Coffee Club The in Ascot Menu

Fresh Start Breakfast
Seasonal fruit salad Freshly cut seasonal fruit served with honey-sweetened greek yoghurt. N/A
Bircher muesli Natural muesli with dried apricots, sultanas, nuts and seeds, soaked in apple juice and drizzled with honey. Served with seasonal fruit and greek yoghurt. N/A
Light start breakfast Toasted ciabatta topped with cottage cheese, sliced avocado and a poached cage-free egg. Served with fresh tomato wedges. N/A
Salmon & avocado stack Smoked salmon and fresh avocado stacked upon a poached cage-free egg. Served with toasted ciabatta lavished with a light dill and cottage cheese spread. N/A
The Omelette Bar
Mushroom, feta & spinach omelette A three-egg omelette made with sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach and cheese. Served with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Lean leg ham, cheese & tomato omelette A fluffy omelette made with cage-free eggs, lean leg ham, diced tomato and cheese. Served with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Gourmet spanish omelette A spanish-style omelette made with fresh cage-free eggs, wood-smoked chorizo, smoked bacon, marinated capsicum and potato. Topped with balsamic roasted tomato and rocket. N/A
Breakfast Sides
Crispy hash brown N/A
Chipolata sausages N/A
Baked beans N/A
Fresh avocado N/A
Sautéed mushrooms N/A
Multigrain, ciabatta or thick-cut white toast N/A
Fruit toast N/A
Smoked bacon N/A
Smoked salmon N/A
All-Day Breakfast
Bacon, eggs, tomato & toast Smoked bacon and fresh cage-free eggs cooked your way with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Eggs, tomato & toast Fresh cage-free eggs cooked your way with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Bacon & egg roll Smoked bacon, a fresh fried egg and melted cheese served on a ciabatta roll with a dash of BBQ sauce. N/A
Eggs benedict Two poached cage-free eggs on toasted ciabatta topped with rich hollandaise sauce. Choose from: -
- Lean leg ham N/A
- Baby spinach & sautéed mushrooms N/A
- Smoked salmon N/A
The Coffee Club big breakfast Tender lean steak, smoked bacon, chipolata sausages, cage-free eggs cooked your way, roasted tomato, sautéed mushrooms and a crispy hash brown. Served with your choic N/A
Pancake stack Fluffy pancakes and maple syrup topped with your choice of either mixed berries or vanilla ice cream. N/A
Cinnamon french toast Slices of sweet battered toast served with maple syrup and a light dusting of cinnamon sugar. N/A
Kids' Meals
Egg on toast N/A
Chicken nuggets with chips or salad N/A
Grilled chicken wrap with chips or salad Made with lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. N/A
Fish with chips or salad N/A
Lean leg ham & cheese fingers with chips or salad N/A
Pancakes with ice cream & cream N/A
All-Day Favourites
Potato wedges Crispy potato wedges lightly seasoned and served with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. N/A
Gourmet beef burger A lean beef pattie with mixed leaves, tomato, spanish onion, cheese and a spicy herb aioli. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Chicken fillet burger A grilled chicken breast with mixed leaves, tomato, spanish onion, cheese and BBQ sauce. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Club nachos Crunchy corn chips with melted cheese, mild spiced tomato salsa, light sour cream and guacamole. N/A
Lemon pepper calamari Calamari rings dusted with lemon pepper and fried until golden. Served with seasoned chips, salad and a zesty tartare sauce. N/A
Beer battered flathead fillets & chips Fish fillets encased in a light, crunchy beer batter. Served with tartare sauce, seasoned chips and salad. N/A
Chicken schnitzel Succulent chicken coated in crispy golden breadcrumbs. Served with fresh avocado, tomato relish, seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
All-Day Sides
Fresh avocado N/A
Grilled chicken breast N/A
Lemon pepper calamari N/A
Chilli beef N/A
Cheese & bacon topping N/A
Smoked bacon N/A
Smoked salmon N/A
Seasoned chips to share N/A
Ultimate Sandwiches
Le croque-monsieur An indulgent serving of lean leg ham with dijon mustard, swiss cheese and melted cheese on battered ciabatta. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
The reuben Sliced pastrami with melted swiss cheese, mustard and creamy coleslaw on toasted ciabatta. Served with a dill pickle, seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Philly cheese steak Sliced steak with caramelised onions, roasted red capsicum and melted cheese on toasted ciabatta. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
BLT Smoked bacon, mixed leaves and tomato with caesar mayonnaise on thick-cut toast. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Steak sandwich Grilled lean steak with mixed leaves, tomato, spanish onion, cheese and BBQ sauce on thick-cut toast. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Chicken & bacon club sandwich Grilled chicken breast and smoked bacon with mixed leaves, tomato, spanish onion, cheese and caesar mayonnaise on thick-cut toast. Served with seasoned chips and a gar N/A
Sandwiches, Wraps & Grills
Lean leg ham & pineapple Made with lean leg ham, pineapple and melted cheese. N/A
Smoked salmon & cream cheese Made with smoked salmon, cream cheese, spanish onion, cheese and tomato. N/A
Chicken breast & avocado Made with chicken breast, avocado, cheese, spanish onion and tomato. N/A
Sensational Salads
Greek salad Crisp cos lettuce, cucumber, tomato wedges, kalamata olives, spanish onion and feta with a zesty fat-free lemon and oregano dressing. N/A
Roasted beetroot, feta & candied walnut salad Balsamic roasted beetroot quarters, feta, sweet crunchy walnuts, snowpeas and fresh baby spinach, tossed in a zesty fat-free lemon and oregano dressin N/A
Caesar salad Crisp cos lettuce, smoked bacon, ciabatta croutons and shaved parmesan, tossed with a caesar mayonnaise and finished with a warm poached egg and anchovies. N/A
Citrus chicken salad Grilled chicken breast, mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato, spanish onion and avocado slices, tossed with a sweet chilli and citrus dressing. N/A
Sweet Treats
Raspberry baked cheesecake N/A
Chocolate, caramel & hazelnut tart N/A
Gooey caramel & butterscotch cheesecake N/A
Chocolate mud cake N/A
Citrus tart N/A

