Kevin's Place in Mackay Menu

FIVE SPICES CALAMARI AND PRAWNS Lightly battered calamari and prawns, deep fried, tossed with Chinese five spices, shallots and garlic. $28.00
MIXED ENTREE (Min. 2 persons) Chef's surprise mixed entree. $25.00 per person
FIVE SPICES CALAMARI Lightly battered calamari, deep fried, tossed with five spices, shallots and garlic. $16.00
STEAMED SCALLOPS DUMPLING Steamed minced scallop wrapped in wheat flour pastry, served with crushed chilli and soy sauce (3 pieces per order). $11.00
CHAR SIEW Homemade BBQ pork with honey sauce. $12.50
SANG CHOY BOW Minced pork and diced vegetables, served in lettuce cup (2 pieces per order). $11.00
SIEW MAI Steamed minced pork dumplings, served with sweet chilli sauce (4 pieces per order). $8.50
DEEP FRIED SPRING ROLL Spring roll served with plum sauce (3 pieces per order). $8.50
PEKING HOT AND SOUR SOUP Spicy hot and sour soup with shredded chicken and seafood. $12.50
PRAWN DUMPLING AND CHAR SIEW CLEAR SOUP Slices of BBQ pork and dumpling in chicken broth. $12.50
CRAB MEAT SOUP Superior crab meat soup thickened with egg white. $12.50
CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP Noodles with shredded chicken served in broth. $8.50
CHICKEN AND SWEET CORN SOUP Creamy sweet corn soup thickened with egg white. $8.50
PEKING DUCK (2 course - Please allow 30 minutes cooked time) $82.00
- Crispy duck skin served with pancakes, Hoi Sin Sauce, Shallots and cucumber. -
- Duck cooked to the style of your choice. -
WHOLE FISH Market Price
MUD CRAB Market Price
LOBSTER Market Price
HALF A ROASTED CRISPY DUCK Half roasted crispy duck served with Hoi Sin sauce and plum sauce. $35.00
NONYA CHICKEN Lightly battered strips of chicken fillet, deep fried, tossed in lemon juice and spicy sauce. $25.00
SINGAPORE STYLE CURRY CHICKEN Bite size chicken, braised in thickened coconut curry sauce Singapore style. $25.00
GOLDEN CHICKEN Half crispy skin chicken served with Hoi Sin sauce and sweet chilli sauce. $25.00
MALAY STYLE SAMBAL CHICKEN Wok fried chicken tossed in spicy home made sambal sauce. $25.00
CHICKEN IN OYSTER SAUCE CANTONESE STYLE Braised chicken in oyster sauce and vegetables. $25.00
SINGAPORE CHILLI FISH Pan fried fillet of fish, cooked with homemade Singapore style chilli sauce. $29.50
CANTONESE STYLE FISH Fillet of fish wok fried with ginger, shallots and soy sauce. $29.50
FISH WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLES Quick stir fried fillet of fish, with seasonal vegetables and oyster sauce. $29.50
MALAY STYLE SAMBAL FISH Fillet of fish tossed in spicy sambal sauce. $29.50
SINGAPORE CHILLI PRAWNS Wok fried king prawns, cooked with homemade Singapore style chilli sauce. $29.50
KING PRAWNS WITH GINGER AND SHALLOT Quick stir fried king prawns with ginger and shallot sauce. $29.50
KING PRAWNS WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLES Wok fried king prawns with garlic, oyster sauce and seasonal vegetables. $29.50
MALAY STYLE SAMBAL KING PRAWNS King prawns tossed in spicy homemade sambal sauce. $29.50
CRISPY GARLIC PRAWNS King prawns tossed in crispy garlic. $29.50
SEAFOOD WITH SNOWPEA Combination seafood with snowpea in oyster sauce. $29.50
SCALLOPS WITH GREEN VEGETABLES Stir fried Australian scallops, tossed with garlic and served with green vegetables. $29.50
FILLET STEAK CHINESE STYLE Bite size fillet of steak, wok fried with black pepper, garlic and Chinese wine. $29.50
CANTONESE STYLE BLACK BEAN BEEF Quick stir fried sliced beef, with chef's special black bean sauce. $25.00
HONEY SHREDDED BEEF Deep fried shredded beef tossed in dark honey sauce. $25.00
MALAY STYLE SAMBAL BEEF Sliced beef tossed in spicy homemade sambal sauce. $25.00
SPICY LAMB Wok fried sliced lamb fillet with spicy combination sauce. $25.00
CANTONESE STYLE LAMB Quick stir fried sliced lamb with ginger, shallots and sauce. $25.00
CHEF'S SPECIAL PORK RIBS Bite size pork ribs, tossed in chef's special vinegar sauce. $25.00
SALT & PEPPER PORK RIBS Lightly floured pork ribs, deep fried and tossed with Chinese five spices, shallots, garlic and fresh chilli. $25.00
SWEET AND SOUR PORK Bite size pork loin deep fried till crispy, tossed in sweet and sour sauce. $25.00
BLACK PEPPER CROCODILE MEAT Sliced crocodile meat fillet, stir fried with black pepper sauce and fresh onion. $29.50
SIZZLING KING PRAWNS King prawns quick stir fried with onion. $29.50
SZECHUAN CHICKEN Wok fried bite size chicken tossed with Szechuan chilli sauce. $25.00
SIZZLING BEEF STEAK Beef steak with chef's special sauce. $29.50
CRAB MEAT FRIED RICE Malaysian style spicy fried rice with crab meat. $19.00
CANTONESE FRIED RICE Chef's special fried rice with shredded chicken. $12.00
VEGETABLE FRIED RICE A vegetarian delight. $12.00
STEAMED RICE (per person) $5.00
SEASONAL VEGETABLES Stir fried mixed vegetables with garlic and oyster sauce. $14.00
CHINESE VEGETABLES Stir fried Chinese vegetables topped with crispy garlic. $16.00
ORCHARD ROAD SEAFOOD HOKKIEN MEE Combination seafood stir fried with thick yellow noodles. N/A
SINGAPORE SPICY NOODLES Fried vermicelli Singapore style. $18.00
SINGAPORE STYLE CHAR KWAY TEOW Flat rice noodles, stir fried with slices of tender beef and home made chilli paste. $16.00
TOFFEE APPLE (for two persons) $9.00

