Fu Kwai Chinese Restaurant at Shp 1/ 71 Sorlie Rd Menu

Chill pepper king prawns and calamari
Fu kwai scallops $29.30
Seafood supreme $24.30
Deep fried shredded pork in special sauce $17.30
Special home made mustard king prawns or chicken $24.30
Deep fried pork ribs with honey black pepper sauce $17.30
King prawns and chicken with snow peas and pine nuts $24.80
Steamed duck with crab meat sauce $24.90
Lamb pan cake (6) $18.30
Fresh juicy mango chicken (when available) market price
Sang choy bow (4) $15.30
Deep fried chilli pepper mushrooms $13.10
Vegetarian spring roll (6) $7.90
Mini spring roll (6) $7.90
Dim sim (6) Steamed or fried $7.90
King prawn cutlets (6) $25.18
Chicken and ham roll (6) $8.90
Gow gree (6) steamed or fried $8.90
Mixed entree (p.p) $5.90
Special mixed entree (p.p) $7.90
Deep fried chilli pepper calamari $13.30
Prawn toast (6) $8.90
Short soup $5.90
Long soup $4.90
Chicken sweet corn soup $4.90
Sweet corn crab meat soup $5.90
Combination short soup $16.30
Combination long soup $16.30
Combination short and long soup $17.30
Honey king prawns
Garlic king prawns
King prawn with plum sauce
Sizzling king prawn
Satay king prawn
Curried king prawn
Szechuan king prawn
King prawn with BBQ SAUCE
King prawn with ginger & shallot
King prawn with cashew nuts
King prawn with almond
Seafood supreme
Satay supreme
Garlic seafood
Satay scallop
Scallop with snow peas & broccoli
Deep fried chilli pepper king prawns and calamari
Mongolian chicken $17.30
Sizzling chicken $17.30
Szechuan chicken $15.30
Satay chicken $15.30
Boneless chicken with plum sauce $15.30
Honey chicken $15.30
Curried chicken $15.30
Chicken with vegetables $15.30
Chicken with cashew nuts $15.30
Chicken with almonds $15.30
Lemon chicken $15.30
Crispy skin chicken $16.30
Roast duck with snow peas and broccoli $23.90
Steamed duck with crab meat sauce $24.90
Steamed duck with vegetables $22.90
Steamed duck with plum sauce $22.90
Deep fried duck with plum sauce $22.90
Deep fried duck with lemon sauce $22.90
Deep fried duck with sweet & sour cream $22.90
Sizzling fillet steak $24.30
Fillet steak with snow peas & broccoli $24.30
Tasty beef $17.30
Szechuan beef $15.30
Satay beef $15.30
Beef with black bean sauce $15.30
Beef with oyster sauce $15.30
Beef with ginger & shallot $15.30
Beef with vegetables $15.30
Beef with cashew nuts $15.30
Beef with almonds $15.30
Pork fillet with plum sauce $15.30
Pork fillet with BBQ sauce $15.30
Szechuan pork fillet $15.30
Pork rib with plum sauce $16.30
Pork rib with black bean sauce $16.30
Pork rib peking sauce $16.30
Lamb pan cake (6) $18.30
Mongolian lamb $18.30
Szechuan lamb $18.30
Garlic lamb $18.30
Lamb with honey & black pepper sauce $20.30
King prawn fu yung $23.30
Chicken fu yung $15.30
Combination fu yung $15.30
Vegetables fu yung $14.30
Sliced BBQ pork fu yung $15.30
Snow peas & broccoli $14.80
Mixed vegetables $13.80
Sweet & sour king prawn $24.30
Combination sweet & sour $18.30
Sweet & sour pork $15.30
Sweet & sour chicken $15.30
Sweet & sour beef $15.30
Sweet & sour pork rib $16.30
King prawn chow mein $23.30
Seafood combination chow mein $23.30
Combination chow mein $17.30
Chicken chow mein $15.30
Beef chow mein $15.30
Singapore noodle $15.30
Noodle with shredded BBQ ginger & shallot $15.30
Chow mein soft noodle extra $2.00
House Special fried rice
-SM $7.90
-LG $8.90
Fried rice
-SM $6.30
-LG $7.90
Boiled rice
-SM $2.90
-LG $3.90
Combination bean curd $18.80
Bean curd with mixed vegetables $15.80
Minced pork with bean curd szechuan style $15.80
Satay combination
Szechuan combination
Garlic combination
Mongolian combination
Sizzling combination
Open 6 nights sun-thurs 5.00-9.30pm / Fri-sat 5.00-10.30pm / Monday closed except public holidays

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Restaurant Details

Frenchs Forest
Table Service
(02) 9975 2628
Shp 1/ 71 Sorlie Rd, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Chinese

Fu Kwai Chinese Restaurant

Most local Chinese are only average but this one is actually really good. It is strictly cash for delivery.

Fu Kwai Chinese Restaurant Frenchs Forest Menu

Opening Hours

Saturday 5–10:30pm

Sunday 5–10:30pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday 5–10:30pm

Wednesday 5–10:30pm

Thursday 5–10:30pm

Friday 5–10:30pm