Loc Sing Restaurant in Orange Menu

Sweet corn and chicken soup $6.50
Clear chicken soup $6.50
Chicken and mushroom soup $6.50
Long soup (noodle soup) $6.50
Short soup (dumpling soup) $6.50
Combination long soup $14.00
Combination short soup $14.00
Combination short & long soup $15.50
Prawn cocktail $8.00
Mini spring rolls (6) $6.90
Dim Sims (4) (steamed/fried) $5.50
Fried Wontons (12) $12.80
Scallop fritters (12) $18.00
Ham and chicken roll $13.00
Prawn cutlets (6) $13.80
King Prawn toasts (6) $13.80
San Choy Bow (4) $14.00
Pancake lamb (4) $14.00
Braised chicken with almonds $13.50
Braised chicken with cashews nuts $13.50
Braised chicken in ginger and shallots $13.50
Braised chicken combination $12.50
Braised chicken and vegetables $12.50
Braised chicken in plum sauce $12.50
Chicken in black bean sauce $12.50
Chicken in chilli sauce $12.50
Chicken in garlic sauce $12.50
Chicken in BBQ sauce $12.50
Chicken in Peppered Honey $13.50
Rainbow chicken $17.00
Boneless lemon chicken $13.00
Boneless chicken in plum sauce $13.00
Chicken fritters in sweet chilli $13.00
Honey chicken $13.00
Shang-tung chicken $16.50
Ba-wang chicken $16.50
Deep fried crispy chicken $15.00
Fried chicken and mushrooms $16.50
Fried chicken combination $16.50
Braised steak and almonds $13.50
Braised steak with cashew nuts $13.50
Braised steak and vegetables $12.50
Braised steak combination $12.50
Steak in black bean sauce $12.50
Steak in chilli sauce $12.50
Steak in plum sauce $12.50
Steak in garlic sauce $12.50
Beef and veges in oyster sauce $12.50
Sizzling steak in BBQ sauce $14.50
Honey and soya fillet steak $18.50
Tomato Steak $14.50
Sizzling pepper steak $14.50
Fillet steak in Peking sauce $18.50
Rainbow steak $17.00
Grandma’s pork mince tofu $14.50
Dry braised snap bean & pork mince $14.80
Fillet pork in BBQ sauce $13.50
Fillet pork in black bean sauce $13.50
Chinese roast pork in plum sauce $13.50
Chow Sam See $13.50
Pork fritters in plum sauce $13.50
Pork chops in honey and soya $17.00
Peking pork chops $17.00
Pork belly in special soya sauce $17.50
Scallops in ginger and shallots $19.80
Scallops in black bean sauce $19.80
Scallops in garlic sauce $19.80
King prawns and almonds $16.50
King prawns with cashew nuts $16.50
King prawn combination $16.00
King prawns in black bean sauce $16.00
King prawns in chilli sauce $16.00
King prawns in garlic sauce $16.00
Sizzling king prawns $16.50
King prawn fritters in sweet chilli $16.50
Honey king prawns $16.50
Fish fillet in ginger and shallots $16.50
Seafood combination $18.50
Singapore seafood combination $18.50
Stewed duck combination $23.00
Duck combination $19.80
Duck with mushrooms $19.80
Deep fried duck in plum sauce $21.50
Sliced duck on rice noodles $21.50
Mongolian lamb $16.00
Lamb fillets in ginger and shallots $16.50
Singapore Lamb $16.00
Pancake lamb (4) $14.00
Ham omelette $13.50
Chicken omelette $13.50
BBQ pork omelette $14.00
Prawn omelette $14.00
Combination omelette $14.00
King prawn omelette $16.00
Plain omelette $8.00
Vegetarian mini spring rolls (6) $6.90
Stir fried mixed veges $12.00
Garlic / Curried / Satay veges $12.50
Vegetarian chow mein $12.00
Mushroom omelette $12.00
Vegetable omelette $12.00
Greens and mushrooms in oyster sauce $14.50
Greens / Cabbage in garlic chilli $12.50
MONGOLIAN (contains peanut)
Mongolian steak $13.50
Mongolian chicken $13.50
Mongolian combination $16.00
Mongolian lamb $16.00
SATAY (contains peanut)
Satay steak $13.50
Satay chicken $13.50
Satay king prawn $16.00
Satay combination $16.00
SZECHUAN (contains peanut)
Szechuan steak $13.50
Szechuan chicken $13.50
Szechuan fillet pork $13.50
Szechuan king prawns $16.00
Szechuan combination $16.00
SALT & PEPPER (caution: hot!)
Salt and pepper squid $16.00
Salt and pepper chicken $14.00
Salt and pepper king prawns $16.50
Salt and pepper fish fillets $16.50
Salt and pepper tofu (bean curds) $13.50
Salt and pepper pork chop $16.50
XO (contains shellfish)
Stir fried XO beef $13.80
Stir fried XO chicken $13.80
Stir fried XO fillet pork $13.80
Stir fried XO lamb fillets $16.30
Stir fried XO king prawns $16.30
Stir fried XO squid $16.30
Stir fried XO fish fillets $16.80
XO seafood combination $19.80
Sweet and sour pork $12.50
Sweet and sour chicken (braised) $12.50
Sweet and sour chicken (fritters) $13.00
Sweet and sour steak $12.50
Sweet and sour prawn fritters $16.50
Sweet and sour fish fillets $16.50
Curry chicken rice $12.50
Curry beef rice $12.50
Curry prawn rice $14.00
Curry king prawn rice $16.00
Curry fish on rice $16.00
Chinese roast duck $21.50
Chinese roast pork $18.00
Chinese roast duck & pork $20.00
Combination chow mein $14.00
King prawn chow mein $16.00
Steak chow mein $12.50
Pork chow mein $12.50
Chicken chow mein $12.50
Chicken laksa $13.00
Beef laksa $13.00
Seafood laksa $15.00
Singapore noodles $13.50
Chow Kwai Dew $13.00
Shang Hai style noodle with chicken $13.00
Shang Hai style noodle with beef $13.00
Shang Hai style noodle with BBQ pork $15.00
XO hand-pulled noodle with chicken $13.00
XO hand-pulled noodle with beef $13.00
XO hand-pulled noodle with seafood $15.50
Salted fish & chicken fried rice $13.80
Beef shreds fried rice $12.50
Fried rice (Large/Small) $6.90/$6.00
Special Fried rice (Large/Small) $8.90/$7.50
Steamed rice (Large/Small) $5.50/$3.50
Fish & Chips $13.00
Hot chips (Large/Small) $5.00/$3.00
Prawn chips $2.80
Crunchy noodle $2.50
Dipping sauce (Large/Small) $2.80/$1.50
Fresh chilli soya sauce $2.50
Chilli paste $2.50
Deep fried ice-cream $6.50
Banana fritter $4.50
3 IN 1 COMBO MEAL (any beef/chicken/pork dish + fried rice + 3 prawn cutlets) $15.50
LUNCH / DINNER PACK (choice below + fried rice + 2 mini spring rolls) $10.50