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Vella's Fish Bar (sample menu)
Half scoop $3.00
Snack Box
Fish Bites & Chips
Crumbed Cheese and Bacon Sausage $2.80
Small Dim Sim $1.80
Jumbo Pack
6 pcs Fish, 6 Potato Scallops, Large Chips & 2L Drink
Large $7.00
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Creperie Restaurant (sample)
Child Size Crepes (maximum of three fillings) $6.90
Apples and Blueberry with Maple Syrup $11.00
Creperie Savoury Minced Beef with Cheese and Pineapple $14.90
Fresh Fruit $9.00
Anti Pasto Salad, Large $10.00
Cottage Cheese, Raisins and Lemon $9.50
Apricots (Unsweetened) or Apples $9.00
Strawberry Jam $7.00
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Malaysia House Mackay (sample)
-Small $4.50
Sizzling steak fillet
Long filet steak cooked with mixed vegetables honey and pepper sauce or kangto sauce
Roti canai
(1 pieces) a delicious flat bread that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, served with curry dip and sambal paste
-Lamb (chilli) $18.80
Short soup
A trio of wrapping with minced chicken, pork and shallots into a clean chicken soup
Chicken and sweetcorn soup
Creamy chicken and sweetcorn soup thickened with egg whites
Spring roll
(3 pieces) mixed vegetables in crispy pastry served with sweet and sour sauce
Beef with tasty black beans
Wok fried garlic black bean sauce with beef and vegetables
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Noodle Paradise Mackay (sample)
Chicken corn soup
Chicken with sweet corn in homemade delicious soup
Seafood laksa
Thin rice noodles with prawns, calamari, crab meat, fish cakes, shrimp, tofu and fresh vegetables cooked in traditional malaysian coconut curry soup
Nasi goreng
Malaysian style rice with roast pork, onion, carrot, spring onion and peas
Honey pine prawns
Thick egg noodles, king prawns, shrimp, pineapple and fresh vegetables wok tossed in honey sauce
Sambal fried rice
Fried rice with chicken, onion, carrot, spring onion and peas in sambal sauce, serves mild, medium or hot
-medium $59.00
Katsu don
Deep fried crumbed chicken schnitzel cooked with or without egg in a special sauce on rice
Fried kuai teow
Flat rice noodles with roast pork, shrimps and fresh vegetables, wok tossed in dark soy sauce and mild chilli sauce
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Sams Singapore Restaurant (sample)
Basil Chicken or Beef $10.50
Singapore Chilli Noodle (hot) $10.50
Sweet & Sour Pork $10.50
Beef on Sambal Sauce (hot) $10.50
Chicken with Vegetables $10.50
Special Fried Rice or Singapore Fried Rice (hot) or XO Sauce $10.50
Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce $10.50
Curry Chicken or Prawns $10.50
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Table Service
79 Victoria St, Mackay, QLD, 4740, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Kevin's Place

For delicious Singaporean cuisine in Mackay, visit Kevin’s Place. With a wide range of dishes, there’ll be something to suit all tastes.

Whether you prefer to dine-in or takeaway in Mackay, Kevin’s Place can accommodate you. All dishes use fresh ingredients and offer a modern take on traditional Singaporean favourites. Try our Crispy Chicken, Singapore Hainan Chicken or Roast Duck for a flavour-packed experience.

Drop-in and try out our lunch time specials, or come in and enjoy a dinner banquet with friends or family. We have a wide selection of dishes to choose from and we are fully licensed, so you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your meal.

We welcome you to join us for a great meal and fantastic service, so drop by Kevin’s Place in Mackay today or place an order for delicious takeway.

Kevin's Place Mackay Menu

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