Slice Pizza & Pasta in Maleny Menu

SUPER SUPREME Ham, pepperoni, mushroom, red onions, capsicum, bacon & chives (anchovies & olives on request) (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
THE WORKS Marinated beef & lamb, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, kalamata olives, bacon & pepperoni (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
HAWAIIAN ham, pineapple, mozarella (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
PEPPERONI AL FUNGI Pepperoni, field mushrooms, red onions & kalamata olives (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
PEPPERONI Pepperoni & mozarella cheese (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
BBQ MEAT LOVERS Ham, marinated beef & lamb, bacon, red onion and salami (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
MEXICAN Refried bean salsa, lamb, onion, tomato, chilli flakes, jalapeno peppers, corn chips, sour cream & chives (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
BBQ CHICKEN BBQ salsa, oven roasted chicken, field mushrooms, onion, mozarella cheese & chives (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
ALFREDO CHICKEN Tomato salsa, oven roasted chicken, field mushrooms, onion, mozzarella cheese & chives (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SATAY LAMB Spit roasted lamb, tangy satay salsa, baby spinach, onions, pumpkin & mint (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
PESTO CHICKEN Nutty pesto salsa, chicken breast, pine nuts, capsicum, garlic ricotta & cheese (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SATAY CHICKEN satay salsa, baby spinach, roast capsicum, pine nuts, chicken breast meat & cheese (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
BBQ PEPPERONI BBQ salsa, pepperoni, red onion, mushrooms & cheese (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
MOROCCAN LAMB Marinated in moroccan spices, complimented with fire roasted capsicum, sour cream & fresh mint (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
THE GRECO Traditional greek sausage, fresh spinach, onion, haloumi & mozarella cheese, finished with tzatziki dip (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SPANISH CHORIZO Fresh baby spinach, mushroom, capsicum, onion, chorizo sausage, lightly sprinkled with chilli (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
ROCKET PROSCIUTTO Tomato, bocconcini, parmesan & prosciutto with an italian glazed rocket garnish (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SWISS GOURMET Ham, bacon, avocado, swiss cheese, all gently drizzled with sweet chilli & mayonnaise (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
TURKISH CHICKEN Spit roasted marinated chicken, chunky tomato, red onion, fresh tabouli, hummus & garlic aioli sauce (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SURF & TURF (add $2) Marinated beef & lamb, crispy bacon, prawns, calamari, roasted capsicum, red onions & chives, all with a hint of lemon (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SEAFOOD (add $2) Tomato salsa, prawns, fish, mussels, onions, calamari, capers, chives & Slice’s special tangy sauce (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
BUM BURNER Fresh chilli salsa, pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, capsicum, meatballs & cucumber yoghurt (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
DEVINE LAMB Oven roasted lamb, tomato salsa, haloumi cheese, roasted red onion, kalamata olives and fresh tomato, drizzled with tzataiki sauce and a garnish of fresh mint (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
VOLCANO (add $2) HOT HOT HOT chilli salsa, Slice’s spicy sausage, onions, capsicum & jalapenos (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
MARGHERITA A garlic brushed base, tomato salsa, mozzarella cheese, ripped basil & oregano (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
SPINACH & TOMATO Baby spinach, roma tomatoes, basil, oregano, parmesan & mozzarella cheese (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
PUMPKIN SPINACH & RICOTTA Baby spinach, red onion, roast pumpkin, pine nuts & garlic ricotta (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
ARTICHOKE & S/DRIED TOMATO Feta, olives, marinated artichoke, sundried tomatoes & roast capsicum (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
PUTTANESCA Tomatoes, anchovies, capers, olives & mozzarella (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
FETA & OLIVES Feta, kalamata olives, tomato salsa, oregano, parmesan & mozzarella cheese (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
VEG MEX Refried bean salsa, fresh tomato, red onions, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, corn chips & sour cream (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
VEG FUSION Tomato salsa, mozzarella, semi dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, tomatoes, brocconcini & pumpkin (S/L/F/M) $14.50/$20.50/$24.50/$70
GARLIC BREAD Traditional 7” loaf, garlic & herb butter $4.40
PIZZA BREAD Garlic pizza bread, cheese & rock salt $6.50
SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS Steaming spaghetti topped with tomatos salsa, herbed meatballs and parmesan $13.50
FETTUCCINI CARBONARA Cream based sauce with crispy bacon, parmesan & egg (mushrooms $ chicken on request add $2.00) $13.50
BEEF LASAGNE Rich bolognese & bechamel sauce between layers of pasta, cheese & oregano $13.50
CLASSIC DOG Griddle roasted dog+tomato sauce $5.50
SLAW DOG Coleslaw+pickles+tomato sauce $7.50
CHILLI DOG Chilli mince+cheese+mustard+ketchup $7.90
AUSSIE DOG Bacon+onion+cheese+tomato sauce $7.90
CHICAGO DOG Mustard+sauerkraut+cheese+pickles $7.90
MEXICAN DOG Spicy chilli sauce+jalapenos+red onion lettuce+sour cream+tomato $7.90
ITALIAN DOG Parma ham+tomato+parmesan+cheese rocket lettuce+ranch dressing+tomato sauce $7.90
GREEK DOG Fried onions+kalamata olives+haloumi +tzatziki+cheese $7.90
SWISS DOG Bacon+avocado+swiss cheese +mayo+sweet chilli, toasted $7.90
6 Wings $10.50
10 Wings $14.00
20 Wings $24.00
35 Wings $39.00
50 Wings $54.00
AUSSIE Tomato Sauce $5.50
AMERICAN Smokey BBQ $5.80
PARISIAN Garlic Mayo $5.80
CANADIAN Cheese + Hot Gravy $7.50
MEXICAN Lettuce + Tomato + Chilli Sauce + Sour Cream $7.50
NEW YORK Chilli beef + Cheese + Sour Cream $7.80
CHICKEN Chicken Breast + Fresh Salad $9.50
LAMB Lamb Steak + Fresh Salad $9.50
MIXED Chicken Breast + Lamb Steak + Fresh Salad $9.50
FALAFEL Vegetarian Chickpea Patty + Fresh Salad $9.50
HAWAIIAN Chicken + Ham + Pineapple + Fresh Salad $11.50
GREEK Lamb + Haloumi + Fetta + Olives + Fresh Salad $11.50
MEXICAN Lamb + Beans + Jalapenos + Cheese + Fresh Salad $11.50
PUMPKIN Pumpkin + Spinach + Ricotta + Fresh Salad $11.50
Regular size $22.50
Large main size $39.50

