Green Pepper Pizza in Deniliquin Menu

Pizza Menu
Special - Tomato, Cheese, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, olives
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Tropical - Tomato, Cheese, ham, pineapple
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Party - Tomato, Cheese, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, olives
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Aussie - Tomato, Cheese, ham, egg
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
American - Tomato, Cheese, ham, hot salami, capsicum
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Margarita - Tomato, Cheese, basil
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Capricciosa - Tomato, Cheese, ham, mushroom, olives, anchovies
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Vegetarian - Tomato, Cheese, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, olives
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Garlic Pizza - Cheese + Parmesan cheese, Garlic butter (Note on ½ & ½ on this pizza)
Small: $5, Large: $8, Family: $12
Mushroom - Tomato, Cheese, ham, mushrooms
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Napolitano - Tomato, Cheese, olives, anchovies
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Prawn - Tomato, Cheese, prawns
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
All Meat - Tomato, Cheese, ham, hot salami, bacon, with BBQ sauce
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Mexicana - Tomato, Cheese, ham, capsicum, onion, olives, anchovies, chilli
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Primavera - Tomato, Cheese, ham
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Chicken - Tomato, Cheese, chicken - BBQ sauce or Satay or Teriyaki sauce.
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
Pepperoni - Tomato, Cheese, pepperoni
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
The Lot - Tomato, Cheese, ham, salami, onion, mushroom, capsicum, anchovies, prawns, olives, pineapple
Small: $10, Large: $17, Family: $20
House Specials
Beechies Special - Tomato, Cheese, ham, bacon, prawns, smoked oysters, capsicum, onion, mushroom, olives
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Nessie’s Sweet & Sour Chicken - Tomato, Cheese, chicken, capsicum, onion, pineapple. Topped with homemade sweet & sour sauce
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Moopa’s Meat Lovers - Tomato, Cheese, Ham, bacon, salami, chicken. With or without BBQ sauce.
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
DILLIGAF PIZZA - Tomato, Cheese, ham, hot pepperoni, capsicum, onion, jalapeños peppers & fresh chillies
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Surf 'N' Turf - Tomato, cheese, beef (prawn & scallops, spring onion in a white wine sauce)
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Professor - Cheese, Prawn & scallops, spring onion in a white wine sauce, anchovies
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Deni Burger Pizza - Tomato, cheese, hamburger meat, bacon, onion, egg, tomato & BBQ sauce
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Deni’s Reaper (very hot) - Tomato, cheese, ham, salami, onion, red capsicum, egg, chilli, jalapeno Carolina chilli powder (hottest chilli in the world). Deni’s Reaper Exclusive to Green Pepper Pizza.
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
Pulled Beef Pizza - Green Peppers special blend BBQ sauce base, Smoky pulled beef, Prosciutto, Onion, Red Capsicum & topped with Cheese
Small: $12, Large: $18, Family: $22
½ & ½ Extra $1.00
Extra Toppings - per topping
Small: $1, Large: $1.50, Family: $2
Garlic Bread $4.00
Pasta Dishes
Spaghetti Bolognaise $10 each
Cheese Macaroni $10 each
Fettuccine Carbonara $12 each
Seafood Linguini $14 each
Satay Chicken pasta Spirals $14 each
Mediterranean Penne $14 each
Vegetarian Lasagna $14 each
Lasagna $14 each
Also Available
BBQ Pork Riblets 3 for $10, $3.50 each
Hot Chips
Sml: $3.00, Med: $4.50, Lge: $6.00
Fresh Battered Scallop’s (seafood) $2.00 each
Fresh Battered Fish Hoki or Flake $6.00 each
Fresh Battered Barramundi $7.00 each
Crumbed Calamari Rings $1.00 each
Fish & Chip Pack - 1 Fish (Hoki or Flake) + Chips $10 each
Fisherman’s Basket $12 each
Potato Wedges $5.00
Hash Browns $1.00
Potato Cake $1.00
Dim Sims $1.00
Crumbed Chicken Nuggets 60c
Chicken Schnitzel (Homemade) + Chips $9.00
Hamburger Plain: $6, The Lot: $8.00
Sour Cream $1.00
Tartare Sauce (Homemade) $1.00
Cans 375ml soft drinks $3.00
Assorted 600ml Soft Drink $4.00
Assorted 1.25lt Soft Drink $4.80

Menu Disclaimer

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Cressy Pizza (sample menu)
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Laughing Chicken (sample)
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Small Dim Sims $0.95
Chicko Roll $2.40
Chicken Kickers $4.00
Seafood Sticks $0.60
Crumbed Oysters N/A
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A selection of flat oven-baked Italian breads: -
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Chicken – chicken, avocado and tasty cheese N/A
- Turkey – turkey, brie, cranberry sauce N/A
Chicken – chicken, cheese, avocado, tomato and spring onion N/A
Salami – salami, cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives and onion N/A
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Meatball N/A
Tomato N/A
Onion N/A
Turkey & Ham N/A
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt N/A
Ranch N/A
Spinach N/A
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Pinky's Pizza (sample)
MARINARA - prawns, calamari, clams, mussels & garlic (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
Garden Salad n/a
CAPRICCIOSA - ham, mushroom & olives, anchovies as request (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
Spare Ribs, Wings or Combo (Snack/Medium/Large) n/a
Lasagne n/a
MEXICANA - hot salami, capsicum & olives, jalapeno peppers as request (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
MEAT EATER - ham, bacon, cabanossi & mince beef, bbq as request (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
Shp4&5/ 104 Hardinge St, Deniliquin, NSW, 2710, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Pizza & Pasta, Takeaway Food

Green Pepper Pizza

The Green Pepper Pizza Café is family owned and operated by locals, our aim is to serve the Public with Honesty and Integrity, to serve foods of only the highest quality, listen to the Public’s views and wants, it’s obvious not all wants can be met but our utmost best will be done to achieve what the Public want. The cook is owner Manager and is a Chef by trade offering only the highest of food standards that excels in OH&S,OH&W and Hygiene, foods are cooked and prepared on the premises right down to the roasted chooks for pizza’s and batter for fish, FRESH IS ALWAYS BEST!! and our aim is to please.

Green Pepper Pizza Deniliquin Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Green Pepper Pizza are coming soon