Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant in Redbank Plains Menu

Sate chicken stock (3) $6.00
Coconut prawn (3) $6.50
Mixed entree
5 Items, S/roll, C/puff, Pr toast, D/sim, Pr ball
Spring rolls
4 Rolls
Prawn toast
4 pieces sesame
Dim sims
4 pieces fried or steamed
Five spice quail (1) $6.00
Lobster ball or prawn ball (4) $5.50
Curried puffs
4 pieces
Fried won tons
1 doz
Deep fried prawns
1 doz
Deep fried sea scallops
1 doz
Deep fried prawn balls
4 balls
Prawn chip bag $3.00
Thai fish cake (3) $6.00
Deep fried ice cream $5.00
Banana fritter & ice cream $5.00
Short (wonton) soup $5.00
Long (chicken noodle) soup $5.00
Chicken soup $4.50
Chicken swee corn soup $5.00
Chicken & egg flower soup $5.00
Crab meat & sweet corn soup $6.00
Beef soup $6.00
Wonton & mein (noodle) soup $6.50
Combination wonton soup $6.50
Chicken tom yam soup (thai soup) $5.50
Prawn tom yam soup (Thai soup) $7.00
Honey beef $12.90
Coconut beef $12.90
Sate beef $12.90
Curry beef $12.90
Deep fried beef with BBQ sauce $12.90
Braised beef with ginger & shallots $12.90
Braised beef with oyster sauce $12.90
Braised beef with chilli $12.90
Braised beef with black bean sauce $12.90
Braised beef with almonds $12.90
Braised beef with cashews $12.90
Braised beef with plum sauce $12.90
Braised beef with baby corn $12.90
Braised beef with mushrooms $12.90
Braised beef with vegetables $12.90
Braised beef with garlic sauce $12.90
Braised beef with tofu $12.90
Braised beef with pineapples $12.90
Braised beef with bean sprouts $12.90
Fillet steak in chinese style $12.90
Fillet steak with pepper sauce $12.90
Dry beef with special sauce $12.90
Lemon chicken (boneless) $12.90
Honey sesame chicken $12.90
Coconut chicken $12.90
Sate chicken $12.90
Curry chicken $12.90
Crisp skin chicken $12.90
Crisp skin chicken with lemon sauce $12.90
Deep fried chicken in plum sauce $12.90
Fillet chicken with pepper sauce $12.90
Braised chicken with chilli sauce $12.90
Braised chicken with oyster sauce $12.90
Braised chicken with black bean sauce $12.90
Braised chicken with cashews $12.90
Braised chicken with almond $12.90
Braised chicken with baby corn $12.90
Braised chicken with mushrooms $12.90
Braised chicken with vegetables $12.90
Braised chicken with pineapples $12.90
Braised chicken with tofu $12.90
Braised chicken with bean sprouts $12.90
Braised chicken with garlic sauce $12.90
Chilli prawns $16.50
Coconut $16.50
Curry prawns $13.50
Curry prawns (shrimp) $16.50
Sate prawns $16.50
Garlic prawns $16.50
Honey sesame prawns $16.50
Prawns with cashews $17.20
Prawns with almonds $17.20
Prawns with vegetables $16.50
Prawns with mushrooms $16.50
Prawns with black bean sauce $16.50
Prawns with baby corn $16.50
Curry scallops $15.80
Honey sesame scallops $15.80
Scallops with black bean sauce $15.80
Scallops with almonds $16.50
Scallops with cashew $16.50
Scallops with baby corn $15.80
Scallops with vegetables $15.80
Sate scallops $15.80
Scallops with crab meat & broccoli $15.80
Chilli scallops $15.80
Fried duck with plum sauce $16.50
Fried duck with BBQ sauce $16.50
Fried duck with lemon sauce $16.50
Fried duck with mushrooms sauce $16.50
Steamed duck with mushrooms $16.50
Fried duck with vegetables $16.50
Chow mien= Hard noodles, Soft mein= Soft noodles
Chicken chow mein or soft mein $12.00
Prawn chow mein or soft mein $13.50
Tiger prawn chow mein or soft mein $16.50
Beef chow mein or soft mein $12.50
BBQ pork chow mein or soft mein $12.80
Chicken & prawn chow mein or soft mein $13.80
Combination chow mein or soft mein $15.00
Singapore noodles $13.00
Plain soft noodles with oyster sauce $10.50
Sweet and sour pork $12.00
Sweet and sour chicken $12.00
Sweet and sour fish $16.00
Sweet and sour fish $13.00
Sweet and sour duck $16.50
Sweet and sour scallops $15.80
Sweet and sour won ton $11.50
Sweet and sour beef $11.50
