Caucasian restaurant and takeaway menus in QLD

Charlie's Raw Squeeze Newstead

Mexican, Mediterranean, Caucasian

33 Longland Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4006, Australia

Charlie's Raw Squeeze Ashgrove "Express"

Mexican, Mediterranean, Caucasian

486 Waterworks Road, Brisbane, Queensland 4060, Australia

Charlie's Raw Squeeze Clayfield

Mexican, Mediterranean, Caucasian

730 Sandgate Road, Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland 4011, Australia

Charlie's Raw Squeeze Clayfield Sample Menu

Gelato with seasonal fruit
Snickers bowl
Frozen banana, dates, peanuts, cacao, coconut water
Sml $12 / Lge $15
Peanut butter choc
Turkish bread, peanut butter, banana, nice majik
Acai bowl
Sambazon acai blend
Sml $9.9 / Lge $15
Peanut butter jelly
Turkish bread, peanut butter, strawberries, pistachio
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