Chippy's Fish Cafe in Carramar Menu

Snapper $8.00
Gummy Shark $8.50
Spanish Mackerel $8.20
Barramundi $10.80
Red Emperor $16.00
Dhufish $16.00
Whiting $12.00
English Cod $11.00
Crumbed/Grilled $1.50
Real Burgers
Steak (Scotch Fillet) $11.00
Chicken $7.50
Fish $7.50
Prawn $7.50
Hamburger $7.00
Bacon + Egg $5.50
Veggie $5.50
Hotdog + Veggie $4.00
Land Lover Snacks
Chiko Roll $3.00
Spring Roll $3.00
Corn Jack $3.00
Dim Sim $1.70
Crumbed Sausage $3.00
Battered Sausage $3.00
Cheese Sausage $3.00
NZ Hot Dog $3.20
Hamburger Pattie $3.50
Veggie Pattie $2.80
Pineapple Fritter $1.70
Potato Scallop $1.00
Chicken Nuggets - 6/serve $4.50
Onion Rings - 10/serve $4.50
Feta Bites - 10/serve $5.00
Chicken Parma + Chips $11.00
Steak + Chips $11.00
Warm Chicken Salad $10.00
Warm Squid Salad $10.00
Chippy's Combos
Monday Special - Snapper + Chips $6.95
Tuesday Special - Burger + Chips (excludes steak burger) $6.95
Two Pack - 2 Snapper, 2 Crab Sticks with Chips & 1.25L Drink $18.95
Four Pack - 4 Snapper, 4 Dim Sim with Chips & 1.25L Drink $37.95
Picnic Pack - 2 Snapper, 2 Prawns, 2 Crab Sticks, 10 Squid Rings with Chips & 1.25L Drink $28.00
Trade Pack - 1 Snapper, 1 Crab Stick, 5 Squid Rings with Chips & 300ml Drink (Not available after 4PM) $9.95
Hot Chips
Minimum Serve $2.00
Cone of Chips $2.50
Add Your Favourite Sauce
Curry, Peas or Gravy $3.00
Small - Tartare, Tomato or Aioli $2.00
Large - Tartare, Tomato or Aioli $3.00
Sea Snacks
Crab Stick $1.70
Sea Shanty $1.20
Prawn Cutlet $1.80
Sea Scallop $1.80
Fish Cake $2.80
Mussels - 6/serve, battered $6.50
Oysters $1.80/each
Squid Rings - 10 serve, battered or seasoned $7.50
Scottish Fayre
Black Pudding $7.00
White Pudding $7.00
Scotch Pie $4.50
Steak Pie $5.00
Haggis $7.00
Medium - Coleslaw, Garden or Greek $3.50
Large - Coleslaw, Garden or Greek $5.00

