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Chicken Carbonara - fettuccini, bacon, mushrooms, creamy white wine garlic sauce & spinach $24.00
Panko Crumbed Chicken Kiev - with oven baked herb & potato rosti & steamed greens with garlic butter $26.00
Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken - served on a warm salad of sweet potato, corn, cherry tomatoes & watercress, with a zesty lemon aioli & lime $26.00
Smokey BBQ USA Pork Riblets - with sweet potato wedges, Caesar salad & Texas BBQ sauce $28.00
Grilled Lamb Rump - served on a spicy cousocus & chickpea pilaaf with rocket salad & jus $28.00
Char Grilled Pork Cutlet - served with steamed potatoes, apple & fennel slaw & red wine jus $28.00
From the Grill
Rump (South East QLD, grain fed 100 days, aged for 6 weeks) $28.00
T-Bone (Hunter Valley, grass fed, aged for 6 weeks) $30.00
Rib Fillet (South East QLD, grain fed 100 days, aged for 6 weeks) $31.00
Eye Fillet (South East QLD, grain fed, aged for 6 weeks) $33.00
Rib & Steak Combo (Sirloin topped with USA style Pork Riblets) $34.00
O.P. Rib on the Bone (South East, grain fed, M.S.A) $36.00
Homemade Gourmet Pizzad
Gluten Free Base $3.50
Supreme - tomato base, smoked ham, pineapple, pepperoni, olives, onions, capsicum & mushrooms $19.00
Hawaiian - tomato base, smoked ham & caramelised pineapple $19.00
The Beachmere - tomato base, prawns, scallops, cajun squid, onions & capsicum $19.00
Pepperoni & 3 cheese - tomato base, pepperoni, ricotta, provolone & mozzarella, drizzled with rosemary oil $19.00
BBQ Meat Master - bbq base, rump steak, bacon, pepperoni, cabanossi & caramelised onions, topped with hollandaise sauce $19.00
3 Mushroom - basil pesto base, portobello, button & field mushrooms & onion, topped with rocket & parmesan $19.00
Mississippi - tomato & sweet chilli base, cajun chicken breast, bacon, mushrooms, topped with sour cream $19.00
Lamb Souvlaki - tomato base, lamb souvlaki pieces, red onion, kalamata olives & feta, topped with oregano & tzatziki $19.00
Taste of India - tomato base, chicken, jalapenos, onion & spinach, topped with coriander, parmesan & Tikka Masala sauce $19.00
Sea & Land - basil pesto base, lemon & garlic prawn, rump steak, red onions & ricotta cheese, topped with bearnaise sauce $19.00
For the Kids
Cheese Burger & Chips (include a free soft drink, ice block & kids activity pack) $9.00
Steak & Chips (include a free soft drink, ice block & kids activity pack) $9.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise (include a free soft drink, ice block & kids activity pack) $9.00
Fish & Chips (include a free soft drink, ice block & kids activity pack) $9.00
Hawaiian Pizza (include a free soft drink, ice block & kids activity pack) $9.00
Chicken Nuggets & Chips (include a free soft drink, ice block & kids activity pack) $9.00
A bit on the side
Mashed Potato $3.00
Chips $7.00
Salt & Pepper Squid $8.00
Onion Rings $5.00
Garden Salad $7.00
Garlic Prawn Topper $8.00
Pork Riblets $9.00
Toasted Turkish Bread $5.00
Steamed Vegetables $7.00
Sweet Potato Wedges $8.00
From the Bakery
Garlic Bread Pizza $8.00
Pesto & 3 Cheese Pizza Bread - fresh basil pesto, shaved pecorino, feta & mozzarella $8.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread - toasted Italian focaccia with mozzarella cheese $8.00
Marinated Mushroom Bruschetta - grilled field mushrooms, shaved pecorino & balsamic glaze $12.00
Quad of Homemade Dips with Toasted Turkish Bread $14.00
Slider Share Boards (Designated for two people)
Vegetarian - chickpea & feta pattie with roasted peppers, onion & spinach $24.00
Vegetarian - crumbed falafel pattie with sliced tomato, spinach & garlic sauce $24.00
Vegetarian - roasted sweet potato with rocket, spanish onion, feta & a basil pesto sauce $24.00
Meat - Grilled beed pattie with cheese, lettuce & tomato relish $26.00
Meat - Tempura soft shell crab with asian slaw & lemon zest aioli $26.00
Meat - Twice cooked pork belly with pickled daikon & carrots & a ccumber & garlic aioli $26.00
To Start
Fresh Rock Oysters - Natural with Lemon (½ or 1 dozen) $13.00/$24.00
Fresh Rock Oysters - Kilpatrick (½ or 1 dozen) $16.00/$26.00
Fresh Rock Oysters - Grilled Prosciutto with Mignonette Dressing (½ or 1 dozen) $16.00/$26.00
Fresh Rock Oysters - Bloody Mary Dressing garnished with micro herbs (½ or 1 dozen) $16.00/$26.00
Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Corn Mini Taco - served in a soft mini tortilla with honey, lime, avocado & feta $16.00
Salt & Pepper Dusted Squid - served on a spicy mango & feta salsa with baby spinach & aioli $17.00
Spicy Tempura Soft Shell Crab - with baby watercress, daikon, carrot & cherry tomatoes & lemon zest aioli $18.00
Duck Spring Rolls - hand rolled with asian greens, served with a sweet chilli, soy & ginger sauce $18.00
Thai Beef Salad - beef strips with baby corn, cherry tomates, noodles, watercress & spicy dressing $18.00
Flash Fried Mooloolaba Prawns - served with a chilli, lemon & parsley oil dipping sauce $19.00
Something Lighter
Glazed Pineapple Chicken Burger - grilled chicken breast, avocado salsa, bacon, lettuce, pineapple & aioli $16.00
Chickpea & Feta Veggie Burger - grilled veggie pattie with spinach, grilled onions & red peppers & aioli $16.00
Black Angus Cheese Burger - angus beef pattie, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce & tomato sauce $17.00
Tempura Battered Fish Burger - lightly battered white fish fillets, cheese & creamy asian slaw $17.00
Roasted Sweet Potato - with marinated mushrooms, baby spinach, pecorino, cherry tomatoes & vinaigrette $17.00
Lamb & Feta - lamb, roasted peppers, Greek feta, onion, avocado & rocket with olive oil & balsamic glaze $18.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar - traditional Caesar with grilled chicken $18.00
Salt & Pepper Squid Caesar - traditional Caesar with lightly dusted squid $18.00
Fresh Catch of the Day - choice or grilled or tempura (See special board for side options) MP
Red Seafood Curry with scallops, prawns, mussels, squid & fish served on Asian greens & rice $28.00
Char Grilled Swordfish with Desiree potatoes & a fried caper & cabbage salad, with a balsamic glaze & lemon $26.00
The 'Real' Seafood Basket - tempura fish, tempura prawns, grilled scallops. squid, chips & salad $28.00
Crispy Skinned Slamon - on Asian style noodles with Portobello mushrooms, onion, snow peas & spinach in a light sesame oil with a lime & black poppy seed aioli $28.00

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Counter Service
Cnr James Road and Beachmere Rd, Beachmere, QLD, 4510, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Pub Food

Beachmere Tavern

Welcome to Beachmere Tavern – Experience all the tavern has to offer being the exceptional fine food, exciting nightlife, alfresco dining, Sports Bar with TAB & Huge BIG SCREEN, Gaming Room with 30 of your favourite games and FUN for the kids with an outdoor play fort and indoor play room with plenty of games to amuse the kids.

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