Louisiana Tavern in Elizabeth Menu

Entrees & Light Meals
Basket Of Fries - Fried ‘Til Golden And Served With Your Choice Of Sauce $6.9
Creole Bruschetta - A Mix Of Tomato, Garlic, Olive Oil, Basil And Herbs On Fresh Toasted Bread $9.9
Chicken Tenders - All White Chicken Tenderloin, Char Grilled And Spun In Your Choice Of Louie’S Special Hot Sauce And Served With Blue Cheese Or Ranch Dressing $10.9 / $19.9
Tater Skins - Filled With Hickory Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese And Chives And Topped With Sour Cream $9.9
Onion Rings - Cajun Spiced, Crispy Coated Rings With Either Blue Cheese, Ranch Dressing Or Remoulade Sauce $9.9
Buffalo Chips - Hand Cut, Battered Potato Wedges With Sour Cream, Spiced Up With One Of Louie’S Special Hot Sauces Or Classic Creole Salsa $10.9
Garlic Bread - Fresh Bread With Lashings Of Garlic Butter $6.9
Buffalo Wings - Chicken Wings, Crisp Roasted And Spun In Your Choice Of Louie’S Special Hot Sauces. Served With Blue Cheese Or Ranch Dressing $9.9 / $16.9
Louie’S Ribettes - Baby Back Pork Ribettes With A Lip Smackin’ Hickory Smoked Glaze - Have Em Plain, Or Spun In Your Choice Of Louie’S Special Hot Sauces To Add A Bit More Spice $10.9 / $19.9
Popcorn Shrimp - Crispy Coated Popcorn Shrimp With Either Blue Cheese, Ranch Dressing Or Remoulade Sauce $11.9
Nachos - Crispy Corn Chips With Salsa, Swiss Cheese, Sour Cream And Guacamole $14.9
Shrimp Po-Boy - Dressed Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese And Cocktail Sauce $11.9
Cajun Chicken Po-Boy - Dressed Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese And Caesar Dressing $11.9
Gardeners Po-Boy - Marinated Pickled Vegetables, Dressed Lettuce, Cheese And Pesto $11.9
Natural - Fresh Coffin Bay Oysters Served With Lemon $13.9 / $22.9
Hot And Horny - A Real Devil With A Daringly Hot Salsa $15.9 / $25.9
Kilpatrick - With Grilled Bacon And Louie’S Traditional Bbq Sauce $15.9 / $25.9
Ultimate Combo For 2 - A Tasty Combination Of Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tenders, Ribettes, Onion Rings, Popcorn Shrimp And Tater Skins $22.9 / $30.9
Wing And Rib Combo For 2 - With Lip Smacking Ribettes And Buffalo Wings All Spun In One Of Louie’S Special Hot Sauces $19.9
Voodoo Combo - With Popcorn Shrimp, Lip Smacking Ribettes And Buffalo Wings, All Spun In One Of Louie’S Special Hot Sauces $16.9
Beef Burger - Topped With Lettuce , Tomato, Onion And Pickle $12.9
Bbq Bacon Burger - Topped With Bacon, Bbq Sauce And Melted Cheese $14.9
Cajun Chicken Burger - All White Breast Meat With Southern Spiced Crust $13.9
Egg & Bacon Burger - Topped With Fried Egg And Smoky Bacon $14.9
Garden Burger - No Meat, 100% Vegetable Patty $13.9
Really Hungry - Add An Extra Patty $4.0
Main Meals
Traditional Caesar - Cos Lettuce, Egg, Bacon, Anchovies And Croutons $16.9
Chicken Tender Caesar - As Above With Chicken Tenders $19.9
Jumbo Gumbo - New Orleans Style Chicken, Sausage And Vegetable Casserole $10.9 / $17.9
Mississippi Fried Chicken - Half Marinated Chicken With Mississippi Crust $17.9
Chicken Mignon - Chicken Breast With Bacon And Mushroom Sauce $23.9
Enchilada - Spiced Ground Beef Wrapped In A Corn Tortilla, Smothered In A Cream Cheese Sauce And Grilled $19.9
Pocketed Chicken Breast - With Bacon, Camembert, Spinach And Garlic Sauce $25.9
Chicken Or Beef Schnitzel - With Plain Or Cajun Spiced Crumb And Your Choice Of Sauce $17.9
Mega Beef Schnitzel - With Plain Or Cajun Spiced Crumb And Your Choice Of Sauce $24.9
Mega Chicken Schnitzel - With Plain Or Cajun Spiced Crumb And Your Choice Of Sauce $24.9
Beef And Shrimp Combo - Topped With Popcorn Shrimp An Bearnaise Sauce $26.9
T-Bone Steak - Cooked To Your Liking With Your Choice Of Sauce. 500G $27.9
Fillet Mignon - Eye Fillet Steak With Bacon And Mushroom Sauce $26.9
Sensational Rump - Cooked To Your Liking With Your Choice Of Sauce. 300G Or 500G $22.9 / $29.9
Surf & Turf - Fillet Steak Topped With Prawns, Scallops & Squid In A Creamy Sauce $29.9
Eye Fillet Tidbits - Tender Cubes Of Beef, Sauteed To Your Liking And Served With Garlic Bread And Bearnaise Sauce $26.9
Baby Back Pork Ribs - A Big Stack Of Ribs With A Lip Smacking Hickory Smoked Glaze $24.9
Mega Stack - A Double Shot Of Glazed, Hickory Smoked Ribs $30.9
Salt & Pepper Squid - Lightly Dusted With Spice And Your Choice Of Louie’S Sauces $19.9
Garlic Prawns - Served With Jambalaya Rice $24.9
Cajun Floured Calamari - Lightly Dusted With Cajun Flour $19.9
Fish ‘N Chips - Battered, Grilled Or Crumbed With Chips And Tartare $17.9
Cajun Style Barramundi - Fresh Barra With A Cajun Crust With Mango Sauce, Chips And Salad $22.9
Lemon Pepper Barramundi - Fresh Barra With A Lemon Pepper Crust, Bearnaise Sauce, Chips & Salad $22.9
Succulent Seafood Gumbo - Authentic Louisiana Seafood $10.9 / $19.9
Tantalising Toppings
Louie’S Parmi - The Best In The North $3.0
Smoked Bacon - Bbq Sauce And Swiss Cheese $4.5
Hawaiian - Bacon, Cheese And Pineapple $4.5
Meatlovers - Bacon, Cheese, Chicken, Pepperoni & Chorizo $5.0
Hurricane - Bacon, Cheese, Seeded Mustard & Sweet Chilli $4.5
Garlic Bread $6.9
Cajun Fries $6.9
Steamed Vegetables $5.9
Garden Salad $ 5.9
Onion Rings $9.9
Louie’S Bourbon & Hickory Scented Steak Sauce / Classic Creole Salsa ~ Mushroom Sauce / Garlic Sauce ~ Peppercorn Sauce ~ Dianne Sauce Extra sauce $2.50
Louie’s Special Hot Sauces
Liquid Lucifer The Hottest Sauce We Got Original Comfortably Hot/ Honey Soy A Sweet Sassy Sauce / Traditional Bbq Satisfyingly Sweet With Plenty Of Heat N/A