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Wok On Inn Noodle Bar (sample menu)
WONTON SOUP Light and delicious is the best way to describe our wonton soup. Handmade chicken wontons in our rich broth with curly egg noodles seasoned with fried garlic. -
- Combination (chicken and seafood) $11.95
THAI Freshly ground hot chilli paste gives this dish its kick! Bamboo, broccoli, capsicum, onions & Thai Basil balance out this delicious stir fry dish. -
LAKSA This classic Malay coconut based soup is spiced with lemongrass for an intensely fragrant flavour. It is served with button mushrooms, egg noodles & tofu puff topped with fried onions & a hardbo -
VEGETABLE CURRY PUFFS These triangular hand made puffs are like a small pie infused with curry powder, potatoes and onion served with our sweet chilli sauce. (4) $6.95
THAI FISH CAKES A common street food in Thailand full of herbs served with our sweet chilli sauce. (4) $6.95
MALAY Broccoli, capsicum, onions & carrots are stir-fried with our mildly spicy coconut based Laksa sauce to create this savoury and intensely flavoured dish. -
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My Thai Restaurant (sample)
Gaeng Mussaman (Beef Shark Steak Curry) Thai style beef curry with potato, onion, palm sugar and tamarind sauce. $23.90
Banquet 1 - Entrees Spring Rolls / Golden Parcel / Satay Chicken Mains Red Curry Beef / Chicken with Cashew nuts Pork Sweet and Sour Pan Fried Garden Vegetables with Peanut Sauce / Steamed Jasmine Ric $40.00 per person
Steamed Rice per head $2.50
Hoi Pad Pak (Scallops) Sea scallops stir fried with fresh garden vegetables in a smoky oyster sauce. $27.90
Pla Meuk Kratiem Prik Thai (Garlic Calamari) Pan fried calamari with garlic, ground pepper and coriander roots. $27.90
Pork Sweet and Sour Thai style sweet and sour pork with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, young corn and pineapple. $22.90
Beef Salad Krungthep (Aussie Cry) Beef slices with a special spicy sauce and fresh lemongrass, coriander, chilli and onion. $22.90
Lamb Pad Prik Khing Lamb stir fried in red curry paste, beans, bamboo shoots, basil and topped with coconut milk. $26.90
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Popular Menu Item Granola Granola Ususally a homemade blend of coffee and honey oat clusters, with dried fruit mixed berries, yoghurt and milk. Soy options are sometimes available. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict is a popular breakfast dish in Australia. Poached eggs with double smoked leg ham, rocket and hollandaise on a toasted english muffin. A number of cafes are offering an option with Salmon. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Devonshire Tea Devonshire Tea Not offered everywhere, but if you're fortunate enough you can't sometimes go past your favourite tea with scones that comes with yummy jam and cream. (I know my father in-law can't) Cafes
Popular Menu Item Big Breakfast Big Breakfast The famous Big Breakfast – people either love it or hate it and it can vary from place to place and also in cost. A normal Big Breakfast consists of a couple of rashers of bacon, a couple of sausages, fried bread, 2 eggs any style, grilled tomatoes and/or baked beans. Toast will also be offered or even buttered bread. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Salads Salads We all know Salads are a “healthy” alternative, but in the past 5 years Salads have become very interesting. You'll find a number of salads options from the traditional Garden, Thai Beef and at some of the more trendy places you can find interesting options such as Baby beetroot salad, Pear and walnut salad and whatever else they can come up these days that tastes good. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee There's no other way to put it, Coffee is huge in Australia and the Coffee offered at Cafes ranges from the standard cup up to World Class. We recommend checking the comments and ratings to find the best drop in town. Cafes
Popular Menu Item Tea Tea Unless you find a tea house the Tea offered in Cafes around Australia is pretty standard. You'll find a selection of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomille, Peppermint and Green. Tea is always great in the afternoon or night with less caffine and it's calming affects. Cafes

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Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

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