Bahn Thai Restaurant in Darwin Menu

Thai Fish Cake $9.0
Money Bags $9.0
Seafood Spring Rolls $9.0
Vegetarian Spring Rolls $9.0
Chef's Chicken Wing with Bahn Thai Sauce $9.0
Bahn Thai Steamed Dim Sim $10.0
Oyster with Thai Chilli Sauce (1/2 Doz) $15.0
Bangkok Tom Yum (Tom Yum Kung) - Spicy Prawn Soup $12.0
Siam Tom Kha (Tom Kha Gai) - Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken $10.0
Fried Barramundi with Rice (Imported Fish) $14.0
Princess Fried Rice with Chicken $14.0
Noodle Soup with Chicken or Beef $14.0
Red Chicken Curry (Kaeng Daeng Gai) - Tender chicken pieces and baby bamboo in red curry sauce $25.0
Green Chicken Curry (Kaeng Kew Waan Gai) - Tender chicken pieces and eggplant in green curry sauce $25.0
Bahn Thai Cashew Nuts (Gai Pad Met Ma Muang Himaphaan) - Crispy sliced chicken stir fried with cashew nuts $25.0
Chicken Ginger (Gai Pad Khing) - Stir fried chicken with ginger strips, spring onion and mushrooms $24.0
Chicken Salad (Yum Gai) - Thai chicken salad with coriander, mint, onion, and lime $24.0
Jao Praya Curry (Kaeng Phet Ped Yaang) - Boneless Peking duck breast strip in red curry sauce - chef's favourite recipe $29.0
Thai Duck Salad (Yum Ped) - Boneless roasted Peking duck mixed with special herbs and spices $29.0
Samui Crispy Fish (Plaa Rad Prik) - Fried fish with special Bahn Thai Chilli and herbs paste -
- Barramundi Fillets - Local $32.0
- Barramundi Fillets - Imported $28.0
- Choice of Barramundi or Snapper - Whole Fish MP
Siam Chu Chee (Plaa Chu Chee) - Fried fish with spicy coconut sauce -
- Barramundi fillets - Local $32.0
- Barramundi fillets - Imported $28.0
- Choice of Barramundi or Snapper (whole fish) MP
Bahn Thai Steamed Fish - Steamed Barramundi with Bahn Thai Ginger Sauce -
- Barramundi Fillets - local $32.0
- Barramundi Fillets - imported $28.0
- Choice of barramundi or snapper (whole fish) MP
Prawn Chu Chee (Kung Chu Chee) - Tiger prawns with spicy coconut sauce $29.0
Prawn Salad (Yum Kung Sod) - A warm prawn salad with Thai herbs and spices $29.0
Ginger Prawn (Kung Pad Khing) - Stir fried prawns with ginger strips, spring onion and mushrooms $29.0
Garlic Pepper Prawn (Kung Gratiem Prik Thai) - Stir fried prawns with garlic and pepper $29.0
Mussels Chilli Basil (Hoy Pad Num Prik Pao) - Half shell mussels fried with fresh chilli and Thai basil $29.0
Seafood Chilli Basil (Ruam Mit Talay Pad Prik) - Combination seafood stir fried with fresh chilli and Thai basil $29.0
Andaman Seafood Curry (Kaeng Kew Waan Talay) - Combination seafood in green curry sauce $29.0
Red Beef Curry (Kaeng Nua Daeng) - A popular red curry dish with bamboo slices, and basil $26.0
Ginger Beef (Nua Pad Khing) - Stir fried beef with ginger strips, onion and capsicum $26.0
Royal Thai Massaman (Kaeng Nua Massaman) - A universal favourite beef curry in Massaman sauce $28.0
Panang Beef (Panang Nua) - Tender beef in Panang curry sauce with lime leaves $26.0
Isan Beef Salad (Nam Tok Nua) - Thai warm beef salad combined with mint, coriander and spices $24.0
Beef Stir Fried (Nua Pad Num Mun Hoy) - Stir fried beef with snake beans in oyster sauce $24.0
Ginger Pork (Moo Pad Khing) - Stir fried pork with ginger strips, onion and mushrooms $24.0
Panang Pork Curry (Panang Moo) - Another popular pork dish also know as dry pork curry $26.0
Salad Siam (Moo Num Tok) - A warm pork dish with combination of fresh herbs and spices $24.0
Bahn Thai Sweet Pork (Moo Waan) - Fried pork with Bahn Thai sauce, sugar, pepper and tamarind sauce $24.0
Pork Spare Ribs (Si Kong Moo Tod) - Fried pork spare ribs with Thai garlic sauce $24.0
Garlic Lamb (Nua Gae Tod Grateum) - Lamb cutlet pan fried with garlic pepper sauce $29.0
Mixed Vegetable Curry (Kaeng Pak Ruam Mit) - Combination vegetables in red curry sauce $19.0
Mixed Vegetables Stir Fried (Pad Pak Ruam Mit) - Combination vegetables stir fried with soy and garlic sauce $19.0
Vegetables with Bahn Thai Peanut Sauce - Steamed vegetables topped with peanut sauce $19.0
Green Water Cress (Pak Boong Fai Daeng) - Stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce $19.0
Thai Paw Paw Salad (Som Tum) - Traditional Thai Paw Paw salad $19.0
Fried Rice with Chicken or Beef (Khoa Pad) - Thai style fried rice with spring onion, tomatoes and coriander $21.0
Special Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken or Beef (Khoa Pad Subparoad) - Thai special fried rice made with Bahn Thai's secret recipe $23.0
Fried Rice with Seafood (Khoa Pad Talay) - Thai style fried rice with spring onion, tomatoes and coriander $25.0
Special Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood (Khoa Pad Subparoad Talay) - Thai special fried rice made to Bahn Thai's secret recipe $27.0
Steamed Jasmine Rice Small $4.0 / Large $8.0
Chicken Pad Thai - Thai style fried noodle with bean sprouts and peanuts $21.0
Seafood Pad Thai - Thai style fried noodle with bean sprouts and peanuts $25.0

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Amazing Thailand (sample menu)
Ginger Stir-Fry - fresh ginger, onion, snow pea, baby corn, mushroom, garlic and oyster sauce N/A
Cashew Nut Stir-Fry - with chilli jam, onion, mixed vegetables and cashew nut N/A
Garlic & Pepper Stir-Fry - mixed vegies stir-fried with garlic & pepper sauce N/A
Pad Thai Spring Roll (2 pcs) $6.00
Tom Kha - spicy coconut milk soup, infused with galangel, lemon grass and fresh thai herbs N/A
Prawn Hot Pot - steamed prawn glass noodles, herbs and mixed vegetables $22.00
Garlic Quails (2 birds) - crispy quails wok tossed in garlic, salt, pepper & five spice $18.00
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Viva La Vida (sample)
LEMON MERINGUE PIE - sweet short crust, vanilla bean ice cream $14.00
COUSCOUS SALAD - capsicum, onion, lemon, roasted pumpkin, toasted sunflower seeds $12.00
TERRITORY TASTING PLATE - we endeavor to use the best fresh, local and seasonal produce for our entire menu - our territory tasting plate is ever changing and designed to showcase the amazing produce $30.00
- -
2 - Then add your favourite protein -
TOMATO & GOATS CHEESE SALAD - rocket, red onion chutney $12.00
EYE FILLET STEAK (150g served MR) - field mushrooms, hand cut chips, roasted vine ripened tomatoes, rosemary butter, jus $28.00
CHURROS - cinnamon sugar, chocolate dipping sauce $14.00
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Melissa's Take Away (sample)
Bacon & Eggs – three fried eggs, short cur bacon, grilled tomato & toast $13.90
Chicken $6.50
Lettuce , Tomato, Onion Carrot, Coleslaw, Cucumber Pineapple Avocado, Asparagus, Beetroot $0.70 ea
Roast Sandwich w/gravy $9.00
Mashed Potato $5.50
Steak Bacon & Cheese $6.50
Salad (Greek or Garden) $5.50
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Nando's Australia (sample)
Coleslaw (Regular) $3.95
Classic Pita Chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato & light mayo. $8.95
Portuguese Roll $0.95
Side Salad $3.95
Supremo Burger Chicken breast, gourmet lettuce, tomato, light mayo & PERi-PERi chutney on a Portuguese roll. $9.95
Garden Salad Mixed lettuce, red capsicum, cucumber, onion, shredded carrot & cherry tomatoes. $8.95
Couscous (Regular) $3.95
Couscous (Large) $5.95
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Wisdom Bar & Cafe (sample)
Garlic Bread $6.50
Rump Steak Burger 100g rump steak topped with bacon, cheese and red onion jam in a sour dough roll with a side of beer battered chips $13.50
Side of Vegetables $7.95
Extra Steak Sauce $2.95
Chicken Parmigiana Crumbed chicken breast topped with a Mediterranean tomato sauce, procuito and melted cheese served with chips and salad $18.95
Chicken Enchilada A mix of chicken, capsicum and onion wrapped in a baked tortilla covered in a spicy tomato sauce and melted cheese with a side salad, sour cream and guacamole $14.95
Crab and Prawn Linguini Prawns and crab meat tossed with red onion, snow peas and fresh herbs finished in a chili garlic cream sauce (imported) $18.95
Chicken Schnitzel Burger Succulent Chicken schnitzel topped with bacon, cheese and sliced tomato served with beer battered chips $15.95
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Counter Service
7 Finniss St, Darwin, NT, 0800, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash

Bahn Thai Restaurant

Friendly Family Restaurant.For a truly unique Thai experience, allow us to be at your service.Dinner, Lunch, Seminars, Fried, Beef

Bahn Thai Restaurant Darwin Menu

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