Noodles restaurant and takeaway menus in QLD

Top Noodle

Asian, Noodles

Shp59/ 72-80 Marine Pde, Coolangatta, QLD, 4225, Australia

Top Noodle Sample Menu

Salmon Sashimi 12p $13.00
Fresh Seafood Cold Noodle - Salmon, Tuna etc. $15.00
Small Side Salad $2.50
Chicken Avocado Roll 6p $5.00
Tonkotsu Mlso - Pork bone + Soybean based soup $12.00

Jow Noodles

European, Asian, Noodles

Shop 4 'Pumicestone Blue', 111 Bulcock St, Caloundra, QLD, 4551, Australia

Jow Noodles Sample Menu

Garlic Prawn - king prawns & shrimp, thick egg noodles, snow peas, broccoli & vegetables, garlic sauce $15.00
Combo Hot Meal - thin egg noodle, vegetables, hot sauce (mild, medium or hot) $12.00
Combo Chinese Noodles - chinese sausage, thick egg noodles, vegetables, oyster sauce $12.00
Combo Meat Prawn - prawns, thin egg noodles, vegetables, oyster sauce $13.00
Vegetarian Goreng - vegetables, tofu, thick egg noodles, curry sauce (mild , medium or hot) $11.00

Yummy Noodle House

Asian, Noodles

508 Mulgrave Rd, Earlville, QLD, 4870, Australia

Yummy Noodle House Sample Menu

Creamy Rice Prawn - king prawns & vegetables tossed with creamy garlic sauce & served on a bed of rice $12.50
Yummy Hot Box - Thin egg noodles with roast pork, chicken, beed and fresh vegetables in a thai chilli sauce (served mild, medium or hot) $9.50
Nasi Goreng - malaysian style rice dish with roast pork, egg, spring onion & peas $9.50
Carbonara - fettuccine, bacon, onion & mushroom in a creamy sauce $9.50
Chicken Curry Laksa - Thai flat noodles with chicken , fish cake, tofu and fresh seasonal vegetables in a coconut curry soup $9.50

Noodleland Forest Lake

Asian, Noodles

251 Forest Lake Ave, Forest Lake, QLD, 4078, Australia

Noodleland Forest Lake Sample Menu

Lemon Chicken in Batter $11.90
Won Ton Noodle Soup - special won tons served with egg noodles & sizzling roast pork, garnished with bean shoots, bok choi, broccoli & snow peas in chicken soup $10.90
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup $4.90
Special Chicken Fried Rice - combination of tender chicken, fresh shrimp, fried egg, bean shoots, carrot, onion & peas $8.90
Hokkien Mee with Steak & Veggies - non-spicy black mushroom sauce blend with hokkien noodles, beef steak, bean shoots, carrot, cabbage & bok choi, also available in spicy $11.90

Lucky Noodle Box

Chinese, European, Asian, Noodles

6 Hospital Rd, Emerald, QLD, 4720, Australia
Get your lucky noodle box here

Noodle Spirit

Asian, Noodles

5 North Shore Drv, Burpengary, QLD, 4505, Australia
only a new noodle shop, fast service and fresh food. great price and best of all its delicious. open great hours and 7 days a week

Bentley Yummy Noodles

Asian, Noodles

Shop 8/ 96 Mclaughlin Rd, Bentley Park, QLD, 4869, Australia

Mi Noodle

European, Asian, Noodles

Northpoint Shopping Centre Corner of Ruthven Street & North Street,, Harlaxton, QLD, 4350, Australia
Fast, good and inexpensive.

Noodle Paradise Mackay

Asian, Noodles

Shop 1/ 143 Victoria St, Mackay, QLD, 4740, Australia

Noodle Paradise Mackay Sample Menu

Sambal fried rice
Fried rice with chicken, onion, carrot, spring onion and peas in sambal sauce, serves mild, medium or hot
Bbq pork
Thin egg noodles with roast pork and fresh vegetables, wok tossed in chinese bbq sauce
Thai sweet chilli beef
Thin egg noodles with beef and fresh vegetables, wok tossed in thai sweet chilli sauce
Sweet box
Thin egg noodles with roast pork, lean beef, chicken and market fresh veg, wok tossed in special sweet sauce
Honey chicken on rice
Available on steamed or fried rice

Kung Fu Noodle

European, Asian, Noodles

Shop 2 1472 Anzac Ave, Kallangur, QLD, 4503, Australia
Favorite Noodle Place for Chinese Noodle Lovers

Li's Noodle

European, Asian, Noodles

Shp 1/ 54 Landsborough Pde, Golden Beach, QLD, 4551, Australia
our food tasts quite authentic.

