The Burgermeister in Nedlands Menu

Classic Beef - Beef, rocket, tomato, red onion, house made tomato relish & mayo $11.00
Cheeseburger - Beef, cheddar, German pickles, white onion, ketchup, mayo & German mustard $11.00
Ice Burger - Beef, German pickles, white onion, crunchy lettuce, German ketchup & mayo $11.00
Chilli Beef - Beef, cheddar, hot green chilli jam & mayo $12.00
Beef, Bacon & Blue Cheese - Beef, rocket, tomato, caramelised onions, bacon, blue cheese & mayo $15.00
Beef, Bacon & Egg - Beef, free range egg, bacon, rocket, bbq sauce & mayo $14.00
Beef, Bacon & Mushroom - Beef, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, rocket, cheddar cheese, mayo and BBQ sauce $17.50
Beef The Lot - Beef, rocket, tomato, cheddar, bacon, egg, German pickles, caramelised onions, tomato relish & mayo $17.50
Steak Burger - Steak, rocket, tomato, beetroot, bacon, cheddar, caramelised onions & aioli $17.50
Steak & Haloumi - Steak, haloumi, rocket, red onion, tomato, aioli & tomato relish $18.50
Classic Chicken - Free range breast, cheddar, tomato, red onion, rocket, house made tomato relish & mayo $14.00
Chicken The Lot - Free range chicken, tomato, rocket, bacon, free range egg, German pickles, caramelised onions, cheddar, tomato relish & mayo $18.50
French Chicken - Free range chicken, bacon, brie, avocado, rocket & aioli $17.50
Field Mushroom - Garlic field mushrooms, roast pumpkin, cheddar, rocket, red onion & tomato relish $12.00
Sweet Potato - Thyme roasted sweet potato, goats cheese, caramelised onion, rocket, tomato & mayo $14.00
Bhaji Burger - Spicy onion & coriander bhaji, rocket, tomato, hot chilli jam & Tzatziki $11.00
Basic FRANKFURTER - Mustard & German ketchup $4.50
Double Frank FRANKFURTER - Mustard, caramelised onions & ketchup $9.00
Meister FRANKFURTER - Sour cream, cheese, bacon, caramelised onions & German ketchup $9.50
Basic - Bratwurst, mustard & German ketchup $9.50
Deutschlander - Sauerkraut, mustard & caramelised onions $10.50
Meister - Sour cream, cheese, bacon, pickles, caramelised onions & German ketchup $12.00
Chilli Dog - Cheese, pickles, caramelised onions & hot green chilli jam $10.00
Blue - Blue cheese, caramelised onions, bbq sauce & sour cream $12.50
French - Brie, bacon, avocado & aioli $12.50
Brie, Bacon, Avocado & AioliBacon, Avocado, Garlic Mushrooms, Egg, Pineapple $3.00
Cheese, Beetroot, German Pickles, Caramelised Onions, Sauerkraut $2.00
Extra Beef Pattie, Chicken, Bratwurst, Haloumi, Blue Cheese, Goats Cheese, Brie $4.50
Small $3.50
Large $6.00
Bowl With 2 Dipping Sauces $9.00
With A Dipping Sauce $7.00
House Made Relish $1.00
Green Chilli Jam $1.00
House Made Mayo $1.00
German Ketchup $1.00
Aioli $1.00
Sweet Chilli $1.00
German Mustard $1.00
Curry Ketchup $1.00
BBQ Sauce $1.00
Sour Cream $1.00
Tartar $1.00
Tzatziki $1.00
Kid’s Burger - Choice of beef or chicken with cheese, rocket, tomato sauce & mayo $6.50
Orange - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Apple - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Watermelon - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Carrot - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Ginger - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Beetroot - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Celery - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Passion Fruit Pulp - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Or check the ‘Juice of the Day’ - Fresh Squeezed Juices $6.50
Vanilla $6.50
Malt Vanilla $6.50
Strawberry $6.50
Spearmint $6.50
Banana $6.50
Caramel $6.50
Peanut Butter/Choc $6.50
Chocolate $6.50
Oreo $6.50
Iced Coffee $6.50
Iced Mocha $6.50
Or Any Combination Of 2 Flavours $6.50
Add extra ice cream/malt $1.00/each