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- Chicken $10.50 / $12.50
Beef or Chicken Hokkien Noodles Egg noodles tossed with vegetables in a light sweet soy sauce $7.90
Seasonal Vegetable & Asian Greens A combination of seasonal vegetables and Asian greens tossed in light soy sauce -
Salt and Pepper Squid/Chicken/Tofu Lightly battered tossed with shallots, coriander and chilli -
Red Chilli Lemongrass Seasonal vegetables, capsicum and onion with fresh lemon in a delightful tangy flavoured sauce -
Fried Ice Cream $5.90
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Beef Schnitzel (Served with fries and your choice of sauce) (Half/Whole) $12.90/$16.90
Nut Sundae (with your choice of topping; Chocolate - Strawberry - Caramel) $4.90
Apple and Rhubarb Crumble (with Brandy custard) $6.90
Salt and Pepper Squid (Crispy squid served with fries and tartare) (Entree/Main) $14.90/$19.90
Extra Side Jug of Sauce $2.00
Seasoned Potato Wedges (Served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream) $6.90
Salad and Vegetable Bar Only $10.50
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Caramel $25.95
Original Sin $38.95
Strawberry $25.95
A Little Sin $9.95
Mississippi Baked $30.95
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $1.5
Marble Baked $26.95
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42nd Street Cafe (sample)
Croissant- toasted with ham, cheese and 42nd st relish $ 9.95
French fries (Sm/Lg) $ 7.25/9.25
Golden Fried Prawns- crispy battered prawn cutlets served with sweet chilli sauce $ 19.95
Gourmet chicken burger- with breast fillet, bacon, avocado, mustard, mayo and gourmet lettuce with fries $ 15.95
B.O.T.- Breast of turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on wholemeal bread $ 8.95
Baked beans $ 2.00
Club house sandwich- toasted wholemeal sandwich fillet with chicken, lettuce & mayonnaise on one layer' crispy bacon & tomato in the other; served with fries $ 15.95
Quiche- of the day, homemade $ 15.95
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Barnacle Bill (sample)
Seafood Cocktail each $3.95
Spoiler for Spoiler for 1 - 1 Butterfish, 2 Calamari, 2 Prawns, 2 Scallops Chips & Tartare Sauce $10.50
Prawns $9.95 / $19.90 / $29.85
Crew Pack for 2 - 12 prawns / 12 lemon pepper or crumbed calamari / 1 medium coleslaw / 1.25L ‘Coca-Cola’ / 1 large chips / spicy lemon sauce & tartare sauce $24.90
Super Lunch Special* - 1 Butterfish, 3 Prawns / 3 Calamari, Small Coke / Small Coleslaw / Chips & Tartare Sauce $9.90
Spoiler for Spoiler for 2 - 2 Butterfish, 4 Calamari, 4 Prawns, 4 Scallops, Chips & Tartare Sauce $19.90
Whiting South Australian King George Whiting $16.50 / $33.00 / $49.50
Coleslaw - Small / Medium / Large $2.90 / $3.90 / $5.90
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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
Elizabeth Shopping Centre 50 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth, SA, 5112, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
American, Hamburgers

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