Duy Lianh Vegetarian Restaurant in Cabramatta Menu

Combination Bamboo Soup $4.50
Soy Beef Balls Soup $4.50
Soy Fish Balls Soup $4.50
Soy Shrimp Balls Soup $4.50
Rice Paper & Spring Roll
Tofu Rice Paper Roll $6.00
Vegetable Rice Paper Roll $6.00
Soy Pork Rice Paper Roll $6.00
Spring Roll $6.00
Steamed & Fried Entreé
Saté $7.50
Steamed Dim Sim $8.50
Fried Gow Gee $8.50
Steamed Gow Gee $8.50
Steamed Yum Cha
Steamed Dim Sim $3.80
Steamed Dumpling $3.80
Steamed Ru Yi Roll $3.80
Steamed Tofu $4.30
Soy Pig’s Ears $4.30
Sreamed Rice Roll $4.30
Veg Mushroom Sauce $4.30
Stir Fried Noodle $5.80
Fried Yum Cha
Soy Sausages $3.80
Soy Crab Sugar Cane $3.80
Fried Soy DrumStick $3.80
Soy Chicken Nugget $3.80
Fried Ru Yi Roll $3.80
Soy Fried Dumpling $3.80
Fried Wonton $3.80
Crispy Fried Soy Chicken $3.80
Fried Soy Bacon $4.80
Samosa Cake $4.30
Dishes With Soy Fish Sauce
Vermicelli with BBQ Soy Pork $9.00
Vermicelli Tofu & Spring Roll $9.00
Vermicelli with Soy Chicken $9.00
Vermicelli Tofu & Sausage $9.00
Soy Pork Slice Rice Roll $9.00
Tofu & Soy Chicken Vermicelli $9.00
Special Broken Rice Dish $9.50
Vermicelli & Chicken $9.50
Vermicelli & Soy Shrimp $9.50
Vietnamese Pancake $9.50
Special Rice Vermicelli $12.5
Soy Grill Fish Vermicelli $17.0
Rice Vermicelli Soups
Tomato Rice Vermicelli Soup $9.00
Soy Beef Rice Vermicelli Soup $9.00
Curry Rice Vermicelli Soup $9.00
Mekong Soy Seafood Vermicelli Soup $9.00
Soy Duck & Bamboo Vermicelli Soup $9.00
Soy Crab Rice Noodle Soup $9.00
Oriental Rice Noodle Soup $9.00
Vermicelli Sweet & Sour Soup $11.0
Rice/Yellow Noodle Soups
Soy Beef Rice Noodle Soup $9.00
Soy Chicken Rice Noodle Soup $9.00
Combination Rice Noodle Soup $9.00
Combination Glass Rice Noodle Soup $9.00
Combination Glass Rice Noodle $9.50
Soy Beef Rice Noodle Soups $9.00
Main Courses
Soy Prawn, Bacon, Salad $12.5
Lotus Stems Salad $12.5
Soy Chicken Salad $12.5
Water Spinach+Black Bean $11.0
Water Spinach + Tofu $11.0
Mackerel Fish + Lemond Grass $7.00
Soy Cat Fish With Veg $12.5
Fried Veg With Soy Seafood $12.5
Soy Gong Bao Squid $12.5
French Bean With Soy Bean $12.5
Sizzerling Crab+Chicken $13.5
Fried Veg With Soy Beef $12.5
Soy Beef Steak $12.5
Sizzerling Soy Beef $13.5
Soy Chicken With Veg $12.5
Sweet & Sour Soy Chicken $12.5
Soy Roasted Drumstick $12.5
Roasted Soy Bird $12.5
French Bean + Soy Prawn $12.5
Sizzerling Soy Chicken $13.5
Tofu In Lemond Grass $10.5
Combination Hot Pot $12.5
Curry In Hot Pot $12.5
Thai Sweet & Sour Soup $12.5

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Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup $7.30
Deep Fried White Bait with Spicy Salt $22.00
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Seafood $11.00
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Seafood $11.00
Combination $11.00
Combination $11.00
Rice Noodles $13.00
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Beef Tea $ 3.00
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Hot & Sour Soup $6.00
Braised King Prawn $22.80
Braised King Prawn with Chinese Mushrooms & Vegetables $22.80
with Combination $20.80
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Super Supremo - Pepperoni, beef, sausage, pineapple, capsicum, Spanish red onion, mushrooms, Kalamata olives and cheese on a tomato sauce N/A
Capricciosa - Shredded ham, Spanish red onion, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, baby spinach, garlic & cheese on a tomato sauce N/A
The Scorcher - Spicy pepperoni, steak, jalapeno peppers, Spanish red onion, cherry tomatoes, chargrilled capsicum, garlic & cheese on a chilli tomato sauce N/A
Dessert Thingies - Apple Crumble N/A
Smokey Ribs N/A
The Texan - Spicy pepperoni, beef, capsicum, Spanish red onion & cheese on a chilli N/A
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
Shp10/ 117 John St, Cabramatta, NSW, 2166, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

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