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Noodles Takeaway Food City of Wollongong

Noodles Takeaway Food City of Wollongong

Overview of Noodles
Popular Noodles Dishes
Asian Noodle Soup
It is served exactly as in Asian cities with a huge bowl of noodles, using either chicken or tofu as the protein, and including shitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, spring onions and other vegetables all steeped in a beautiful broth. A very comforting and filling dish, particularly in the wintertime.
Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken chow mein is served everywhere from noodle bars to Chinese restaurants and street carts. Noodles can be steamed or stir fried until crisp, and are mixed with vegetable such as beanshoots, pak choi, carrots, celery, Chinese mushroom and as a spice, star anise. Chicken is the most popular addition, but beef, pork and seafood are also often used. A very economical dish, and very filling.
Rice Paper Rolls
A little like spring rolls, but these are wrapped in rice paper and served raw usually. Cooked noodles are mixed with grated vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, onion and finely diced herbs such as coriander and wrapped in the rice paper. They can contain meat such as chicken, or sometimes chopped prawn. Served with sweet chilli dip and garlic and soy dips, they can be found as a popular lunch dish in noodle bars.
Ramen Noodles
Ramen is a popular Japanese noodle soup made with a soya or miso based soup. The noodles are as thin as spaghetti and the dish is served with ingredients such as sliced boiled egg, pork belly, spring onions and seaweed. As a soup Ramen traditionally has a salty and umami (savoury) flavour to it. Like all noodles and soup, add as much chilli as suits your palate. Ramen is normally a cheap meal and easy lunchtime grab when you're pushed for time and washed down with cups of green tea it is a great on the run meal.
Singapore Noodles
Contrary to popular belief Singapore Noodles is actually a Hong Kong / Chinese dish but one we love. Super thin vermicelli noodles are the secret to this dish, mixed with a hint of curry spices and lots of crunchy vegetables. The meat components of the dish vary from restaurant to restaurant, but generally pork, bbq pork and prawns are all included.
Pad See Eew
What can be better than big flat rice noodles cooked with soy sauce? Very little that’s for sure. This wonderful Thai Noodle dish is made with Chinese broccoli and your choice of meats. What makes this dish so delicious is the sweet soy sauce added during cooking which makes a wonderful comfort food meal and very moreish. The traditional meat for this dish was pork but you will find all sorts of options on offer. Sometimes simplicity reigns and this is the dish that satisfies.
Recent Reviews within City of Wollongong
Honestly, probably the best stir fry/Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. Every meal I have ordered there has been amazing. Even thing I dont usually eat like certain types of vegetables, the way they are prepared and flavour is infused, I eat things I would normally pick out . Service is ...
Great place for a bite to eat. I highly recommend the juices!!!!
Our first time out to dinner in a long time and boy did we pick the wrong place. Ordered a couple of tapas which were very ordinary. Asked for drinks with no other customers in the café and were told not so politely to help ourselves to the fridge. We said do you have table water and again told t...
Would be nice if they answered the phone to take my order.
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Noodles    Asian    $0 - $10
503 Crown St West Wollongong NSW 2500
Noodles    European    Asian    $10-$20
3/ 190 Cowper St Warrawong NSW 2502
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