Holden Hill Panini Bar Continental in Holden Hill Menu

Hamburger $4.90
Hamburger Works $6.50
Cheeseburger $5.30
Hamburger 'w' Bacon & Egg $5.70
Hawaiin burger $6.10
Bacon 'n' Egg burger $4.90
Steak Sandwich $5.70
Steak 'n' Egg burger $6.10
Steak Works burger $7.30
Chicken burger $6.90
Fish burger $5.90
Cheese $0.40
Bacon $0.40
Pineapple $0.40
Egg $0.40
BBQ Whole
$10.00 / 1/2 $5.50 / 1/4 $2.75
Crumbed Drumsticks $3.30
Chicken Schnitzel $4.20
Chicken Nuggets $5.00
Lamb Kebab Wrap $6.00
Chicken Kebab Wrap $6.00
Double Egg $6.20
Double Bacon $6.20
Double Cheese Burger $6.20
Crumbed Fish $4.00
Battered Fish $4.00
Seafood Sticks $0.60
Prawn Cutlets $1.20
Crumbed Oysters N/A
Seafood Basket N/A
Sea Scallops $1.20
Sea Shantys $1.20
Fish Cakes $2.20
Calamari $0.40
Chicko Roll $2.40
Spring Roll $2.40
Chicken 'n' Prawn Roll $2.60
Dag Dogs $2.40
Hot Dogs $3.40
Kabana $2.40
Large Dim Sims $1.90
Small Dim Sims $0.95
Hot Chips $2.00
Chips 'n' Gravy $2.90
Potato Scallops $0.60
Pineapple Fritters $1.10
Pies N/A
Sausage Rolls N/A
Wedges chicken chips $3.70
Chicken Kickers $4.00
Bread Butter $1.00

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Belmondo Ristorante (sample menu)
Hawaiian Tomato sauce, cheese, ham & pineapple $12.9 / $17.9 / $21.9
Napolitano Tomato sauce, cheese, kalamata olives, capers, anchovies & herbs $12.9 / $17.9 / $21.9
Calabrese Tomato sauce, cheese, salami, bacon, roast capsicum & chilli $13.9 / $18.9 / $23.9
Margharita Tomato sauce, cheese, fresh tomato, oregano & fresh basil $12.0 / $17.0 / $21.0
- 9'' / 12'' / 15''
Pollo Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, bacon, spinach, onion & roast capsicum $13.9 / $18.9 / $23.9
Calzone Rustico Filled with cheese, ham, salami, mushrooms, olives, capsicum. With bolognaise sauce. $18.9
Verdura Tomato sauce, cheese, eggplant, mushrooms, roast capsicum & spinach $14.9 / $19.9 / $24.9
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Barnacle Bill (sample)
Crew Pack for 2 - 12 prawns / 12 lemon pepper or crumbed calamari / 1 medium coleslaw / 1.25L ‘Coca-Cola’ / 1 large chips / spicy lemon sauce & tartare sauce $24.90
Burger Bonanza Butterfish, Beef or Chicken Burger, Chips & small Coke $9.90
Small Fry $5.00 / $8.00 / $14.70
Spring Rolls served with sweet chilli sauce $3.50 / $6.90 / $10.20
Family Feast 4 Pieces Butterfish, 10-12 Calamari, 11-12 Prawns, Chips and Tartare Sauce $32.50
Spoiler for Spoiler for 2 - 2 Butterfish, 4 Calamari, 4 Prawns, 4 Scallops, Chips & Tartare Sauce $19.90
Calamari $9.95 / $19.90 / $29.85
Seafood Platter 11-12 Prawns, 10 Scallops, 10-12 Calamari, 6 Fishettes, Chips and Tartare Sauce $33.90
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Hog's Breath Cafe (sample)
Béarnaise Sauce $1.95
Boss Hog Mushies A bowl of fresh mushrooms coated in salt & pepper crumbs with tartare sauce. $7.95
Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap Crumbed chicken with lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing, wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with Hog Tail Fries. $9.90
NEW Char-Grilled Pork Cutlet - Barkers Creek grain-fed pork cutlet (approx 350g), dusted with blackened seasoning, topped with grilled pineapple, bacon and onions. We add Jalapeno jelly on the side. $32.95
Chicken Tenders Chicken Tenders 4 crumbed chicken tenderloins with honey mustard dip. $8.95
Hoggies Rocky Road Sundae to Share Hoggies Rocky Road Sundae to Share Go the whole Hog with a whopping 4 scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream and 4 scoops of strawberry ice cream, on a pile of $15.95
Dianne Sauce (LG) $1.95
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Prosciutto Prosciutto Huge legs of prosciutto can often be seen hanging from large hooks on the ceiling in some delis, particularly Italian ones – Spanish ones will often have legs of Serrano ham on a huge wooden board and gripped by bolts to ensure easy slicing. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Pate Pate A variety of delicious pates such as chicken liver, pork and pistachio and vegetarian pates can be purchased in delis or made into baguettes to takeaway. Often in large pottery containers, you merely say how much you want and it will be cut and packaged for you. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Cheese Cheese Probably the most interesting cabinet in a deli, they all stock a big range of cheeses. All the usual cheeses are available, particularly standard ones such as English Cheddar, brie and Camembert but mark sure you also try the more unusual ones. Cheeses are cut to size you require from big blocks. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Quiche Quiche Wow! Amazing selections of handmade quiches are always available to try, with a huge combination of flavours and pastry types. Most popular are usually the standard cheese and bacon (quiche Lorraine) or a rich roasted vegetable. Can be purchased in slices or some delis make small individual ones. They can be packed for takeaway to include a selection of salads. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Sandwiches Sandwiches Always available to takeaway, a large variety of sandwich fillings can be purchased and made with the fresh bread on sale in the deli, or already made for you to choose. Great fun to mix and match your sandwich and try a number of things that you may not normally eat. Very fresh and made to order is the way to go. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Chorizo Chorizo Chorizo is the king of the sausage made with loads of spices and most importantly tons of paprika. Originating in Spain, where more than 65,000 tonnes of Chorizo is made every year, it is one of the most versatile of sausages in the world. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Milkshakes Milkshakes A selection of milkshakes can be available some to include ice cream, an others made more into a dessert style with nuts and chocolate on the top. Usual flavours are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch, but banana is also popular in some delis. Can be taken away in the usual takeout cups with lids and straw. Delicatessens
Popular Menu Item Cappuccino Cappuccino Always available to drink, cappuccino coffee can sometimes be drunk inside if the deli has tables, or taken away. Variety of other coffees, teas, cold drinks are also available. Coffee is normally served with delicate little Italian biscuits, usually almond flavoured. Delicatessens

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Restaurant Details

Holden Hill
Takeaway Food
Counter Service
38 Valiant Rd, Holden Hill, SA, 5088, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Catering, Cash, EFTPOS
Delicatessens, Takeaway Food

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