Bazaar Beer Cafe in St Leonards Menu

Beer battered chips $6.00
Wedges/ shepherds wedges(cheese, bacon) $6.50/$8.50
Beer Snack Platter (for 2 people) - Spice Hungarin chicken wings, crispy pork belly bites, mini pies, frankfurter and chips $22.00
Mix sausage plate - Germany frankfurter sausage, Hungarin csabai sausage, served with toasted rye bread, side with mustard sauce and home made spciy sauce $16.00
Salt and pepper squid - With lemon myrtle aioli and rocket $14.00
Fish and chips - Budvar beer battered barramundi fillet, served with beer battered chips, mixed salad and homemade tartar sauce $16.00
Bazaar beef burger - Char grilled homemade beer patty, bacon, cheese, salad, tomato, caramelised onion, mustard and tomato sauce serviced with beer battered chips $16.00
Bazaar chicken burger - Grilled chicken breast, avocado, brie cheese, lettuce, tomato, sweet chilli and garlic aioli, served with beer battered chips $16.00
Bazaar steak sandwich - Grilled eye fillet steak, cheese, tomato, french mustard grilled onion and lettuce, served with beer battered chips $17.00
Mezze platter - Grilled chorizo sausage, smoked salmon, ham, marinated olives, sun dried tomatoes, cheese olive tapenade, lavosh crackers, hummus, pickles and tomasted continental bread (S/L) $15.90/$20.90
Garlic and herb ciabatta $5.00
Pretzel - Frechly baked pretzel with butter $3.50
Wood fire bread - Olive tapenade, butter, olive oli and aged balsamic $6.50
Duck Liver Pate - Country style home made duck liver pate with pickles and grilled continental bread (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Mushroom Arancini - mushroom, parmesan, truf?e, basil pesto on rocket, with safron aioli (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Deep fried cheese - breadcrumbed gruyere cheese, served with tartar sauce and salad (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Smoked Salmon Rolls - stuffed with creme fraiche on rocket salad (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Prawns - In creamy garlic sauce, chilli, garlic, iceberg lettuce and puff pastry (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Zucchini Flowers - Stuffed with cream cheese, fetta chesse, and parmesan cheese served on rocket salad (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Skewers of Lamb Tenders - Lamb kebabs served with mint youghurt (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Chorizo - With cheese, basil, pine nut and grano padano (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Crispy pork belly bites - With plum and cider sauce (1 item/2 items/3 items) $12/$23/$33
Five Hour Duck - Slowly roasted free range duck on red cabbage braised with horseradish and apple, served with dumplings (recommended beer: floris griotte cherry beer) $26.50/$35.00
Veal Goulash - Served in a freshly baked sourdough bread cob (recommended beer: cernovar dark lager) $25.00/$33.00
Starter, Steak Tartar - Traditional recipe, finely chopped raw prime eye fillet served with german rye toast and condiments $15.90
Main Size, Steak Tartar - Traditional recipe, finely chopped raw prime eye fillet served with german rye toast and condiments $21.90
Baby Pork Ribs - Marinated in a secret sauce, served on sauerkraut and beer battered chips (recommended beer: budejovicky budvar) $28.90/$36.90
Pork Belly - Slowly roasted pork belly with crackling served on potato mash, sauerkraut, apple chutney and grilled csabai (recommended beer: apple beer) $23.90/$35.90
Pork Knuckle - Braised and oven roasted prok knuckle, sauerkraut, mustard, stuffed tomatoes, prckles and potato mash (recommended beer: erdinger weisbier) $26.90/$35.90
Bazaar Mixed Platter - A tasting platter of slowly roasted duck on red cabbage, vienna schnitzel with mashed potato and pork belly on sauerkraut (recommended beer: erdinger weisbier) $28.90/$37.90
Bohemian platter for two people - Pork knuckle, frankfurter sausage, pork belly and veal schnitzel, served with red cabbage, mashed potato and sauerkraut (recommended beer: shofferhofer) $48/$66
Chicken Hunter Schnitzel - Crumbed free-range chicken breast fillet with wild mushroom fresh herb sauce, served with mashed potatoes and side salad (recommended beer: czech cut) $21.90/$28.90
Chicken Parmagiana - Crumbed free-range chicken breast fillet, grilled eggplant, tomato, parmesan cheese and beer battered chips (recommended beer: golden pheasant) $22.90/$30.90
Vienna Schnitzel - crumbed veal cutlets with parsley mash and steamed vegetables (recommended beer: pilsner urquell) $23.90/$33.00
Swiss Schnitzel - veal schnitzel, melted swiss cheese and double smoked leg of ham, served with beer battered chips, side salad and tartare sauce (recommended beer: dreher bak) $24.50/$33.00
Salzburg Pork Schnitzel - Stuffed porcini mushroom, bacon, fresh herbs and red wine jus, servied with mash (recommended beer: kozel lager) $23.90/$31.90
Bazaar Schnitzel mixer platter (for 2 people) chicken schnitzel, veal schnitzel and stuffed pork schnitzel, served with mash chips, salad, mushroom sauce and red wine jus (recommended beer: budejovic $44.00/$60.00
Wild Mushroom Risotto - Porcini, shitake, filled mushroom and baby wild mushrooms, arborio rice,truffle oil, fresh herbs, rocket salad and parmesan cheese $19.80
Salmon Fillet - Oven baked salmon fillet, served with olive and tomato lemon sauce and steamed vegetables $24.50
Fillet Mignone - Char-grilled prime eye fillet steak, milanese pancetta, steamed vegetables, crispy leek, red wine jus $26.50
Lamb - Herb crust roast lamb cutlets and braised lamb shoulder, potato and tur nip gratin, garlic mash, rocket, dark thyme red wine and chocolate sauce $29.90
Bazaar Salad - Mixed leaves, fresh tomato, cucumber, carrot, corn and fresh yogurt sauce $15.00
Vegetarian Caesar - baby jam lettuce, shaved parmesan, egg, cherry tomato herb crostini and caesar dressing $14.50
Chicken Caesar with Bacon $18.00
Tuna $3.00
Chicken $3.00
Smoked Salmon $3.00
Prawn (with whole grain mustard dressing) $3.00
Dark Chocolate Fondant $9.90
Strudel $9.90
Crepes $9.90
Cream brulee $9.90
Fish and Chips $10.00
Chicken Schnitzel and Chips $10.00
Chicken Nugget and Chips $10.00
Burger and Chips (beef/chicken) $10.00
Rocket Salad $5.50
House Salad $5.50
Mashed Potatoes $5.50
Steamed Vegetables $5.50
Braised red cabbage $5.50
Sauerkraut $5.50
Beer battered chips $5.50
Dumplings $5.50
Wedges $5.50

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Steak sandwich & chips $10.00
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Pasta Salad $9.00
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Lo-Mein Steamed egg noodles and vegetables -
Omelette -
Thai Fried Rice Stir fried rice with special thai spices -
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Bacon (3) $4.00
SPICED CHAR-GRILLED PRAWN, HALOUMI & ROAST PUMPKIN SALAD with fresh herbs, pomegranate & lemon dressing $23.90
PROTEIN SHAKE Whey protein powder, banana, honey & skim $8.00
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Lamb Fillet Pan Cake (4) $16.90
House Braised Pork Ribs (de-bonded) $26.90
Peppery Chilli Lobster Tail $39.90
Szechuan Garden Dry Cooked String Beans $16.90
House Special Fried Rice with King Prawns & Egg $15.90
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Restaurant Details

St Leonards
Table Service
Grnd Flr, St Leonards, NSW, 2065, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
European, Eastern European

Opening Hours

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