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Chicken Treat (sample menu)
Roadies Cheesy Bacon Loaded Chips Chicken Treat's famous Chips topped with Twistie style cheese sauce and crunchy bacon bits. Now available in a Roadies size. N/A
Quarter Chicken Dinner Quarter Rotisserie Chicken, Peas, Potatoes and Gravy. N/A
Roadies Chicken Strips Made with chicken breast and Countrystyle seasoning. A crispy chicken strip is a great snack! N/A
Spicy Fried Family Meal Treat the troops with 9 Pieces of Spicy Fried Chicken, 2 Large Chips, 4 Corn and Butter, 2 Spicy Boom Dipping Sauces and a 1.25L drink. N/A
3 Piece Spicy Fried Meal For a spicy taste explosion, try our 3 Piece Spicy Meal with 3 Pieces of Spicy Fried, Regular Chips, Corn & Butter, Spicy Boom Dipping Sauce and a 390ml drink. N/A
Chicken Favourite Whole Rotisserie Chicken, 2 Large Chips, Garlic Bread and Large Gravy. N/A
Royal Burger Crispy chicken breast patty with sliced cheese, Iceberg lettuce, mayo and our new smooth Bourbon BBQ or Spicy Boom sauce. N/A
Kids Cheeseburger & Chips Meal Tasty Cheeseburger, a serve of our famous Chips and a drink for you to enjoy! N/A
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Subway (sample)
Wrap N/A
Diet Coke - 390ml N/A
Flatbread N/A
Sweet Onion N/A
Lettuce N/A
Cheddar N/A
Olives N/A
Spinach N/A
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Harry and The Boys (sample)
Chicken The Lot $10.60
Lamb Extra Meat $11.50
BBQ Chicken cheese, marinated chicken, smoked rashers, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce. $12.00 / $17.00 / $22.00
- Tabouli $0.80
- Meat $2.50
Snapper $8.00
7 Chicken Nuggets $5.00
Chicken, Salad & Cheese $9.80
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Seared Scallops Seared Scallops Another very popular seafood dish are scallops, which are seared for only a minute or so on either side, and then served on a bed of cauliflower puree or roasted cauliflower. They are also served with seaweed and a soy dip, following the oriental style. Usually a starter size portion, and can sometimes feature crisped pan fried chorizo instead of bacon. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Mussels Mussels You'll find mussels on all seafood restaurant menus throughout the country. We recommend trying them simply steamed with a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Oysters Oysters Fresh or cooked they are wonderful and washed down with a glass of local bubbles. They are a perfect Aussie memory. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Lobster Lobster Lobsters are very popular as long as your wallet can afford it! Tends to be expensive most of the year but people still love them. Usual way of serving is just simply grilled and covered in garlic and herb butter, but lobster salad with baby potatoes is also popular. Quite often only the tail is served and accompanied by prawns or scallops. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Fish Fish Fish is a massive part of the Australian diet, unsurprising since most of the population live on the coast! You will find a variety of fish on every seafood restaurant menu with varieties such as tuna, barramundi, flathead and salmon, just to name a few. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Big Breakfast Big Breakfast The famous Big Breakfast – people either love it or hate it and it can vary from place to place and also in cost. A normal Big Breakfast consists of a couple of rashers of bacon, a couple of sausages, fried bread, 2 eggs any style, grilled tomatoes and/or baked beans. Toast will also be offered or even buttered bread. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict is a popular breakfast dish in Australia. Poached eggs with double smoked leg ham, rocket and hollandaise on a toasted english muffin. A number of cafes are offering an option with Salmon. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Granola Granola Ususally a homemade blend of coffee and honey oat clusters, with dried fruit mixed berries, yoghurt and milk. Soy options are sometimes available. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Salads Salads We all know Salads are a “healthy” alternative, but in the past 5 years Salads have become very interesting. You'll find a number of salads options from the traditional Garden, Thai Beef and at some of the more trendy places you can find interesting options such as Baby beetroot salad, Pear and walnut salad and whatever else they can come up these days that tastes good. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Devonshire Tea Devonshire Tea Not offered everywhere, but if you're fortunate enough you can't sometimes go past your favourite tea with scones that comes with yummy jam and cream. (I know my father in-law can't) Cafes
Popular Menu Item Champagne Champagne Champagne and lobster go hand in hand at most of the seafood bars. Each restaurant will have their own house champagne but offering top class vintage champagnes as well such as Crystal and Louise Roderer. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Gewurztraminer Gewurztraminer An ‘off-white’ white wine, very light and a perfect match for seafood. Originally from the Alsace region of France, but now copied by other countries. Should not be expensive, and is similar to Sauvignon Blanc (another good choice with seafood) Seafood
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee There's no other way to put it, Coffee is huge in Australia and the Coffee offered at Cafes ranges from the standard cup up to World Class. We recommend checking the comments and ratings to find the best drop in town. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Tea Tea Unless you find a tea house the Tea offered in Cafes around Australia is pretty standard. You'll find a selection of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomille, Peppermint and Green. Tea is always great in the afternoon or night with less caffine and it's calming affects. Cafes

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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Carramar Village Shopping Centre, Carramar, WA, 6031, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Cafes, Seafood

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