Cathay Court Chinese Restaurant in Brooklyn Park Menu

Mixed Entree (King prawn cutlet, spring roll and fried Dim Sim) $4.50
Fried Dim Sims (4 per serve) $4.50
Satay (2 per serve) (Beef) $4.20
Honey Roast Pork $6.20
King prawn cutlets (4 per serve) $6.20
San choy bow (2 per serve) (lettuce leaf filled with mince meat, water chestnut and onions cooked with spicy sauce) $6.80
Prawn Cocktail $7.00
Short Soup (Wanton soup) $4.20
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup $4.20
Combination Soup $5.00
Crab Meat and Asparagus Soup $5.00
Chicken and Shark Fin Soup $7.00
Mongolian Lamb $11.50
Special Round Pepper Chicken $11.50
Seafood Combination (king prawn, squid, scallop with vegetables) $14.50
Cathay Basil King Prawn (Thai style) $15.00
Scallops with Ginger and Shallots $16.80
Lemon Chicken (boneless) $11.50
Fried Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce $11.50
Crispy Skin Chicken (bone and skin on) $11.50
Szechuan Chilli Chicken $11.50
Chicken, Baby Corn, Fresh Mushrooms $10.50
Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables $10.50
Curried Chicken $10.50
Fillet Steak with Black Pepper Sauce $14.50
Szechuan Fillet Steak (hot style) $14.50
Spicy Fillet Steak (sweet style) $14.50
Mongoliarfillet steak (mild hot) $14.50
Braised squid with vegetables $13.00
Curried squid $13.00
Squid with ginger and shallots $13.00
Garlic king prawns $15.00
Honey king prawns $15.00
Szechuan chilli king prawns $15.00
Spicy king prawns (sweet style) $15.00
Beef with seasonal vegetables $10.50
Beef with black bean sauce $10.50
Beef with pineapple $10.50
Curried beef $10.50
Beef with cashew nuts $11.00
Chinese honey roast pork $11.50
Spare ribs plum sauce $11.50
Spare ribs sweet & sour sauce $11.50
Spare ribs Peking sauce (hot) $11.50
Spare ribs BBQ sauce $11.50
Fried pork with plum sauce $11.50
Beef chow mein $11.50
Chicken chow mein $12.00
Roast pork chow mein $11.50
Singapore rice noodles $11.00
Hokkein noodles (Egg noodles) $11.00
Fried Kuey Teow $11.00
Large special fried rice $7.00
Small special fried rice $6.00
Large curried special fried rice $7.50
Satay beef $11.50
Satay chicken $11.50
Sweet and sour pork $10.50
Sweet and sour chicken $10.50
Sweet and sour beef $10.50
Fried duck with lemon sauce $12.80
Fried duck with orange sauce $12.80
Fried duck with sweet and sour sauce $12.80
Vegetarian spring roll (4 per serve) $4.50
Large vegetables fried rice $6.50
Small vegetables fried rice $5.50
Fresh mushrooms and mixed vegetables $8.00
Mixed vegetables $8.00
Mixed vegetables with oyster sauce $8.00
Plain omelette $8.00
King prawn omelette $13.80
Combin ation omelette $10.50
Deep fried ice cream $4.50
BBQ fillet steak, chips and salad $13.00
Golden fish fillet, chips and salad $12.00
Crumbed calamar i $12.80
Dinner Pack
Chicken and rice $10.50
Beef and rice $10.50
Roast pork and rice $10.50
King prawn and rice $13.00

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MOO COW - PULLED BEEF & FETA - Pulled Beef, feta, cherry tomatoes, red onion and capsicum, topped with tomato capsicum sauce & oregano n/a
HALF 'N' HALF - Your choice. Combine any 2 of our delicious pizzas in 1 n/a
DESIGNA - Up to 4 toppings included. Additional toppings attract a surcharge n/a
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Spring Rolls served with sweet chilli sauce $3.50 / $6.90 / $10.20
Potato Salad - Small / Medium / Large $2.90 / $3.90 / $5.90
Seafood Cocktail each $3.95
Fishettes & Calamari $10.30 / $20.60 / $30.90
Spoiler for Spoiler for 3 - 3 Butterfish, 6 Calamari, 6 Prawns, 6 Scallops / Chips & Tartare Sauce $28.90
Super Lunch Special* - 1 Butterfish, 3 Prawns / 3 Calamari, Small Coke / Small Coleslaw / Chips & Tartare Sauce $9.90
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Brooklyn Park
Table Service
331c Henley Beach Rd, Brooklyn Park, SA, 5032, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Cathay Court Chinese Restaurant

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Cathay Court Chinese Restaurant Brooklyn Park Menu

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