Tuggerah Inn Chinese Restaurant in Tuggerah Menu

Beef or chicken
Beef or chicken
Beef or chicken
Beef or chicken
Beef or chicken
Honey pepper
Beef or chicken
Black pepper
Beef or chicken
Beef or braised chicken
Chicken or prawn
Beef or chicken
Beef or chicken
Black bean
Beef or chicken
Sweet & sour
Beef or chicken
Sweet & sour
Crispy beef peking sauce $9.80
Chicken chow mein $9.80
Prawn chow mein $9.80
All lunch specials comes with fried rice or boil rice - and chow dishes comes with crispy noodle
Sang choy bow $17.00
Crispy beef peking sauce
Rainbow beef
Crispy honey chilli sauce $16.50
Crispy skin chicken $16.00
Imperial lamb
7 Pieces of pancakes
Salt & pepper chicken $16.50
Salt & pepper king prawn $19.80
Salt & pepper pork spare ribs $17.00
Spicy salt fried calamari $16.50
Special grill chicken plum sauce $16.50
Special fried chicken sweet & sour sauce $16.50
Boneless lemon chicken $16.50
Boneless plum chicken $16.50
Honey chicken / honey chilli chicken $15.50
Honey king prawns $18.80
Honey chilli king prawns $18.80
Upside down rice $18.80
Beef tomato rice $16.50
Szechuan black bean beef $16.50
Beef in cantonese style $16.50
Satay combination $16.80
Mongolian combination $16.80
Szechuen combination $16.80
Assorted a
Dim sim, ham & chicken roll, mini roll
Assorted b
Ham & chicken roll, wor tip hot, curry roll
Mini spring rolls (6) $8.50
Curry roll (6) $8.50
Dim sim fried (3) $5.50
Dim sim steamed (3) $5.50
Curried puff (6) $8.50
BBQ pork puff (6) $8.50
Ham & chicken roll (6) $9.50
Ham & prawn roll (6) $8.50
Special shanty
Ham & chicken roll, fish fritters
Prawn cutlets (6) $16.00
Wor tip har (6) $15.00
Sesame prawn toast
4 Slices
King prawn fritters $18.80
Scallop fritters $24.00
BBQ pork entree $17.00
Prawn cocktail $8.00
Crab meat cocktail $8.50
Seafood cocktail $9.50
Fried chicken wings (6) $7.50
Prawn chips $2.50
Chicken sweet corn soup $5.50
Chicken mushroom soup $5.50
Crab meat soup $6.00
Crab meat sweet corn soup $6.00
Short soup $6.50
Long shoup $6.50
Seafood soup $8.00
Clear chicken soup $5.00
West lake beef soup $7.00
Special combination soup $8.00
Combination short soup $8.50
Combination long soup $8.50
Combination short & long soup $9.50
Honey pepper chicken $16.50
Honey pepper beef $16.50
Honey pepper pork ribs $17.00
Honey pepper king prawn $19.80
Boiled rice
-Small $4.00
-Large $4.50
Fried rice
-Small $7.00
-Large $7.50
Special fried rice
-Small $8.50
-Large $9.00
With or without boiled rice
Shredded chicken
Braised chicken
Prawn $15.50
Beef $15.50
Combination $16.80
King prawn $18.80
Seafood combination $19.80
Seafood combination $19.80
Seafood satay sauce $19.80
Seafood szechuan sauce $19.80
Seafood garlic sauce $19.80
Seafood ginger & shallot $20.80
Scallop crab meat sauce $24.00
Scallop black bean sauce $24.00
Scallop szechuan chilli sauce $24.00
Scallop ginger & shallot $25.00
Calamari chilli sauce $16.00
Calamari szechuan black bean sauce $16.00
Calamari szechuan chilli sauce $16.00
Calamari ginger & shallot $17.00
Fish fritters in sweet corn sauce $16.00
Satay sauce $18.80
Mongolian sauce $18.80
Garlic sauce $18.80
Szechuen sauce $18.80
Chilli sauce $18.80
Oyster sauce $18.80
Plum sauce $18.80
BBQ sauce $18.80
Hong kong sauce $18.80
Black bean sauce $18.80
Black pepper sauce $18.80
With baby corn $18.80
