leek Tart N/A
Individual French Bacon Tart N/A
Individual Pumpkin, Fetta & Olive Tart N/A
Individual Spinach, Fetta & Thyme Tart N/A
Chicken & Corn Soup N/A
Cauliflower & Bacon Soup N/A
Cumin & Honey Spiced Carrot Soup N/A
Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup N/A
Roasted Tomato Soup N/A
Thai Chicken Soup N/A
Minestrone Soup N/A
Chilled Tomato & Basil Gazpacho Soup N/A
Tomato Bruschetta N/A
Pesto, Bacon & Tomato Pasta N/A
Beef Cannelloni N/A
Leek, Ham & Mushroom Crepes N/A
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni N/A
Vegetable & Fetta Slice N/A
Mediterranean Chicken Pasta N/A
Corn Fritters N/A
Chicken & Pumpkin Lasagne N/A
Chicken Mushroom Crepes N/A
Zucchini, Bacon & Fetta Fritters N/A
Thai Salmon Cakes N/A
Vegetable Fritters with Corn Salsa N/A
Asian Chicken Omelette N/A
Pork & Pineapple Crunchy Noodle Salad N/A

Menu Disclaimer

Below you'll find samples from menus of places nearby.

Nearby sample menus

Manmaruya (sample menu)
Pork Shoga Yaki - Stir fried pork with Manmaruya original ginger sauce, fresh salad with homemade dressing $14.00
Tempura prawn (2 pcs) $4.00
Takuwan $2.00
Kimchi $2.00
Spicy chilli $1.00
Gyoza (6 pcs) - Pork and vegetable dumpling with Japanese soy and citrus dipping sauce $6.00
Roasted Pork $3.00
Party Sashimi for 2 - Combination of 30 pcs of fresh sashimi $40.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Manmaruya
Canton Noodle House (sample)
Braised Pork With Vegetable $14.80
Beef Chow Ho With Soy Sauce $10.80
Hokkien Fried Rice (Fried Rice With Lots) $15.50
Braised Pork With Xo Sauce $15.80
Deep Fried Beef With Shan-Ton Sauce $14.80
Flank Beef With Vegetable $15.80
Won Ton Noodle Soup $9.20
Braised Seafood With Satay Sauce $20.80
Clean Here for the full menu for Canton Noodle House
Enthaice Thai (sample)
PAD KHING fresh ginger, vegetables & black mushroom -
King prawn or seafood $13.90
PAD TOFU tofu, vegetables and soy sauce $10.90
Noodle add extra $2.50
PAD TAK mixed vegetables with soy sauce $10.90
Clean Here for the full menu for Enthaice Thai
Diamond Bakery (sample)
Taiwanese style deep fried chicken Maryland with rice $15.80
Pork floss $5.50
Deep fried pork chop $7.80
Iceberg Taro Ball - Sweet potato + mung Bean + taro + mini rice cake + pearl + taro frappe $10.00
Chicken $10.80
Wanluan pork knuckle with rice $12.80
Grilled pork chop $7.80
Squid or cuttlefish ball in bamboo thickened noodle soup $15.80
Clean Here for the full menu for Diamond Bakery
Mr Chao BBQ Bar (sample)
Roast Pork $27.00 kg
BBQ Pork $27.00 kg
Soya Sauce Cuttlefish $32.80 kg
Soya Sauce Duck Wing $7.00 kg
Soya Sauce Giblets $5.00
Suckling Pig $55.90 kg
Clean Here for the full menu for Mr Chao BBQ Bar

Nearby restaurants

Name Cuisines
Manmaruya Japanese
Canton Noodle House Noodles, Chinese
Grandpa's Lebanese Food Lebanese, Middle Eastern
Eatz On Bridge Cafes
Golden Palace Bakery Bakery
Kampong Boy Malaysian
POPO Hurstville Asian
Cho Express Takeaway Food

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
Shp 301/ 3 Cross St, Hurstville, NSW, 2220, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Jamaica Blue are coming soon