My Thai Takeaway in Botany Menu

Chicken Satay (4) $7.00
Fish Cake (4) $7.00
Spring Roll (vegetarian) (4) V $6.50
Money Bag (4) $7.00
Curry Puff (vegetarian) (4) V $6.50
Chicken Wings (4) $6.50
Dim Sim Pork (6) Fried or steamed $7.00
Salt & Pepper Squid $8.00
Salt and Pepper King Prawns (8) $15.50
Mix Entree (5) Curry puff, money bag, spring roll, satay chicken and fish cake $7.50
Gyo Hor Khai (6) Deep fried quail egg wrapped in wonton skin $6.00
Deep Fried Beef Balls (3 sticks) $6.00
Tom-Kha (small) Light coconut and galangal soup with lemon juice & mushroom $7.00
Tom-Kha (large) $9.90
Tom-Yum (small) Spicy and sour soup with mushroom, lemon grass and Thai herbs $7.00
Tom-Yum (large) $9.90
Po Tak Soup (small) Sour soup in lemon juice with combination seafood $7.00
Po Tak Soup (large) $9.90
Red Curry $9.90
Green Curry $9.90
Masaman Curry (beef only) Tender beef slowly cooked in sweet and mild curry with with paste with potatoes $12.90
Panang Curry $9.90
Jungle Curry $9.90
Yellow Curry $9.90
Creamy Stewed Lamb Curry lamb stewed with delicious curry paste, creamy coconut milk and spices $16.90
Gado Gado Steamed mix vegetables served with bean curd and peanut sauce $9.90
Beef Salad Grilled and sliced beef mixed with chilli, onion, lemon juice, tomato, cucumber and mint $10.90
Duck Salad Roast duck with chilli jam, toasted ground rice, lemon juice, coriander, lemongrass, shallots, cucumber, tomato, onion, dry chilli and mints $15.90
Prawn Salad Grilled prawns with Thai herbs, cucumber, shallot and sweet chilli jam dressing $15.90
Larb Chicken Spicy Hot Mince chicken with dried chili, lemon juice, onion, roasted rice powder and mint $11.90
Fried Soft Shell Crab Salad Deep fried soft shell crab served with Thai green salad $13.90
Yum Moo Yor Pork roll mixed with Thai salad and dressing $11.90
Mango Satay Salad marinated chicken satay with mixed leaf, mango and light spicy thai dressing $12.90
Crying Tiger BBQ beef with ground roasted rice, dried chilli, onion and lemon juice $11.90
My Thai BBQ Chicken Thai style marinated chicken served with sauteed greens and sweet chilli sauce $13.90
BBQ Pork Thai style marinated pork served with salad $11.90
BBQ Duck Roast duck served with streamed vegetable and tamarind sauce $18.90
Tom Yum Noodle Soup Thin rice noodle with vegetable in spicy and sour soup $9.90
Thai Clear Soup Noodle with vegetable in clear soup $9.90
Spicy Noodle Soup Spicy Hot Thin rice noodle with fish cake meat and vegetable in spicy soup $9.90
Thai Laksa Noodle Soup Spicy Hot Rice noodle with light coconut milk, vegetable, tofu and chilli jam $9.90
Beef Noodle Soup Rice noodle in five spices stock with beef $9.90
Duck Noodle Soup Noodle in five spices stock with roast duck $9.90
Gravy Noodle (Lard Nah) Stir fried rice noodle topped with thick sauce, garlic and vegetable $9.90
Pad Thai Stir fried thin rice noodle with egg, tofu, shrimp paste, crushed peanuts and bean sprouts $9.90
Pad See Ew Stir fried thick flat noodle with garlic, egg, sweet soya sauce and vegetable $9.90
Singapore Noodle Spicy Hot Stir fried rice noodle with chilli, curry powder and vegetable $9.90
Oriental Noodle Stir fried hokkien noodle with soya sauce, sweet chilli jam, vegetable and cashew nut $9.90
Chilli Basil Noodle (Pad Kee Mao) Spicy Hot Stir fried flat rice noodle with chilli, garlic, basil and vegetable $9.90
Satay Sauce Stir fried mixed vegetable with Thai satay sauce $9.90
Cashew Nut Stir fried with mixed vegetable and mild chilli jam sauce and cashew nut $9.90
Sweet & Sour Sauce Stir fried mixed vegetables with sweet and sour sauce $9.90
Eggplant Stir fried eggplant with mixed vegetable, basil and egg $9.90
Ginger Stir fried with vegetable and ginger $9.90
Garlic & Pepper Stir fried with vegetable, garlic and pepper $9.90
Chilli Basil (Pad Kra Prao) Stir fried with fresh chilli, basil and vegetable $9.90
Pumpkin Stir fried pumpkin with garlic sauce, egg and vegetable $9.90
Prik Khing Stir fried with Thai chilli paste $9.90
Prik Sod Stir fried fresh chilli with onion, shallot and fresh vegetable $9.90
Oyster Sauce Stir fried with mixed vegetable and oyster sauce $9.90
Sizzling Hot Plate Stir fried with chilli and vegetable served on a hot plate $9.90
Green Peppercorn Stir fried garlic and peppercorn in curry paste with vegetable $9.90
Lemongrass Stir fried with lemongrass, vegetable and light soya sauce $9.90
Rice S $2.00 / L $3.00
Volcano (Hor Mok Talay) Combination stir fried mix seafood with fresh chilli, basil, coconut cream, egg and vegetable $14.90
Choo Chee Fish Medium hot curry stir fried with fish fillet vegetable and coconut milk $18.90
Pad Thai Crab Stir fried thin rice noodle with egg, tofu, crushed peanut with crab meat $16.90
Crab Thai Fried Rice Thai style fried rice with crab meat, egg and vegetable $16.90
Tumeric Chicken Stir fried chicken with turmeric sauce, egg and onion $11.90
Sweet Thai Pork Stir fried pork with Thai sweet sauce, onion and vegetable $12.90
BBQ Lamb Cutlets (4) Grilled marinated lamb cutlets with herbs, vegetable on the side $17.90
Steak Salmon Fillet Grilled salmon fillet with garlic and pepper and stir fried vegetable on the side $16.90
Basil Crispy Pork Stir fried crispy pork with chilli basil and vegetable $12.90
Tom Yum Fried Rice Thai fried rice with egg, tom yum past and vegetable $11.90
Gang Ped Yang BBQ duck cooked with curry paste, coconut nut cream, tomato and lychees $16.90
Red Yum Stir fried mix vegetable, chicken with red yum Thai coconut chilli paste $11.90
Stir Fired Morning Glory Stir fried morning glory with garlic, chilli and oyster sauce $10.90
Caramel Stewed Pork Belly Pork belly stewed with caramel sauce and herbs, served with boiled egg and tofu $14.90
Soya Chicken Marinated soya chicken served with steamed Chinese broccoli and soya chicken sauce $12.90
Minced Pork Omelette $11.90