Happy Noodle Box

European, Asian, Noodles

32 Miles St, Mt Isa, QLD, 4825, Australia

Lais Noodle Place

Asian, Noodles

Shop 5, 595 Wynnum Rd, 595 Wynnum Rd, Morningside, QLD, 4170, Australia

Lais Noodle Place Sample Menu

Salt & Pepper Pork & Rice $11.90
King Prawn with Garlic Sauce $17.90
Long Soup (Noodle Soup) $6.50
Fish Cake (5) $6.90
Satay Chicken & Rice $11.90

Noodle Craze

Japanese, Asian, Noodles

Shop 16/ 512 Warwick Rd, Yamanto, QLD, 4305, Australia

Noodle Craze Sample Menu

Meat combo with veggies - A combination of all three noodle craze meats ( chicken , beef and bbq pork ) wok tossed with steamed vegetables in oyster sauce Reg $14.9
Curry king prawn (x6) noodles - hokkien noodles 6x king prawns , bean shoots, carrots, onion, capsicum, cabbage and mushrooms, coated in creamy curry sauce Small $8.50 / Reg $12.90
Curry chicken noodles - hokkien noodles , chicken, bean shoots, mushrooms, capsicum and shallots blended in a juicy coconut curry sauce Small $7.50 / Reg $11.90
Mixed veggies in garlic sauce - fresh steamed vegetables caoted in garlic sauce and topped with cashew nuts Reg $10.9
Thai chicken or beef noodles - vermicelli noodles , bean shoots, onion, carrot,, shallots stir fried in chilli sauce and lemon grass with the option of beef, chicken or king prawns Small $7.50 / Reg $11.90

Gado Gado Noodle Lounge

Asian, Noodles

Shop 22, 24 Chatswood Rd, Springwood, QLD, 4127, Australia

Gado Gado Noodle Lounge Sample Menu

Garlic King Prawns - Seasonal vegetables stir fried with plump king prawns in a tasty garlic sauce $15.90
Wonton Noodle Soup - Sweet roast pork with steamed wontons in aromatic chicken broth with vegetables and egg noodles $12.90
Kung-po Chicken or Beef - Chicken or beef and seasonal vegetables stir fried in a sweet and spicy soy sauce $14.90
Char Kway Teow Seafood - Prawns, scallops, squid and fish cakes tossed with flat rice noodles and vegetables with a hint of chilli $13.90
Nasi Goreng with chicken $12.90

Yummy Noodle

Asian, Noodles

4 Queens Rd, Scarness, QLD, 4655, Australia

Yummy Noodle Sample Menu

Special Hot Box - thin egg noodle with beef, chicken, bbq pork & vegetables in our secret chilli sauce (Large/Small) $11.50/$7.50
Malay Curry Chicken or Beef with Vegetables $11.50
Hokkien Mee - thick egg noodle wok tossed with shrimps, bbq pork & vegetables in soy sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
Lemon Grass Chicken - thick egg noodle stir fried with chicken & vegetables in lemon grass sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
Supreme Seafood Noodle - thin egg noodle with prawn, shrimp, squid, seafood meat, fish cake & vegetables in oyster sauce (Large/Small) $11.95/$8.95

Wok N Bowl Noodles

European, Asian, Noodles

Shp2/ 42 Williams St, Bowen, QLD, 4805, Australia

Noodle Paradise Rockhampton

Asian, Noodles

Shop 7/ 307 Farm St, Norman Gardens, QLD, 4701, Australia
Freshly cooked while you wait. Large selection of meals to suit all tastes.Tasty and good value for money

Oriental Noodle House

Asian, Noodles

Shp1/ 131 Anzac Ave, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350, Australia

Yeppon Noodle House

Asian, Noodles

Shp 3/ 10 James St, Yeppoon, QLD, 4703, Australia
A reasonably priced alternative to Chinese and Thai in Main Street of Yeppoon. Lots of variety to select from and courteous staff.