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Combo Meal - Forest Burger, Hot Chips & Fresh Juice $13.00
Tea - English Breakfast, Camomile, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Ginseng, Genko, Peppermint $3.50
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The Terrace Carpet Bag - Eye Fillet Steak Filled with oysters, prawns and scallops, char grilled and finished with a crab and cognac sauce ( Chef recommends cooked medium to insure juiciness of seafoo $45.00
Crispy Beer Battered Local Fish - with thick cut chips, fresh salad basket, and lime hollandaise $33.00
Tasting Platter (minimum 2 People) - Chicken spring rolls, eye fillet salad in sweet tofu pockets, an array of marinated olives, sundried vegetables, goats cheese, grilled haloumi, our own sourdough b $18.00 / pp
Chicken - Lemon and garlic marinated chicken breast, served with chat potato, baby spinach, pesto and walnut salad $34.00
Eye Fillet Steak - 220gram Victorian Gippsland steak $39.00
The vegetarian tagine - Casserole of Moroccan style vegetables, with saffron rice $34.00
Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet - Ginger and Chilli marinated seared tuna, papaya salad and a nam jim dressing, green papaya salad topped with a wasabi and lime sorbet $19.00
Trio Of Prawns - Coconut prawn, chilli plum sauce, lemon grass crispy fried prawn dumplings, and sautéed garlic prawn. $22.00
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Mondo Organics Restaurant (sample)
Dark chocolate tofu brulee, salted caramel crumble gf df vegan $14
Polenta gnocchi romana, capers, pine nuts, currants, sorrel, pecorino v $26
Char grilled beetroot, green pistachio pilaf, roasted cauliflower puree gf df vegan $26
Brussel sprouts, speck, pecorino gf df - v option $9
Seafood bisque, green rouille, preserved lemon df - gf option $17
Free range pork rillettes, celeriac remoulade, toasted sweet carrot brioche, house cultured butter df option $16
Confit duck leg, beluga lentils, kale puree, winter citrus gf - df option $36
Grass fed slow braised beef brisket, purple congo potato, candied garlic, chard, fresh horseradish gf $34
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Green Bamboo (sample)
Vietnamese stewed beef soup $10.90
Hot Pot - Fish $14.50
Steamed Jasmine rice (per person) $2.00
Chowmein / hofan - Combination (includes chicken, beef, BBQ pork and mixed seafood) $15.90
Salt and pepper quail $6.90
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Your choice of meator seafood served in any of the following styles N/A
Vietanamese hot and sour prawn soup $7.00
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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
94 Boundary St, West End, QLD, 4101, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Italian, Pizza & Pasta

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