With pineapple $18.80
With ginger & shallot $19.80
With almond & cashew $19.80
Mongolian sauce $15.50
Garlic sauce $15.50
Satay sauce $15.50
Szechuan chilli sauce $15.50
Oyster sauce $15.50
Plum sauce $15.50
BBQ sauce $15.50
Hong kong sauce $15.50
Black bean sauce $15.50
Black pepper sauce $15.50
With pineapple $15.50
With baby corn $15.50
With mushroom $15.50
With almond & cashew $16.50
With ginger & shallot $16.50
Satay sauce $16.00
Plum sauce $16.00
Peking sauce $16.00
Szechuen sauce $16.00
Oyster sauce $16.00
BBQ sauce $16.00
Hong kong sauce $16.00
Black bean sauce $16.00
Fried duck with orange sauce $18.50
Fried duck with lemon sauce $18.50
Fried duck with pineapple sauce $18.50
Fried duck with plum sauce $18.50
Steamed duck with mushroom sauce $18.50
Steamed duck with crab meat sauce $18.50
Combination duck $20.80
Mongolian lamb $17.50
Satay lamb $17.50
BBQ lamb $17.50
Szechuan chilli lamb $17.50
Black pepper lamb $17.50
Black bean lamb $17.50
Pork $15.50
Beef $15.50
Chicken or chicken fritters $15.50
King prawns or king prawn fritters $18.80
Fish or fish fritters $16.00
Combination $16.80
Fried won ton $17.00
BBQ pork $16.00
Shredded chicken
Braised chicken
Chicken fillet
Prawn $15.50
Beef $15.50
BBQ pork $16.00
King prawn $18.80
Combination $16.80
Mixed vegetable $12.00
Chinese choy sum oyster sauce $12.50
Chinese choy sum mushroom sauce $13.50
Sof noodle extra $1.00
Singapore rice noodles $14.00
BBQ pork egg noodles $14.00
Beef soy sauce egg noodles $15.50
Soy sauce egg noodles $13.50
Szechuen black bean beef hall fun $16.50
Special omelette $16.50
Chicken omelette $15.50
Prawn omelette $15.50
Beef omelette $15.50
BBQ pork omelette $16.00
Ham omelette $15.00
Combination omelette $16.80
Plain omelette $11.00
Mushroom omelette $12.00
Vegetable omelette $12.00
King prawn omelette $18.80
Seafood omelette $19.80
Fish and chips $7.50
Chicken fritters and chips $7.50
Chicken wings and chips $7.50
The budget pack
Save $7.00
-Mini spring rolls /6)
-Sweet & sour pork
-Mongolian lamb
-Chicken chow mein
-Large fried rice
-Prawn chips
The family pack
Save $12.00
-Curry roll (4)
-Dim sim (4)
-Honey chicken
-Satay beef
-Prawn chow mein
-Honey pepper pork ribs
-Large special fried rice
-Prawn chips
-Fortune cookies (5)
The deluxe pack
Save $16.30
-Curry puffs (6)
-Ham & chicken rolls (6)
-Sang choy bow
-Crispy beef peking sauce
-Szechuan chilli chicken
-Satay combination
-Boneless lemon chicken
-Honey king prawn
-Large special fried rice
-Large boil rice
-Prawn chips
-Fortune cookies (10)
Extra meat
No vegetable

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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
86 Pacific Hwy, Tuggerah, NSW, 2259, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash

Tuggerah Inn Chinese Restaurant

BYO, Takeaway. Great food, great value for money and very tasty, service is good.

Tuggerah Inn Chinese Restaurant Tuggerah Menu

Opening Hours

Saturday 11am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm

Sunday 11am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm

Wednesday 11am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm

Thursday 11am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm

Friday 11am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm