Manly Phoenix in Manly Menu

Steamed Dumpling Platter (6 pieces) $16.00
Sesame Pastry with Duck Pulled-meat (2 pieces) $16.00
Mongolian Lamb Pancakes (4 pieces) $18.00
Peking Duck Pancakes (4 pieces) $18.00
Prawn Cutlets (4 pieces) $18.00
Chicken San Choi Bau (2 Pieces) $13.00
Seafood San Choi Bau (2 pieces) $16.00
Steamed Scallops Four Ways (4 pieces) $20.00
Steamed Oysters Four Ways (4 pieces) $22.00
Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab $15.00
Prawn and Seaweed Roulade $18.00
Hot & Sour Seafood Soup $10.00
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $8.00
Short Soup with King Prawns $12.00
Beef & Mushroom Soup $8.00
Tasmanian Lobster Market Price
Snow Crab Market Price
Mud Crab Market Price
Barramundi Market Price
Wok Fried Pippis in Phoenix XO Sauce $36.00
Sesame Honey King Prawns $28.00
King Prawns with Silken Scrambled Egg $28.00
Mango King Prawn $28.00
Singapore Chilli King Prawns (served with a Chinese Bread Roll) $32.00
Salt & Pepper Calamari & King Prawns $28.00
Sautéed Scallops with Snow Peas & Yellow Chives $32.00
Salt & Pepper Deboned Flounder $40.00
Braised Ling Fillet with Goji Berries $28.00
Roast Duck $20.00
Crispy Roast Pork Belly $22.00
Honey Glazed Barbequed Pork $18.00
Supreme Soy Chicken $18.00
Boneless Crispy Chicken with Shandong Sauce $22.00
Boneless Crispy Chicken with Ginger & Shallot $22.00
Szechuan Kung Po Chicken $22.00
Three Cup Chicken $22.00
Lamb Shank in Cumin Sauce $26.00
Shredded Beef Peking Style $24.00
Black Pepper Beef Fillet Cubes w/ Sliced Garlic $24.00
Wasabi Beef Fillet Cube $24.00
Wok Fried Pork Cheek with Garlic & Chilli $22.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Loin $20.00
Stir-fry Pork Belly with Vegetables in XO Sauce $22.00
Deep Fried Duck with Pickles in Plum Sauce $24.00
Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce $18.00
String Beans with Preserved Olive & Chicken Mince $22.00
Stir-fired Shitake Mushroom, Black Fungus, Lotus Root & Vegetables $22.00
Deep Fried Silken Tofu with Radish Soy Broth $18.00
Braised Chinese Mushrooms with Broccoli $18.00
Vegetarian Bean Curd & Vermicelli Hot Pot $20.00
Spinach in Chicken Broth w/ Goji Berries & Garlic $22.00
Phoenix Seafood Fried Rice $24.00
Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice $23.00
King Prawn Fried Rice in Whole Pineapple $26.00
Fried Rice $18.00
Soy Sauce Fried Noodles $16.00
Singapore Fried Rice Noodles $22.00
Duck Meat Fried Noodles in Phoenix XO Sauce $23.00
Beef with Stir-fry flat Rice Noodle $20.00
Boiled Rice (per person) $3.50
Chinese Bread Rolls (Fried or Steamed) $4.00
Chinese Tea (per person) $2.50
XO Chilli Sauce $6.00
Prawn Crackers $4.00
Chilli Peanuts $5.00
Caramelized Walnuts $6.00
Fried Ice Cream $8.00
Banana Fritters with Ice-cream $9.00
Banana Split $9.00
Mango Pudding $7.00
Mango Pancakes $7.00
Lychee and Vanilla Ice Cream $8.00
Coconut Jelly $6.00
Fried Red Bean Pastry (2 - 4 people) $12.00

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North Fort Cafe (sample menu)
2013 Livon Collio Pinot Grigio DOC Fruili, Italy $55.00
french toast served with ricotta + strawberry compote V $17.00
CACAO banana, raw cacao, honey, chia seeds, soy $9.00
PESCE DEL GIORNO fish of the day MP
chicken schnitzel with chips $12.00
4Pines Pale Ale, Manly $8.00
croissant - jam + butter V $5.00
shakes – chocolate/ caramel/ vanilla/ strawberry $6.00
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Golden Chef Asian Cuisine (sample)
Black Bean Sauce or Black Bean Chilli - Seafood Combination $18.80
Crispy Soft Shell Crab $15.80
King Dou Sauce (B.B.Q Sauce)(Sizzling) - Fillet Steak $18.80
Black Pepper or Maggi Diced Beef $18.80
Honey or Honey + Pepper Sauce – King Prawn $20.80
Curry Sauce or Green Curry (Thai Style)- Lamb $18.00
Curry Sauce or Green Curry (Thai Style)- Mixed Combination $18.00
Mee Goreng (Chilli Sauce) - Seafood $19.80
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Oporto (sample)
CHICKEN & CHEESE BURGER With a single fillet of fresh-grilled 100% chicken breast, cheese, creamy mayo and our legendary BBQ sauce, this is full-on flavour in a snack-sized package. N/A
CHIPS (Small) Cooked until golden brown and lightly seasoned - our famous hot chips are great on the side or as a snack. N/A
BONDI BITES™ Bondi Bites (3) A 3-pack of bite-sized 100% premium chicken pieces, served with your choice of our 5 legendary sauces. N/A
HASH BROWN Crisp and golden on the outside and fluffy potato on the inside. Perfect with a brekkie burger or as a morning snack. N/A
SAUCES (25ML) Lemon & Herb Sauce Creamy, fresh and zesty - this sauce is an Oporto classic. N/A
SAUCES (250ML) Prego Sauce Oporto's legendary sauces are now available in convenient take home bottles. N/A
SPICY CHICKEN BITES You know those moments when you’re after something quick, and easy but still packed full of flavour? To the rescue comes Oporto’s Spicy Chicken Bites. N/A
CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD Hot off the grill 100% chicken strips served on a bed of crisp premium lettuce mix with bacon, shaved parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. N/A
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Manly Eat-Well Chinese Restaurant (sample)
Crab Meat and Soft Egg - Taste the difference of this Fooyang dish with pieces of soft shell crab meat, cooked to perfection $20.00
Plain Rice $4.00
Crispy Skin Chicken with Shallot Sauce - Half bird deep fried and braised in delicious shallot sauce $19.00
Boneless Lemon Chicken $19.00
Clear Noodle Soup (Long Soup) $7.00
Deep Fried King Prawns with Chilli & Spicy Salt $22.00
Fillet of Pork with Szechuan Style (Hot) $18.00
Braised King Prawns with Satay Sauce $22.00
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Moustache Cafe (sample)
Croque Monsieur - grilled ham & cheese sandwich covered w/ melted cheese sauce $9.00
Mushroom & Eggplant Melt - grilled mushrooms, baba ganoush, truffle oil sandwich topped w/ grilled cheese $12.50
Eggs on Toast (Fried/Scrambled/Poached) $9.00
Breakfast Melt - bacon & egg sandwich w/ housemade aioli, tomato sauce topped w/ grilled cheese $9.00
Bircher Muesli - w/ 'good stuff' goji berries, chia, pepitas and bee pollen $13.00
Isaan Style Thai Breakfast - 2 baked eggs w/ ham & sausage served w/ roll, chicken liver paste & butter $13.50
Chocolate $2.00
Maple Bacon Egg Waffles - maple bacon waffles topped w/ fried egg $15.00
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Table Service
Hotel Steyne Upstairs Steyne 75 The Corso, Manly, NSW, 2095, Australia
Dine in, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Chinese, Yum Cha

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