Highway Hotel (Bunbury) in Bunbury Menu

In The Beginning
Garlic Bread (v) lightly toasted french bread smothered in garlic butter $8.50
Crispy Onion Rings (v) accompanied w/ garlic mayo $9.00
Bucket of Beer Battered Chips (v) accompanied w/ tomato sauce $8.00
Bucket of Seasoned Wedges (v) accompanied w/ sweet chilli & sour cream $9.50
Soup of the Day served w/ fresh warm bread (please ask one of our friendly staff for today's offer) $10.00
Loaded Potato Skins (vo) lightly baked, filled w/ cheese & bacon, topped w/ sour cream & chives $16.00
Pork Belly Bites mixed through sweet chilli $14.50
Sliders from the Paddock a duo of wagyu beef & pulled pork, served in mini buns w/ lettuce, chutney, cheese & tomato $17.50
Sliders from the Paddock ~main option is served on the double w/ a side of beer battered chips $25.00
Cheeky Beef asian infused beef cheeks that have been slow cooked for twelve hours, served w/ a toasted pine nut, coriander & apricot rice $19.00 / $27.50
Flower Cut Baby Calamari (gf) lightly fried & seasoned w/ a lemon pepper & chickpea flour, accompanied w/ garlic mayo ~main option is served w/ a side of beer battered chips & a light garden salad $16.00 / $24.50
Garlic Prawns (gf) pan fried through creamy garlic sauce, served w/ a side of steamed rice $17.00 / $28.00
Spanish Style Chorizo pan fried chorizo through potato, red onion & rice, finished w/ apple cider jus, accompanied w/ fresh warm bread $17.00
Toasted Turkish (vo) served w/ grilled chorizo, marinated olives, toasted turkish bread & a trio of dips $22.50
Something Light...
Caesar Salad (vo) a mixture of candied bacon, crisp baby cos leaves, toasted croutons, & shaved parmesan through a light caesar dressing, topped w/ a poached egg $20.50
Caesar Salad~serve w/ prawn $28.00
Warm Root Vegetable Salad (v/gf) (please ask on of our friendly staff for today's offer $19.50
Warm Root Vegetable Salad (v/gf) ~serve w/ chicken $24.50
Warm Root Vegetable Salad (v/gf)~serve w/ beef $25.50
Pulled Pork Burger a toasted sourdough bun w/ crisp lettuce, morroccan tomato chutney & cheese, served w/ a side of beer battered chips & topped w/ a crispy onion ring $23.00
Steak Sandwich a toasted turkish bun w/ marinated graziers steak, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, cheese & smokey bbq sauce, served w/ a side of beer battered chips $21.00
Steak Sandwich ~serve w/ bacon $24.50
MYO Chicken Burrito (vo) seasoned chicken strips, floured tortillas, tomato, red onion, avocado & sour cream, served w/ a side of beer battered chips $23.00
Wagyu Beef & Bacon Burger a toasted sourdough bun w/ lettuce, tomato, cheese & sweet chilli mayo, served w/ a side of beer battered chips $20.00
Old Time Favourites...
Beef & Guinness Pie topped w/ golden pastry, served w/ a side of beer battered chips & a light garden salad $25.00
Chicken Penne Carbonara a mixture of sauteed mushrooms, onion & bacon through a creamy garlic sauce, topped w/ shaved parmesan $26.00
The Pub Parmy a fresh chicken breast fillet coated in breadcrumbs, topped with napoli sauce & mozzarella cheese, served w/ a side of beer battered chips & a light garden salad $24.00
Beer Battered Snapper (gfo) served w/ a side of beer battered chips, a light garden salad & tartare sauce $27.00
Bangerz 'n' Mash lean pork sausages served on a bed of royal blue mashed potato & garden peas, finished w/ a brown onion gravy $25.00
