Paul's Asian Affair Restaurant in New Lambton Menu

Dim sim fried or steamed (4) $6.80
Sang choy bow (for two) $17.00
Home made spring rolls (3) $5.80
Vegetable spring rolls (3) $5.80
Mixed entrée of spring roll, dim sim & prawn toast $7.50
Deep fried calamari $9.90
Prawn toast (2 slices) $7.50
Garlic king prawns $11.00
Sate chicken skewers $9.50
Pan fried dumplings (4) $8.50
Curried puffs (4) $8.50
Thai fish cakes $9.90
Sweet corn & chicken soup $6.00
Won ton (short) soup $6.00
Tom yum sour hot soup $7.80
Duck & Chinese mushroom soup $7.80
Fish & bean curd soup $7.80
Vegetable dumpling sour hot soup $7.80
Chef's suggestions
Malaysian fried chicken with peanut sauce $15.00
Thai chilli lamb $16.00
Vietnamese lemon grass pork $15.50
Sate combination $15.00
Combination with our special sauce $15.00
Garlic combination $15.00
Thai tom yum seafood $17.00
Five spice mussels $15.00
Five spice squid $15.50
Malaysian hot sambal combination $15.50
Malaysian hot sambal seafood $17.00
Thai hot basil beef $15.50
Bombay chicken $15.50
Kuala Lumpur prawns $17.00
Grand Marnier black pepper pork spare ribs $18.00
Balinese king prawns $21.00
Balinese seafood $21.00
Grilled fish fillet with bali or chilli soya sauce $20.00
Tabasco chicken $15.50
Five spice chicken $15.50
King prawns with black bean sauce $15.50
King prawns with snow peas, ginger & shallots $15.80
King prawns & cashew nuts $15.80
King prawns with our special sauce $15.80
Sate king prawns $15.80
Garlic king prawns $15.80
Chilli king prawns $15.80
Honey king prawns $15.80
ScalIops with snow peas, ginger & shaIlots $25.50
Garlic scallops $25.50
Garlic squid $14.50
Sate squid $14.50
Ginger & shallot squid with snow peas $14.50
Deep fried calamari $14.50
Sate seafood with prawns, mussels, squid & fish $16.00
Garlic seafood $16.00
Seafood combination with our special sauce $16.00
Seafood with ginger, shallots & snow peas $16.00
Szechuen braised fish (hot) $18.50
Ginger & shallot braised fish $18.50
Five spice braised fish $18.50
Braised fish with garlic $18.50
Braised fish with our special sauce $18.50
Fillet Steak
Black pepper fillet steak $16.00
Garlic fillet steak $16.00
Sate fillet steak (hot) $16.00
Peking fillet steak $16.00
Fillet steak with our special hot sauce $16.00
Szechuen fillet steak (hot) $16.00
Chilli fillet steak $16.00
Sweet & sour
Sweet & sour pork $12.50
Sweet & sour fish $15.50
Sweet & sour combination with prawns, chicken & beef $14.50
Sweet & sour king prawn fritters $15.80
Beef with black bean sauce $13.00
Beef with snow peas, ginger & shallots $14.00
Beef & cashew nuts $14.00
Braised chicken with black bean sauce $13.00
Chilli chicken $14.00
Braised chicken with snow peas, ginger & shallots $14.00
Braised chicken & cashew nuts $14.00
Braised chicken with our special sauce $14.00
Sate chicken $14.00
Garlic chicken $14.00
Black pepper chicken $14.00
Lemon chicken $14.00
Fried chicken with hot sweet & sour sauce $14.00
Honey chicken $14.00
Fried chicken with plum sauce $14.00
Szechuen chicken (hot) $14.00
Crisp skin chicken $14.00
Braised chicken & Chinese mushroom hot pot $16.50
Mongolian lamb $15.00
Sate lamb $15.00
Lamb with our special sauce $15.00
Lamb with ginger & shallots $15.00
Black pepper lamb $15.00
Chinese roasted duck with plum sauce $18.00
Braised duck & Chinese mushrooms hot pot $18.50
Deep fried duck sweet & sour $17.00
Pork with black bean sauce $13.00
Chilli pork $14.00
Pork with snow peas, ginger & shallots $14.00
Sate pork $14.00
Pork with our special sauce $14.00
Barbecued pork with plum sauce $14.00
Barbecued pork with honey sauce $14.00
Pork spare ribs with plum sauce $14.50
Peking pork spare ribs $14.50
Five spice pork spare ribs $14.50
Barbecue pork omelette $14.00
King prawn omelette $15.50
Vegetable omelette $11.00
Plain omelette $9.00
Curry lovers
Malaysian curried beef $17.00
Malaysian curried chicken $17.00
Malaysian curried lamb $17.00
Malaysian curried king prawns $21.00
Rendang beef $17.00
Thai red curried duck $18.50
Thai red curried king prawn $21.00
Thai red curried chicken $17.00
Thai green curried chicken $17.00
Thai green curried beef $17.00
Asian Affair curried chicken $17.00
Asian Affair curried Duck $18.50
Wok fried mixed vegetables $11.00
Buddha's favourite $12.50
Curried vegetables with coconut cream $12.50
Steamed vegetables with oyster sauce $11.00
Tom yum vegetables $12.50
Wok fried bean curd with oyster sauce $12.50
Wok fried mixed vegetables with chilli & basil $12.50
Vegetable Grandma bean curd $12.50
Beef & lettuce fried rice $10.50
Nasi goreng malaysian style fried rice $10.50
Large special fried rice $8.50
Large fried rice $6.50
Small fried rice $6.00
Large boiled rice $5.00
Small boiled rice $4.00
Large garlic rice $6.50
Small garlic rice $5.50
Large vegetarian fried rice $6.50
Small vegetarian fried rice $6.00
Noodle lovers - Chow mein (soft noodles)
Braised chicken chow mein $13.50
Sliced beef chow mein $13.50
King prawn chow mein $15.50
Combination chow mein with prawns, chicken & beef $14.50
Seafood chow mein with prawns, mussels, squid & fish $16.00
Buddha's chow mein $13.00
Combination won ton (short) soup $14.50
Noodle lovers - Kwai teoh (rice noodles)
Combination pan fried kwai teoh sate $15.00
Combination pan fried kwai teoh chilli $15.00
Combination pan fried kwai teoh (plain) $15.00
Seafood pan fried kwai teoh sate $16.00
Seafood pan fried kwai teoh chilli $16.00
Seafood pan fried kwai teoh (plain) $16.00
Combination kwai teoh Ipoh style $15.00
Seafood kwai teoh Ipoh style $15.50
Kwai teoh with beef in chilli black bean sauce $15.00
Pan fried kwai teoh with chilli, sate or plain $11.00
Noodle lovers - Speciality noodles
Hokkien noodles wok fried with pork & Chinese mushrooms $15.00
Combination laksa $15.00
Seafood laksa $16.00
Tom yum combination noodles in sour hot soup $15.00
Seafood with tom yum noodles in sour hot soup $16.00
Singapore curried noodles $15.00
Mee goreng $15.00
Combination Pad Thai $15.00
Seafood Pad Thai $16.00

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Restaurant Details

New Lambton
Counter Service
22 Alma Rd, New Lambton, NSW, 2305, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash

Paul's Asian Affair Restaurant

Great service. Friendly atmosphere with Paul himself wandering around chatting to the tables and making sure everyone was happy. The food itself was fresh and delicious.

Paul's Asian Affair Restaurant New Lambton Menu

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