Friendo Restaurant in Busselton Menu

Home made Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) -
- Vegetable
(1) $1.10 / per serve (3) $3.00
- Chicken
single $1.10 / per serve (3) $3.00
single $1.60 / per serve (2) $3.00
Salt and Pepper Squid (a must try dish) $8.00
Chicken Satay Sticks (3) $6.00
Vietnamese-Salad with Shredded Cabbage (Goi Bap Cai) -
- Chicken or Beef or Squid or King Prawns $8.00
- Lemon and Pepper Chicken: light batter in creamy sauce $8.00
Tom Yum Soup: Thai dish flavour of hot and sour -
- Vegetable or Chicken $6.00
- King Prawns or Squid $8.00
Prawn Toast (3) $6.00
Mixed Vegetables $11.50
Beef or Pork or Combination (Beef, Pork, Chicken) $13.50
Chicken Breast (skinless) $13.50
Lamb or Fish or Squid $14.50
BBQ Duck (boneless) or BBQ Pork $15.00
King Prawns or Combination Salad (King Prawns, Fish, Squid) $18.00
Fillet Steak $18.00
Red or Green Curry: onion, bamboo shoot, baby beans and carrot simmer in authentic Thai curry sauce -
Seasonal Mango: N/A -
Lemon Grass: mushrooms, onion, water chestnut carrot, baby bean, bamboo shoots and lemon grass stir fried with tom yum sauce -
Basil Sauce: onion, carrot, cabbage and mushrooms, stir fried with basil sauce -
Cashew Nuts: onion, water chestnut, mushrooms, carrot, baby beans and baby corn, stir fried with cashew nuts -
Satay Sauce: onion, water chestnut, celery, carrot, and cauliflower stir fried with satay sauce -
Honey Chilli Sauce (Thai style): cabbage, onion, carrot, baby bean and mushrooms stir fried with honey and chilli sauce -
Black Bean Sauce: baby bean, water chestnut, onion, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower and baby corn stir fried with black bean sauce -
Hot Chilli Sauce: onion, carrot, bamboo shoot, water chestnut, mushrooms and baby beans stir fried with hot chilli sauce -
Lime and Lemon: mushrooms, cabbage and baby bean stir fried with lime and lemon sauce -
Friendo Special (hot): onion, baby bean, carrot, baby corn and water chestnut stir fried with Friendo sauce -
Garlic Sauce: mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, carrot, baby bean and baby corn stir fried with garlic -
Sichuan Sauce: onion, carrot, baby corn, cauliflower and dried chilli stir fried with spicy Sichuan sauce -
Chow Mein: with crispy noodles, stir fried with broccoli, carrot, mushrooms, cauliflower, bamboo shoot, baby corn and bok choy -
Chop Suey: stir fried with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, bamboo shoot, mushrooms and bok choy -
Sizzling Sauce: with onion, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms stir fried with sizzling sauce -
Omelette: with shredded cabbage, carrot and onion and ($1.50 will be added) -
Sweet and Sour Stir Fried: onion, carrot, water chestnut, baby corn, mushrooms, pineapple and cauliflower -
Mongolian Sauce: onion, water chestnut, carrot, leek, baby corn and baby beans -
Singapore Noodles: with prawns and chicken $12.70
Pad Thai Noodles: with prawns, chicken and crushed peanuts $12.70
Kway Teow: with prawns and chicken $12.70
Peking Noodles: with prawns and pork $12.70
Mi Goreng: with prawns and chicken $12.70
Satay Egg or Rice Noodles: with prawns, chicken, beef and broccoli $12.70
Black Bean Egg/Rice Noodles: with beef and baby bean $12.70
Thai Prawn Coconut Egg/Rice Noodles: baby bean, broccoli $12.70
Tom Yum Soup: vermicelli noodles, prawns and bean sprouts $12.70
Duck in Plum Sauce $15.00
Pork Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce $14.00
Pork Spare Ribs with Salt and Pepper $14.00
Teriyaki Chicken $14.00
Honey Chicken $13.50
Lemon Chicken $13.50
Lemon and Pepper Chicken $14.00
Friendo Fried Rice: prawns, egg and BBQ pork Sml $7.50 / Lge $9.00
Thai Style Fried Rice: prawns, egg and BBQ pork Sml $7.50 / Lge $9.00
Chinese Fried Rice: prawns, egg & BBQ pork Sml $7.50 / Lge $9.00
Vegetable Fried Rice: egg and vegetables Sml $6.00 / Lge $7.50
Steamed Rice Sml $4.00 / Lge $5.50
Beef, Pork, Chicken Small $8.00 / Large $9.00
Small $9.50 / Large $10.50
King Prawns
Small $9.50 / Large $10.50
The above selection of meat will be stir fried with the following sauces: Garlic Sauce - Black Bean Sauce - Hot Chilli Sauce - Cashew Nut - Chinese Curry Sauce - Satay Sauce - Mongolian Sauce - Chow M -
The selection of meat below will be deep fried and served with the listed sauces -
- Sweet and sour pork Small $8.00 / Large $9.00
- Chicken with sweet and sour or lemon sauce Small $8.00 / Large $9.00
- Honey king prawns
Small $9.50 / Large $10.50
- Sweet and sour fish
Small $9.50 / Large $10.50
Lemon and Pepper Chicken $14.00
Lemon Chicken $14.00
Honey Chicken $13.50
Teriyaki Chicken $14.00
Honey King Prawns $15.00
Mongolian Lamb $15.00
Garlic King Prawns $15.00
Garlic Beef/Chicken or Pork $14.00
2 People - Prawn Crackers (1) - Chicken Spring Rolls (3) - Beef Samosa (2) - Satay Beef - Stir fried Chicken with Vegetables - Large Steamed Rice $35.00
4 People - Prawn Crackers (1) - Chicken Spring Rolls (4) - Beef Samosa (4) - Beef and Black Bean Sauce - Stir fried Chicken with Cashew - Sweet and Sour Pork - Large Steamed Rice $50.00
6 People - Prawn Crackers (2) - Chicken Spring Rolls (6) - Prawns Toast (6) - Garlic King Prawns - Satay Beef - Sweet and Sour Pork - Honey Chilli Squid - Lemon Chicken - Large Friendo Fried Rice - La $95.00

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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Shop 12 Broadwater Shopping Centre, Busselton, WA, 6280, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
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