Indian Brothers BYO Restaurant in Noosa Heads Menu

Mixed Entree - Combination of Entrees for two $10.90
Vegetable Samosa - 3 pcs deep fried puff pastry filled $6.90
Meat Samosa - 3 pcs spiced mince in deep fried puff $6.90
Onion Pakora - Onion rings deep-fried in chickpea $6.90
Chicken Pakora - Chicken fillets marinated in spicy $7.90
Prawn Pakora - Green prawns deep-fried in a chickpea $8.90
Chicken Wings - Marinated with mild spices and cooked $6.90
Chilli Prawn - Green prawns simmered in a sweet and $8.90
Cauliflower Pakora - Mild spiced, deep-fried in a chickpea $6.90
Paneer Pakora - Indian style cheese flavored with fresh $7.90
Naan Breads
Plain Naan - White flour bread baked in a Tandoori $3.50
Tandoori Roti - Oven baked wholemeal bread $3.50
Garlic Naan - Bread flavored with garlic $4.50
Garlic Paneer - Bread stuffed with fresh garlic and $4.50
Garlic, Chilli & Cheese Naan - Spicy Naan $4.50
Cheese and Spinach Naan - A Chef’s Specia $4.50
Paneer Kulcha - Naan Stuffed with cheese $4.50
Alu Paratha - Bread stuffed with potatoes, herbs and $4.50
Onion Naan - Bread stuffed with fresh minced onions $4.50
Onion and Cheese Naan - Fresh onion and cheese $4.50
Herb Naan - Bread stuffed with fresh herbs and $4.50
Keema & Cheese Naan - Minced lamb & cheese $4.50
Keema Naan - Naan stuffed with minced meat $4.50
Chilli Chicken Naan - Soft bread stuffed with chicken, chilli $4.50
Chilli Naan - Bread stuffed with cheese and fresh $4.50
Naan Nori - Bread stuffed with olive, capsicum and $4.50
Peshwari Naan - Bread stuffed with fruit and nuts $4.50
Paratha - Layered whole wheat bread $4.50
Basan Roti - Gluten-free flat bread $4.50
Lamb/Beef/Goat Curries
Pasanda Curry - Tasty cubes of meat cooked with almonds $16.95
Masala Curry - Meat cooked with potato and fresh $16.95
Rogan josh - A Kashmir delicacy - cooked with either $16.95
Korma - Our famous creamy cashew sauce with $16.95
Vindaloo - Your choice of lamb, beef or goat in a $16.95
Meat & Vegetable Curry - Your choice of meat with fresh seasonal $16.95
Saagwala - Your choice of tender lamb, beef or $16.95
Traditional Curry - Tender pieces of lamb or beef cooked $16.95
Beef Nisha - Tender pieces of beef cooked in a sweet $16.95
Meat Tikka Masala - Your choice of meat in a mild, sweet $16.95
Madras Curry - Your choice of meat cooked in a $16.95
Bhoona Curry - Meat cooked with fresh onion, tomato $16.95
Butter Curry - Meat cooked in tomato & butter sauce $16.95
Herb Curry - Your choice of meat cooked with fresh $16.95
Seafood Curries
Prawn Masala - Green prawns in a tomato, garlic and $17.95
Chilli Prawn - Green prawns stir fried in a garlic and $17.95
Prawn tikka Masala - Prawns cooked in a mild tomato, creamy $17.95
Prawn Vindaloo - Green prawns cooked in a hot and $17.95
Prawn Malai - Green prawns cooked in a mild, cashew $17.95
Prawn Jalfrezie - Prawns cooked with fresh vegetables $17.95
Garlic Prawn - Green prawns stir-fried in a garlic $17.95
Cardi Prawn - Green prawns cooked in a delightful $17.95
Fish Curry - Fresh fish fillets cooked in a coconut $17.95
Tandoori Dishes
Tandoori Chicken - Chicken Marinated in yoghurt and $16.95
Chicken Tikka - Boneless pieces of chicken marinated $16.95
Seekh Kabab - Tender minced lamb, seasoned with $16.95
Tandoori Lamb - Tender lamb pieces marinated in $16.95
Tandori Prawns - Prawns marinated in a garlic $17.95
Tandoori Platter - Marinated mixture of Tandoori dishes $17.95
Vegetable curries
