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Currently there is no menu available for Dural Chickens and Salads in Round Corner. We are continuously adding menus, so check back soon!

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Dural Chickens and Salads Health Bar, Salad
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Popular Menu Item Salad Bar Salad Bar Predominant in most health bars, there is normally a large array of salads available from plain ones to more unusual or exotic mixes. Displayed in front of you in a cool cabinet, you can pick and choose what you want, generally for a fixed price. You can also add cold meats, fish and low calorie items such as cottage cheese. Coleslaw, potato salad and caesar salad are among some of the normal choices, along with a selection of low fat dressings. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Vegetable Sushi Vegetable Sushi These are sold to promote a healthy meal or snack to customers and are usually the prewrapped selection. Matchstick and julienned vegetables are wrapped sometimes with beanshoots and other times with sticky rice and served with a choice of dips such as raw honey and soy, sweet chilli or a simple low fat mayonnaise. A variety of seaweeds are also used. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Wraps Wraps Probably one of the most popular choices for a quick lunch or snack are the selection of wraps normally available. Fresh ingredients are always used consisting of prawn, chicken, crab, lobster and totally vegetarian. Always with a crisp salad garnish, the wraps are usually available in white, rye or wholewheat. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Seafood Platter Seafood Platter Seafood platters are regularly served in health bars and consist of prawns, lobster, smoked salmon, tuna with salad garnish Commonly served on a bed of ice with parsley and lemon and a finger bowl or wet wipe to clean up afterwards! Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken Always a favourite in health bars, due to its low fat content and versatility. Generally served with a mixed salad (or a helping from the salad bar) it is usually cooked oil-free on a grill, sometimes with seasoning, sometimes as a Cajun version. It is often ‘butterflied’ and cooked with a fresh herb marinade. Dry baked slices of potatoes can also be an accompaniment. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Fruit Fruit You will usually find a selection of standard fresh fruit available such as apples, bananas, oranges – but also there will frequently be a large bowl of fresh fruit salad with yoghurts. The fruit salad is put into a plastic or polystyrene container to take away, with a carton of yoghurt of your choice and a plastic spoon. Health Bar, Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Chicken Caesar Salad Chicken Caesar Salad A delicious blend of chicken, avocado, crispy bacon, lettuce, parmesan cheese & croutons, topped with a creamy Caesar dressing. Simply irresistible! Salad
Popular Menu Item Thai Beef Salad Thai Beef Salad A refreshing classic. Thai beef salad is a lite option to most Thai dishes, but is still full of flavour. Warm beef strips, cucumber, capsicum, snow peas, bean sprouts mixed with lettuce & coriander Always topped off with crushed peanuts and than dressings. Salad
Popular Menu Item Warm Moroccan Lamb Salad Warm Moroccan Lamb Salad Another classic salad found nearly everywhere offers another great health option, but is full of flavour. Be careful as you typically always want more. Served with pumpkin, chickpeas, capsicum, red onion, lettuce and spiced dressing. Oh... don't forget the warm marinated lamb strips to top this dish off. Salad
Popular Menu Item Salads for everyone Salads for everyone Australia is a health conscious country and in response salads have become very popular and a healthy trendy option for lunch or dinner. There are salads for everyone! Salad bars, cafes and restaurants are always offering a range of options with ingredients such as mushroom, haloumi, pumpkin, all kinds of nuts (cashew, pine, almond, peanut and more), mint, coriander, snow peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans. Along with any type of meat you can think of (if you desire) chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, prawns, egg. The list goes on an on. We encourage you to have a look at the salad options next time you're dining out. Salad
Popular Menu Item Smoothies Smoothies Every health bar has a big selection of smoothies available, and some use alternative milks, such as almond milk to produce healthier drinks. Always served with copious fruit content, they tend to be the softer fruits such as berries, bananas, peaches etc. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Fresh Juices Fresh Juices Some health bars have up to 50 juices available which are sometimes made in front of you at the counter using a large juicing machine. Not just fruit, but vegetables and protein powders are often included, or nuts and seeds as well as wheatgerm. There are also, of course, the usual plain traditional juices such as orange readily available. Health Bar

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Dural Chickens and Salads Health Bar, Salad
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Round Corner
Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Shop3/ 500 Old Northern Rd, Round Corner, NSW, 2158, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Health Bar, Salad

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