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Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant (sample menu)
Braised pork in garlic sauce $14.00
Beef chow mein/chop suey $14.00
Beef omelette $14.00
Fried duck combination $15.00
Fried spicy squid in fresh chilli $15.00
Vegetable mini spring rolls (8) $8.00
Scallops with snow peas $20.00
Scallops in satay sauce $20.00
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Mackies Cafe (sample)
Wedges with Sweet Chilli Sauce & Sour Cream $10.00 per serve
The lot: (Regular / Large) -Beef Pattie, Onion, BBQ sauce, Cheese, egg, Lettuce, Beetroot, Tomato, Bacon & Pineapple $13.50 / $19.50
Chicken or warm beef Salad sandwich. $9.50
Cheesy Garlic Damper Bread $9.50
Caesar Salad (Anchovies optional) $14.50
Rita: Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato with Asparagus Mayonnaise $10.00
Warm Thai Beef Salad $21.00
Cheese: (Regular / Large) - Beef Pattie, Tomato sauce & Cheese $10.50 / $15.00
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Mr Sushi King Pty Ltd (sample)
Sushi & Sashimi Combination - Large
8pcs sushi, 10pcs sashimi, 6pcs baby rolls (salmon & avocado)
Teriyaki Beef $32.00
Scallop $7.00
Mixed Sashimi
15 pcs/ 21 pcs
Cooked Tuna $8.00
Teriyaki Chicken $28.00
Chicken Karage Udon $16.00
Eel $13.00
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Alfio's Pizzeria (sample)
Spaghetti Bolognese - mince cooked with fresh tomato & italian style (Entree/Main) $14.00/$18.00
The Lot - pineapple, ham, mushroom, capsicum, pepperoni, bacon, onion, egg, prawns, olives & anchovies (Smal/Med/Lrg) $13.00/$15.00/$19.50
Tortellini - served with bolognese sauce (Entree/Main) $14.00/$18.00
Garlic or Herb Pizza Base (Small/Medium/Large) $9.00/$10.00/$11.00
Fettuccine Bolognese - served with bolognese sauce (Entree/Main) $14.00/$18.00
Capricciosa - pepperoni, capsicum, egg, olives (Smal/Med/Lrg) $12.00/$14.00/$17.50
Spaghetti Carbonara - beaten eggs with parmigiano cheese, chopped bacon & then pan fried - creamy or dry (Entree/Main) $14.00/$18.00
Scaloppine Al Limone - thin slices of veal, cooked with lemon $26.00
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Peisley Street Flame Grilled Chickens & Takeaway - Orange (sample)
Steak 'n' Egg burger $6.10
Lamb Kebab Wrap $6.00
Double Cheese Burger $6.20
Sea Scallops $1.20
Seafood Basket N/A
Bread Butter $1.00
Battered Fish $4.00
Hamburger $4.90
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Mr Sushi King Pty Ltd Sushi, Japanese, Asian

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Counter Service
293 Summer St, Orange, NSW, 2800, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard

Loc Sing Restaurant

Authentic Chinese RestaurantBeef, Chicken, Desserts, Duck, Entrees, Lamb, Meat, Pork, Soup, Dinners, Lunches, Takeaway, Locally Operated, Locally Owned, Owner Operated

Loc Sing Restaurant Orange Menu

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