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Botany Cantonese Take Away (sample menu)
Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables $11.70
Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice $7.50
Satay King Prawn $15.30
Vegetable Singapore Noodle $11.00
Mongolian Lamb $13.70
Rainbow Steak $15.00
Honey King Prawns $15.30
Beef Chow Mein $11.70
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Waterworks Hotel (sample)
Waterworks Brisket Sandwich Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Rocket, Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Beer Braised Onions & Pink Peppercorn Mayo in a Grilled Panini & Chips $19.00
Creme Brulee Of The Moment Served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Pistachio Praline, Summer Berry Coulis & Biscotti. Please Ask Wait Staff For Today's Brulee Flavour $10.00
Louisiana Fried Chicken Burger Slaw, Habanero Mayo, Seasoned Chips $17.00
- ADD Smoked Salmon $6.50
- ADD King Prawns $5.50
Pulled Duck Spring Rolls (4pcs) Hoisin & Plum Dipping Sauce $12.50
Spicy Black Bean Nachos (V) Tortilla Chips, Spicy Black Beans, Mozzarella, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Jalapeños $15.00
Old Fashioned Bangers & Mash Two Thick Pork & Fennel Sausages Braised in Caramelised Onion Gravy, Mushy Peas, Fried Onion Rings $19.00
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Botannix Studio cafe (sample)
Chamellia Organic Reserve Selection Teas- Ceylon Lumbini Estate, Gaba Bai Xien Estate, Jasmine Pearls (Buddha’s Tears) Fu Cheng Estate Masala Chai Spiced $4.5
“The Botannix”: Eggs cooked your way & all the usual suspects $18.5
- -
Vietnamese Chicken Salad: Poached chicken, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, mint & a Tangy Vietnamese style dressing - GF $17
Chicken Schnitzel: Chicken, Japanese breadcrumbs with salt & vinegar spices N/A
Smashed Avocado: Hunter Valley Persian feta, cherry toms, shaved radish, black sesames on Sonoma toast - V $16
Vanilla Bean Pannacotta - Whipped cream, blueberries & Raspberries $10
Mini Chicken Burger Slider Grilled chicken breast, cos lettuce, tomato, cheese & aioli served with fries on a mini kids bun $11
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The Food House (sample)
Egg $5.00
Hot Roast Pork Dinner $15.00
Roast Beef $7.00
Haloumi and Spinach $13.00
Chicken $6.00
The Lot - Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Onion $8.50
Chicken Schnitzel Dinner $13.00
Calamari $10.50
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Bronte Bakery (sample)
Rye Breads - Polish Rye Bread Large, 850g / Polish Rye Bread Small, 580g / Caraway Seed Rye Bread Large, 850g / Caraway Seed Rye Bread Small, 580g N/A
Fruit Breads - Raisin Bread, 680g / Fruit Sourdough , 600g / Tuscany Fruit & Nut Bread, 850g / Raisin Bread Large, 900g N/A
Banana Bread - 2kg - - Pear & Raspberry / Fruit & Nut / Blueberry / Date & Walnut / Apple & Cinnamon / Carrot & Walnut N/A
Brownies N/A
Croissants N/A
Large Rolls - Sesame, 130g / Damper, 130g / Vienna,White, Wholemeal, 130g / Egg,130g / Herb,130g / Ciabatta,130g / Kapaseed,130g / Portuguese Brioch,130g / Plaited Brioche,130g / Onion,130g / Sourdoug N/A
Italian Breads - Ciabatta, 600g / Pane Di Case, 800g N/A
Sourdough High Top Breads - Country Sourdough High Top, 800g / Wholemeal Sourdough High Top, 800g / Multigrain Sourdough High Top, 800g / Kalamata Olive High Top, 800g / Kapaseed High Top, 650g / Blac N/A
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Shp 1/ 1433 Botany Rd, Botany, NSW, 2019, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery, Cash
Asian, Thai

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