Pork Ribs marinated in the chef's secret recipe, served w/ a side of beer battered chips, buttered corn & coleslaw $32.00
Not so Pubby...
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (v) mixed through a creamy garlic sauce, topped w/ shaved parmesan $20.00
Catch of the Day (gfo) served grilled (please ask one of our friendly staff for today's offer) MP
Crispy Skinned Pork Belly served on a bed of royal blue mashed potato, w/ buttered beans & baby carrots, finished w/ a thyme & apple jus $29.00
Mexican Spiced Chicken (gf) served w/ a side of spiced bean rice & topped w/ tomato salsa $28.00
Curry of the Day served with matching condiments (please ask one of our friendly staff for today's offer) $26.00
On The Grill..
Graziers Rump 300gr (gf) this classic primal cut is grain finished for 100 days and is full in flavour, aged to our specification with the supplier guarantee of ultimate flavour & tenderness “Full of $29.00
Graziers Porterhouse 300gr (gf) also known as sirloin, this primal cut is aged for a minimum of 8 weeks to ensure tenderness & taste satisfaction, known for its clean fresh flavour with no fatty after $35.00
Graziers Scotch Fillet 300gr (gf) known as one of the better eating primal cut of beef, the scotch fillet will exceed eating expectations “Simply Superb” $38.00
Pitch Black Angus (gf) (please ask one of our friendly staff for today's offer) “The Cattleman’s Favourite” MP
Bulk it Up
Add Coleslaw (v) $7.00
Add Creamy Garlic Prawns (gf) $6.00
Add Seasonal Buttered Vegetables (v/gf) $6.00
Add Royal Blue Mashed Potato (v/gf) $5.00
Add a Light Garden Salad (v/gf) $5.00
Add Extra Sauce (gf) $2.00
Kids Menu
Chicken Dippers (6pcs) - 100% chicken breast nuggets in a golden choice of tomato, mayo, sweet chilli or ranch sauce / 10 Pcs for extra $9.90 / +$2.00
Mini Schintzel - crumbled chicken breat lightly fried $9.90
Chicken Burger - Marinated and grilled with cucumber, cheese and mayo $9.90
Chicken parmi - Crumbed chicken lightly fried topped with napoli, ham and melted cheese $9.90
fish and Chips - tempura battered flathead tails with lemon and tomato sauce $9.90
Calamari Rings - Lightly crumbed and flas fried with lettuce and mayonnaise $9.90
Fish of the Day - Simply Grilled and served with Lemon $9.90
Spaghetti Bolognese - Classic Italian beef ragu with spaghetti and shaved parmesan $9.90
Grilled Mini Cheese burger - twice the fun with 2 lean mini beef burgers, lettuce a, tomato and cheese $9.90
Graziers steak - Flash grilled minute steak with gravy $9.90
Pepes Pizza - Ham and pineapple pizza with mozzarella and tomato sugo $9.90
Pasta Napolitana - pasta tossed with tomato napoli and shaved parmesan $9.90
Select A side
Chips and Crunchy salad or Potato and Seasonal Veg N/A
Select A Drink
Soft Drink (285 ml) or Mt Franklin Disney Water (350ml) or Gourburn Valley Fruit Drink (orange or apple and black currant) N/A
Spider - Soft drink with Creamy vanilla ice cream $2.00
Shake - Chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry or banana $2.00
Add something Sweet
I-Scream - Bulla soft serve with a selection of toppings $3.00
Fruit Salad - With berried and whipped cream $3.00
Frog in a pond - chocolate frog in green jelly $3.00
Banana split - With vanilla ice cream, chocolate and wafers $3.00
Chocolate Mousse - Light and fluffy with cream and shaved chocolate $3.00