Mixed Vegetable - Fresh Vegetables cooked in a Northern $14.95
Vegetable Korma - Fresh vegetables cooked in a creamy $14.95
Mushroom Mattar - Mushrooms and green peas in a tomato $14.95
Dhal Masala - Lentils cooked with fresh tomato $14.95
Dhal Saagwala - A delightful blend of lentils and $14.95
Vegetable Dhal - Lentils cooked with seasonal vegetables $14.95
DAHL MAKHANI - Authentic black lentils cooked with $14.95
Channa Masala - Chickpeas and potato cooked in a $14.95
Palak Bhaji - A combination of spinach and potatoes $14.95
Mushroom Sabji - Fresh mushrooms cooked in onion and $14.95
Eggplant sabji - Eggplant and potato seasoned with fresh $14.95
Alu Gobi - Potatoes and cauliflower cooked in a $14.95
Alu Mattar - Garden green peas and potato cooked $14.95
Shahi Paneer - Homemade cottage cheese in a mild $14.95
Mattar Paneer - Cubes of homemade cottage cheese and $14.95
Pumpkin Curry - Pumpkin pieces cooked with herbs and $14.95
Malai Kofta - Potato & cottage cheese parcels with a $14.95
Vegetable Saag - Combination of seasonal vegetables in $14.95
Chicken Curries
Butter Chicken - Chicken in tomato, butter and cashew $16.95
Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken in mild, sweet curry with a $16.95
Chicken curry - Specially prepared chicken in a $16.95
Chicken & Vegetable - Diced chicken with seasonal veg $16.95
Chicken Saag - Boneless chicken with spinach and spices $16.95
Chicken Vindaloo - Boneless chicken cooked in blend of hot $16.95
Chicken Korma - A rich curry, cooked in a cream and $16.95
Chicken Dansak - Boneless chicken cooked with lentils $16.95
Mango/Apricot Chicken - Chicken marinated in a mango or apricot $16.95
Mushroom Chicken - Mushrooms cooked with chicken in a $16.95
Herb Chicken - Boneless chicken, prepared in a special $16.95
Chicken Bhoona - Chicken with fresh onion, tomato and $16.95
Alu Chicken - Chicken cooked with cubes of potato $16.95
Chilli Chicken - Chicken cooked with onion, capsicum and $16.95
Chicken Pasanda - Chicken cooked with almonds in a tomato $16.95
Chicken MADRAS - Chicken cooked with onion and coconut $16.95
Shakes - Mango or banana flavoured - an Indian $3.95
Lassi - A traditional Indian mango drink with $3.95
Orange juice $3.20
Tea/Coffee $3.20
Soft Drinks - Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Creaming $3.20
Rice Dishes
Biryani - CHICKEN, LAMB, BEEF & GOAT Tender boneless pieces of meat cooked $16.95
Vegetable Biryani - Biryani rice cooked with vegetables and $16.95
Coconut Rice - Basmati rice cooked with coconut $7.95
Pulao Rice - Spicy mix of herbs and traditional $7.95
Raita - Diced cucumber and tomato in natural $3.95
Indian Salad - Freshly chopped tomato and onion salad $2.95
Pickle - Lime, mango, mixed pickle or chilli $1.95
Chutney - ango or sweet mango $1.95
Pappadum $0.40
Kulfi - Homemade ice cream prepared with a $4.95
Kheer - Traditional creamy almond and rice $4.95
Rose Kulfi - Homemade ice cream prepared with a $4.95
Gulab Jamun - Lightly deep fried donut balls, dipped $4.95
Mango kulfi - Mango flavoured ice cream - the taste $4.95
Coconut Malai - Delicious coconut ice cream served with $4.95
Vanilla ice cream - Creamy vanilla ice cream topped with $4.95

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Noosa Heads
Table Service
Shop11/9 Elizabeth Ave, Clontarf, QLD, 4019, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Indian

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