Feast on Fish in Carindale Menu

Fish Pieces (3) for $5.00 or 2.00 each
Crumbed Calamari (12) $9.50
Salt & Pepper Calamari (12) $10.00
Crumbed or Battered NZ Mussels (6) $5.00
Crumbed or Battered Oysters (6) $14.00
Grilled Baby Octopus (serve) $6.00
Grilled Morton Bay Bugs
served w/ Garlic Butter (serve)
Greek Style Fried Mussles
in shell w/ Lemon Juice (serve)
Prawn Cutlets (5) $14.00 or 2.80 each
Sea Scallops (5) $14.00 or 2.80 each
Seafood Sticks $1.00 each
Seafood Bites (4) $3.00
Chiko Roll $3.00
Spring Roll $3.00
Mini Spring Roll $1.50
Dim Sim $3.00
Mini Dim Sim $1.50
Sav in Batter $3.50
Pineapple Fritter
w/ Cinnamon Sugar
Kabana $3.00
Potato Scallops $4.00 or $1.20 each
Chicken Nuggets (6) $5.00
Chicken Schnitzel $4.50
Crumbed Sausage $2.50
Fish Cakes $2.00
Wild Barramundi P $11.00 M $18.00
Cod P $7 M $14
NZ Dory P $7.5M $14.5
Fresh Red Emperor P $13M $20
NZ Sea Perch P $10M $17
Fresh Snapper P $12M $19
Fresh Tasmanian Salmon (grilled) P $11M $18
Fresh Whiting (3) P $8M $15
P= Piece /M = Meal
All Fish Crumbed or Battered
Grilled / Gluten Free: $1.00 surcharge
MEAL includes Chips & Salad of choice
Seafood Salad S $7.00 L $ 9.00
Greek Salad S $7.00 L $ 9.00
Caesar salad S $7.00 L $ 9.00
Coleslaw S $7.00 L $ 9.00
Brown Rice Salad with Cashews S $7.00 L $ 9.00
Minimum serve $3.00
Beer-Battered (min. serve) $4.00
Sweet Potato (min. serve) $5.00
Gravy SMALL: 1.00 / LARGE: 2.5
Tartare, Seafood, Aioli, Tomato, BBQ $2.00
Hamburger $7.50
Steak Burger/Sandwich $8.00
Bacon & Egg Burger $7.50
Fish Burger $7.50
Chicken Burger $8.00
Hamburger with the Lot $10.50
Steak Burger with the Lot $11.00
Harry's Club Burger:
Choice of burger with Chips, 3 Calamari and 1 Seafood Stick
Club with 'The Lot' Burger $15.00
Hot Dog $5.00
Hot Dog
with The Lot
Chicken Yiros
served in Pita w/ salad and tzatziki sauce
COMBO with chips & 600ml Drink + $6
Bacon, Haloumi $1.50
Pineapple, Egg, Cheese $1.00
2 Fish Pieces, Chips & Juice $7.95
4 Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Juice $7.95
6 Calamari, Chips & Juice $7.95
1 4 Cod & Chips
Tartare Sauce & Lemon
2 Sea Perch Feast
(2) NZ Perch, (6) Calamari, Chips,Tartare Sauce & Lemon
3 Dory Pack
(3) NZ Dory (12) Calamari, Chips,Tartare Sauce & Lemon
4 Dinner Pack
(4) Cod, (12) Calamari, (5) Prawn Cutlets Large Coleslaw, Chips, Tartare Sauce & Lemon
5 Barra Pack
(2) Wild Barramundi (6) Calamari, Chips,Tartare Sauce & Lemon
6 Family Feast
(12) Fish Pieces (5) Prawn Cutlets, (24) Calamari,(5) Sea Scallops, (3) Seafood Sticks, (2) Serves Chips Tartare Sauce & Lemon
7 Platter for Two
(4) Fish Pieces (12) Calamari, (2) Seafood Bites,(2) Seafood Sticks, Serve Chips,Tartare Sauce & Lemon
8 Seafood Basket
(2) Fish Pieces, (1) Prawn Cutlet, (3) Calamari,(1) Seafood Bite, (1) Seafood Stick, Chips,Tartare Sauce & Lemon
Baklava $4.00
Rice Pudding $4.00
Turkish Delight $4.00

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Snapper & Snacks (sample menu)
Chicken Kickers $4.00
Prawn Cutlets $1.20
Bacon $0.40
Double Cheese Burger $6.20
Dag Dogs $2.40
Pineapple $0.40
Chicken Schnitzel $4.20
Spring Roll $2.40
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Salt & Pepper Calamari $4.95
Great Aussie Bite Burger $15.95
Fisherman's Plate $18.50
Honey BBQ Chicken Wings $7.95
Kids Chicken Nuggets $10.95
Steak Sandwich $10.95
Complete Lunch $19.50
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Nachos with sour cream & guacamole - Small $10.00
Milkshakes $5.50
Macciato short or long $3.70
Avocado on toast (2 slices) $9.00
Haloumi & spinach $16.00
Greek Salad - Haloumi $18.00
With chips - add $3.00
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Red Crane (sample)
Chicken or Pork Curry - Deep fried crumbed chicken or pork or grilled chicken with curry sauce on rice. $9.90, S: $6.90
Water $2.50
Shogayaki - Veg with ginger sauce and chicken, beef or pork on rice. $9.90
Shogayaki - Veg with ginger sauce on rice. $7.90
Teriyaki Chicken - Grilled chicken with Teriyaki sauce and rice. $9.90, S: $6.90
Ebi Fry $3.90
Katsu - Deep fried pork, chicken, fish or prawn with mayo and katsu sauce on rice. $9.90, S: $6.90
Coke $2.00
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Coffee Club The (sample)
Mushroom, feta & spinach omelette A three-egg omelette made with sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach and cheese. Served with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Smoked salmon N/A
Chicken breast & avocado Made with chicken breast, avocado, cheese, spanish onion and tomato. N/A
Gooey caramel & butterscotch cheesecake N/A
- Smoked salmon N/A
Lean leg ham & cheese fingers with chips or salad N/A
Lean leg ham, cheese & tomato omelette A fluffy omelette made with cage-free eggs, lean leg ham, diced tomato and cheese. Served with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Club nachos Crunchy corn chips with melted cheese, mild spiced tomato salsa, light sour cream and guacamole. N/A
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Metropol Centre/ Crn Creek & Pine Mountain Road, Carindale, QLD, 4152, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard

Feast on Fish

Yummy Fresh And Cooked Seafood Only For Foodies Like YouFeast on Fish is at your service to provide you for healthy and hygienic seafood in the area of Carindale.Call us today on 07 3349 3474.Desserts, Fish and Chips, Hamburgers, Seafood, Steaks, Bread, Chips, Hamburgers, Ice Cream, Rolls, Sauces, Scallops, Steak Sandwiches, Wedges, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Snacks, Delivery, Lunch Packs, Open Evenings, Open Saturdays, Open Sundays, By Appointment, Pick-up, Battered, Crumbed, Fried, Frozen, Grilled, Residential, Restaurants, Locally Operated, Owner Operated

Feast on Fish Carindale Menu

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