Menu Disclaimer

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Green Jade Asian Restaurant (sample menu)
King prawns or scallops with vegetables $20.50
Stir fried beef with blackbean sauce $16.50
Szechwan beef $16.50
Fried duck with lemon sauce $22.00
Stir fried pork with blackbean sauce $16.50
Curry vegetables $13.50
Plain omlette (egg only) $13.00
Stir fried beef with garlic sauce $16.50
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Thai Korat Restaurant (sample)
Chu chee curry (Vegetables, tofu) - thai red curry with baby corn, basil leaves (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $16.50/$11.50/$20.50
Pud ba mee (Chicken, beef, pork) - stir fry egg noodle with thai styles sauce, egg and bean sprout (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $13.50/$15.50/$15.50
Stir fry glass noodle (Lamb, seafood, duck, combination) - glass noodle stir fry with thai styles sauce, egg and bean sprout (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $15.50/$17.50/$17.50
Small fried rice (Vegetables, tofu) (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $5.50/$7.50/$7.50
Special curry with egg (Combination seafood, prawn-mussel, prawn) (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $20.50/$15.50/$25.50
Peppercorn (Lamb, seafood, duck, combination) (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $20.50/$15.50/$25.50
Bowl of steamed rice (Lunch/Dinner) $2.00
Crispy (Lamb, seafood, duck, combination) (Take Away/Lunch/Dinner) $20.50/$15.50/$25.50
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White Elephant Thai Restaurant (sample)
Pad Kra Prao - Homemade sweet basil sauce, stir fried with chilli, topped with crispy fried sweet basil and a choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, prawns or duck $18.50 / $21.50
Gaeng Ped - Red curry in a coconut milk base with bamboo shoots and beans and a choice of chicken, beef, pork, lamb or prawns $18.50 / $21.50
Pad Mee Grong - Stir fried thick egg noodles with vegetables and dark soy sauce with a choice of chicken, beef, pork or prawns $16.50 / $17.50
Three Kings Soup - A clear soup with assorted vegetables and a choice of chicken, pork or prawns $9.99
Gaeng Kua Saparod - Thai red curry with pineapple, broccoli and coconut milk with a choice of chicken, pork or prawns $18.50 / $21.50
Larb - Ground chicken, pork or cuttlefish seasoned with lemon juice, dried chilli, ground toasted rice, shallots, lime leaves and basil $12.99
Pad Thai - Stir fried thin rice noodles with bean sprouts, ground peanuts, kai-lan and tofu with a choice of chicken or prawns $16.50 / $17.50
Kao Kati - Steamed rice with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass $5.99
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Sunshine Vietnamese & Chinese Takeaway (sample)
Pork Rib Peking Style $11.50
Satay Beef or Chicken $6.50
Special Fried Rice (Small/Large) $6.00/$7.00
Seafood Kway Teow $13.50
Beef or Chicken with Chinese Mushroom $11.00
Sweet & Sour Combination $13.00
Fried Duck Lemon Sauce $12.50
Chicken Noodles Soup $8.00
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Benesse Coffee (sample)
triple club sandwich
Moroccan spiced with rocket, tomato, almonds, dried apricots, spanish onion and feta drizzled with yoghurt dressing
Rocket, chickpea, tomato, spanish onion and feta in an olive oil and lemon dressing
Mushroom bruschetta
Field mushroom, fetta and rocket served on toasted sourdough
Eggs benedict
Baby spinach grilled ham, poached eggs, drizzled with hollandaise served on toasted sourdough
Bacon, rocket, tomato and aioli
Italian crusty white, multigrain, sourdough or raisin
-A side of your choice of toasted bread for $2.00
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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
Spencer St (Cnr Forrest Ave, Bunbury, WA, 6230, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Pub Food

Highway Hotel (Bunbury)

Here at the Highway Hotel we offer great value dining for our patrons. Enjoy our spacious dining area and choose from a delicious selection of meals that will suit both young and old; we have something for everyone. We offer lunch specials and weekly meal deals throughout the week along with our tasty counter meals in the bar area. Our friendly staff are always happy to assist you.

Highway Hotel (Bunbury) Bunbury Menu

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