Sweet and sour combination $15.50
Plain omelette $9.90
Prawn omelette $13.50
Tiger prawn omelette $16.00
Chicken omelette $12.00
BBQ pork omelette $12.00
Combination omelette $13.50
Vegetable omelette $10.50
Ham omelette $10.80
BBQ pork with plum sauce $13.00
BBQ pork with black bean sauce $13.00
BBQ pork with vegetables $13.00
BBQ pork with baby corn $13.00
Deep fried pork with plum sauce $13.00
Deep fried pork with honey sauce $13.00
Squid with chilli sauce $12.50
Squid with plum sauce $12.50
Squid with BBQ sauce $12.50
Squid with vegetables $12.50
Five spice squid $12.50
Sliced beef rice noodle soup $13.50
Combination beef rice noodle soup $14.50
Roast duck egg or rice noodle soup $13.50
Crispy skin chicken egg noodle soup $12.80
Tom yum chicken egg or rice noodle $12.80
Tom yum seafood rice or egg noodle $15.80
BBQ pork egg noodle soup $12.80
Chicken hokkien noodle $12.50
BBQ pork hokkien noodle $12.80
Prawn hokkien noodle $16.50
Combination hokkien noodle $15.00
Chinese green vegetables with oyster sauce $8.80
Mixed vegetables $11.50
Stir fried beansprouts $11.50
Curried vegetables $12.00
Sate vegetables $12.00
Large special fried rice $8.50
Small special fried rice $7.50
Large fried rice
Chicken, prawn, ham, BBQ pork
Small fried rice $7.00
Large steamed rice $3.50
Small steamed rice $3.00
Vegetables fried rice $8.50
Steak fried rice (minced) $8.50
Mongolian lamb $15.00
Lamb with vegetables $15.00
Lamb with ginger and shallots $15.00
Curried lamb $15.00
Sate lamb $15.00
Fish with ginger and shallots $13.00
Fish with vegetables $13.00
Fish with mushrooms $13.00
Fish with baby corn $13.00
Lemon fish $13.00
Honey fish $13.00
F/rice, s/s pork, ch alm, s/rolls
Mongolian beef $12.90
Pork spare ribs BBQ sauce $13.00
Pork spare ribs plum sauce $13.00
Crispy skin chicken with sweet thai chilli sauce $12.90
Combination seafood
Pr, scal, squid, fish
Braised mussels with black bean sauce $12.00
Braised mussels with chilli sauce $12.00
Braised mussels with ginger and shallots $12.00
San choi bow $14.50
Sate combination $15.00
Spring roll $12.00
Fish cake $12.00
Fried tofu $12.00
Sugar cane prawn $13.50
Nem pork $13.50
Chicken lemon grass with chilli $13.50
Squid with chilli $13.50
Family pack $43.00
-Beef with black bean sauce
-Sweet and sour pork
-Boneless lemon chicken
-Spring rolls or dim sim (4)
-Large special fried rice
Budget pack
-Spring rolls or curried puffs (4)
-Large special fried rice
●Choice of one of the dishes below $21.50
-Beef with black bean sauce
-Sweet and sour pork
-Chicken chow mein
-Curried chicken
-Curried beef
-Honey pork
Economy pack $59.90
-Chicken chow mein
-Beef with vegetables
-Mongolian lamb
-Coconut chicken
-Large special fried rice
-Spring rolls (4)
-Fried dim sims (4)
Party pack $112.00
-2 bags of prawn chips
-2 servings of spring rolls (8)
-2 servings of curry puffs (8)
-Honey chicken
-Beef with black bean sauce
-BBQ pork with plum sauce
-Sweet and sour pork
-Combination seafood
-Combination chow mein
-.Mixed vegetables
-2 x special fried rice

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Restaurant Details

Redbank Plains
Table Service
Shop 24/ 183 Kruger Pde, Redbank Plains, QLD, 4301, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Malaysian, Chinese

Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant

Noodles, Seafood, A La Carte, Banquets, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Entrees, Pork, Prawn, Satay, Soup, Private Parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Engagements, Valentine’s Day, Dinners, Lunches, 51 - 100, Takeaway, Family Operated, Family Owned

Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant Redbank Plains Menu

Opening Hours

Saturday 5–9pm

Sunday 5–9pm

Monday 10am–9pm

Tuesday 10am–9pm

Wednesday 10am–9pm

Thursday 10am–9pm

Friday 10am–9pm