Yummy Noodle

Asian, Noodles

2 Shore St West, Ormiston, QLD, 4160, Australia

Yummy Noodle Sample Menu

Singapore Fried Noodle - thin rice noodle stir fried with shrimps, bbq pork & vegetables in mild curry sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
Dompling 12pcs Steam / Pan Fried $9.95
Home Made Dim Sim $1.00/each
Satay Chicken Noodle - thick egg noodle cooked with chicken & vegetables in satay sauce (Large/Small) $10.50/$7.50
Combination Steam Rice - with prawn, beef, chicken, bbq pork & vegetables in oyster sauce $11.50

Yummy Noodle House

European, Asian, Noodles

159 Pease St, Manoora, QLD, 4870, Australia
Tasty noodles, good price.

Noodle City

Asian, Noodles

328 Ruthven St, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350, Australia

Noodle City Sample Menu

Pad Thai Noodle
Pad thai noodles with chicken and fresh vegetables in home made pad thai sauce
Garlic king prawns
King prawns veggies with garlic & oyster sauce
Malaysian basil chicken
Chicken veggies basil with oyster sauce
Seafood Mee Goreng
Thick egg noodles with prawns crabmeats, squid fish cake and fresh vegetables in Malaysian curry sauce, served mild, medium or hot
Combo chow mein
Prawns, chicken, beef, BBQ pork, veggies, oyster sauce with crispy noodles

Wok N Roll Noodle Bar

European, Asian, Noodles

475 Tor St, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350, Australia

Super Bee Noodle Bar


402 Deception Bay Rd, Deception Bay, QLD, 4508, Australia

Super Bee Noodle Bar Sample Menu

Seafood Combination $16.00
26. Mongolian Chicken $13.00
67. Salt & Pepper King Prawns $16.00
Pack C
Prawn Chips; Spring Rolls (6pcs); Honey Chicken; Chicken & Veg with Cashew; Rainbow Beef; Sweet & Sour Pork; Large Special Fried Rice
104. King Prawns Chow Mein $16.50

Noodle Bar The

Asian, Noodles

Shp2/ 52 Gregory St, North Ward, QLD, 4810, Australia

Noodle Magic

European, Asian, Noodles

301 Hume St, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350, Australia

Bayside Noodle Lounge

Asian, Noodles

Shop 1/ 390 Main Rd, Wellington Point, QLD, 4160, Australia

Bayside Noodle Lounge Sample Menu

Special Fried Rice - with chicken and prawns $8.90
Nasi Goreng Malaysian Fried Rice - with seafood $10.90
Fragrant Jasmine Rice $2.50
All served with steam rice -
Garlic King Prawns king prawns wok tossed with seasonal vegetables in garlic sauce served steam rice or noodles $13.90

A Taste Of Spice

Malaysian, Noodles

4/ 36 Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Junction, QLD, 4567, Australia

A Taste Of Spice Sample Menu

Pepper Lamb (peppery/mild) $16.50
Singapore Spicy Noodles - thin rice noodles with chicken, bbq pork and shrimp $14.50
Thai Mixed Seafood with Vegetables $18.50
Vegetable Spring Rolls 4 pcs $7.50
All entrees are made on the premises -

Mr Lin Noodle & Rice

European, Asian, Noodles

Shp 8/ 119 Queen St, Goodna, QLD, 4300, Australia

Yummy Noodle House

Asian, Noodles

32-56 High Range Drv, Thuringowa Central, QLD, 4817, Australia

My Noodle

Asian, Noodles

Shp10/ 9 Elizabeth Ave, Clontarf, QLD, 4019, Australia
Very tasty Food, Great price, pleasant staff.

Wok On Inn Noodle Bar


63 Racecourse Rd, Ascot, QLD, 4007, Australia

Wok On Inn Noodle Bar Sample Menu

TSING TAO – Chinese N/A
TIGER – Singaporean N/A
VEGETABLE CURRY PUFFS These triangular hand made puffs are like a small pie infused with curry powder, potatoes and onion served with our sweet chilli sauce. (4) $6.95
SPICY CHICKEN DUMPLINGS A generous helping of steamed round dumplings in our delicious spicy soya sauce. Ah yes. Who said dumplings couldn’t be round? (3) $3.95
LAKSA This classic Malay coconut based soup is spiced with lemongrass for an intensely fragrant flavour. It is served with button mushrooms, egg noodles & tofu puff topped with fried onions & a hardbo -

My Noodle Bowl

European, Asian, Noodles

Shop 3/ 1 Tibbing St, Nerang, QLD, 4211, Australia

Hard Wok Noodle Bar

Asian, Noodles

Shop 2/ 209 Garden Rd, Richlands, QLD, 4077, Australia

Hard Wok Noodle Bar Sample Menu

Rice Dishes - Fried Rice N/A
Cooking Sauce - Chines(oyster and garlic) / Maly (Satay) / Thai (sweet hoi sin - sweet /mild/Hot) / Hong Kong (black Bean) / Japanese (soy and sweet chilli) / Mongolian (Sweet Chilli) N/A
Rice Dishes - Beef and Black Bean N/A
Rice Dishes - Mongolian Beef N/A
Noodle - Hokkien / Flat rice/ Thin egg /vermicelli N/A
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