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The Byrneleigh Hotel (sample menu)
Grilled Chilli Prawn, chilli coconut sauce $12
Bubba Gump, chilli prawn, calamari and spinach $22
Mexican Chicken, jalapeno, sour cream and guacamole $22
Margherita, tomato and basil $17
Market Fish - please ask our friendly staff MP
Old School Slaw $8
Seasonal Vegetables $8
Salt and Pepper Calamari, tartare sauce $13
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Domino's Pizza (sample)
LOADED MEATLOVERS - Pulled beef, pepperoni, smoked leg ham, ground beef, rasher bacon, red onion, topped with a Hickory BBQ sauce swirl n/a
CHICKEN & FETA - Seasoned chicken, baby spinach, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives & oregano with garlic sauce n/a
CHICKEN & CAMEMBERT - Sliced roast chicken breast, camembert, rasher bacon, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onion topped with hollandaise sauce n/a
PERI PERI CHICKEN - Sliced roast chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onion topped with peri peri sauce n/a
THE DELUXE - Pepperoni, ground beef, smoked leg ham, capsicum, red onion & mozzarella with oregano n/a
TANDOORI CHICKEN - Seasoned chicken, Tandoori spices, fresh tomato, red onion, capsicum, topped with a mint & coriander sauce n/a
HALF 'N' HALF - Your choice. Combine any 2 of our delicious pizzas in 1 n/a
SIMPLY CHEESE - Lots of mozzarella n/a
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La Galette De France (sample)
Spinach & Fetta Roll $4.50
Gourmet Sandwiches $8.00
Brioche Large $15.00
Almond Crescent Biscuit $4.50
Vienna Loaf $4.00
Strawberry Tart $4.60
Pithiviers Large (order) $28.00
Kringle Large $15.00
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Chez Pierre (sample)
FONDANT AU CHOCOLAT - Hot Chocolaté cake with a liquid centre, served with a cherry ice-cream & vanilla crème anglaise (15 minute cooking time) $16.00
CARRE D’AGNEAU - Tender Marinated & Roasted Amelia Park Rack of Lamb, served pink, with a pumpkin puree, glazed saffron potatoes, capsicum stuffed zucchini & a rosemary jus $41.00
TIMBALE DE LEGUMES AU FROMAGE DE CHEVRE - Mediterranean Timbale of Goats cheese, roast tomato, zucchini & garlic served warm & finished with a red capsicum coulis, olive tapenade & a julienne vegetabl $19.50
CHÂTEAU D’YQUEM 1996 SAUTERNES 375ml Bordeaux, France $360.00/bottle
ESCARGOTS DE BOURGOGNE - Burgundy Snails cooked in their shells with garlic & herb butter (Half/Whole Dozen) $15.00/$25.00
FOIE GRAS DE CANARD - Seared Duck Liver Foie Gras & Foie Gras Terrine, served with poached rhubarb & confit shallots finished with a mustard seed sauce & toasted brioche $36.00
STEAK TARTARE - Finely Hand cut Butterfield Fillet of beef, capers, mustard, cornichons, shallots, parsley, Tabasco, Worcestershire, olive oil, vinegar & egg yolk (Main Course size available) $24.00
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Chelsea Pizza Co (sample)
Iced Coffee $4.90
BLUE - Blue cheese, roasted red capsicum, artichoke & fresh mushroom (Entrée/Main) $14.90/$19.90
SUPREME - The lot in one (anchovies optional) (Entrée/Main) $14.90/$19.90
Tea and Coffee $3.90
Ice-cream boat 2 scoops with toppings $11.90
BOLOGNA - Pepperoni, salami, black olives and onion (Entrée/Main) $14.90/$19.90
CHILLI PRAWN - King prawns, onions, fresh tomato, fresh chilli & garlic, topped with rocket (Entrée/Main) $14.90/$19.90
Harvey Fresh Orange and Apple Juice $4.70
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
170b Hampden Rd, Nedlands, WA, 6009, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Hamburgers, Takeaway Food

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