Ma's Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar in Sunbury Menu

Prawn cracker - served with peanut sauce $3.50
Roti bread with peanut sauce $5.00
Fired wonton ( 6 pcs ) - minced chicken marinated filling in wonton pastry $6.00
Fried tofu ( 8 pcs ) - deep fried tofu served with sweet chillies sauce and peanut $6.00
Curry puff ( 4 pcs) - mince chicken curry filling in puff pastry served with sweet chili sauce ( vegetable version avilable) $6.90
Tempura prawns ( 5 pcs) - fresh king prawn cooked in tempura batter with sweet chilli sauce. $8.90
Tempura vegetables - assorted vegetables deep fried in tempura batter $6.00
Chicken satay (4 skewers) - grilled chciken on chefs own special peanut sauce $7.90
Spring rolls ( 6 pcs ) - your choice of vegetable or chicken spring rolls $6.90
Prawn spring roll (4pcs) - king prawn wrapped with spring roll pastry $7.90
Fish cake ( 4 pcs) - marinated minced fish with red curry paste serve with sweet chillies sauce, cucumber and peanut $7.90
Coconut prawn (4 pcs) - prawn coated in desicated coconut with sweet chillies sauce $7.90
Mixed entrée - a combination of spring roll, prawn spring roll, satay, chicken curry puff and fish cake $9.90
Spicy calamari - tender piece calamari batter serves with capsicum, spring onion and chilli sauce $8.90
BBQ lemon prawns (5 pcs) - delicious BBQ prawns garnished with garlic , ginger lemon and chili $8.90
Tom yum soup - a classic Thai hot and sour soup, with your choice of
Vege $5.90 / chicken $6.90 / prawn, seafood $7.90
Tom kha soup - a classic Thai coconut milk soup with galangal and herbs , with your choice of
Vege $5.90 / chicken $6.90 / prawn, seafood $7.90
Wonton soup - tasty soup, chicken minced marinated wrap with wonton pastry $6.90
Tom jurd / clear soup - Thai style mildly soup vegetable with marinate chicken mince $6.90
Thai beef salad ( yum naur) - Thai style grilled beef salad with onion, cucumber, fresh chilies and lemon juice $11.90
Nam sod - minced chicken cooked with ginger, onion, roasted peanuts, chili, lemon juice and mints $11.90
Larb gai - minced chicken salad with onion, spring onion, chili and ground rice $11.90
Larb ped ( roast duck salad ) - roast duck salad with onion, chilli, lemon juice and ground rice $12.90
Yam pla murg ( calamari salad ) - calamari salad with oinions, chili, lemon juice and mint $12.90
Yum talay - seafood salad with oinions, chilli, lemon juice and mint $12.90
pla goong - prawns salad with onion, lemongrass and mild chilli paste dressing $12.90
Green curry ( gang keow whan ) - Thai green curry - in coconut milk, mixed vegetable and sweet basil N/A
Red curry ( gang gang ) - Thai red curry - in coconut milk, mixed vegetable and sweet basil N/A
Panang curry - thickend and tasty red curry in coconut milk, lime leaves, capsicum N/A
With your choice of - vegetable $11.90
Chicken , pork or beef $12.90
Duck, prawn or seafood $14.90
Massaman curry beef - popular beef curry - cooked in coconut milk with various spices, tamarind, potato, onions, carrot , pineapple and peanut $14.90
Chef Specials
BBQ pork (moo yang) - grilled pork marinated with garlic, pepper. With sweet chilli sauce $13.90
BBQ chicken ( gai yang) - grilled chicken Maryland marinated with lemon grass, garlic, pepper, served with sweet chilli sauce $13.90
BBQ beef ( crying tiger) - grilled beef marinated with chili, garlic , pepper with spicy chili sauce $13.90
Pla chu chee - deep fried fish fillet topped with red curry sauce and lime leaf $14.90
Pla sam rod - deep fried fish fillet topped with three flavoured sauce $14.90
Pla lui suan - deep fried fish fillet with green apple salad and cashews nut $14.90
Pla lard khing - deep fried fish fillet topped with stir fry vegetable with ginger sauce $14.90
Talay ruam mit - stir fired mixed seafood , vegetable and sweet chilli paste $14.90
Panag curry lamb - diced lamb in testy panang curry sauce $14.90
Stir fried dishes
Pad med mamuang - stir fried cashews nut, onion, vegetables , spring onion and sweet chilli paste N/A
Pad bai kra prao - thai sweet basil, chilli , garlic , onion, capsicum and vegetable N/A
Pad puk - stir fried mixed vegetables with tofu and oyster sauce N/A
Pad khing - stir fried vegetables , fresh ginger, onion , black fungus mushroom N/A
Pad kratiem prik thai - stir fried garlic, pepper ( serve with steamed vegetable) N/A
Pad num prik poaw - stir fried vegetables, with sweet chilli paste N/A
Pad prik gang - stir fried vegetable, bamboo, Thai basil and red chilli paste N/A
Pad phong karee - stir fried yellow curry sauce, egg and vegetable N/A
Pad satay - stir fried mixed vegetables and peanut sauce N/A
With your choice of -vegetable $11.90
Chicken, pork or beef $12.90
Duck, prawn or seafood $14.90
Rice and noodles
Pad thai - stir fried rice noodles with egg, crushed peanuts , beans shoots and tofu N/A
Pad see ew - sti fried thick noodles with egg, dark soya sauce and vegetable N/A
Pad kee mao - stir fried thick rice noodles , chilli, garlic and thai basil N/A
Kao pad - Thai style fried rice with egg , tomatoes , onion and carrot N/A
With your choice of -vegetable $11.90
Chicken, pork or beef $12.90
Duck, prawn or seafood $14.90
Pad egg noodle chicken - stir fried egg noodle with egg, chicken and vegetable $12.90
Kao pad saparod - thai pineapple fried mixed seafood , pineapple and curry powder $14.90
Side Dishes
Steamed rice
Small $2.50 / Large $ 3.00
Coconut rice
Small $3.00 / Large $ 3.50
Roti bread with peanut sauce $5.00
Soft drinks
Coke, diet coke, lemonade, lemon squash and fanta Can $1.50 / 1.25L $3.70

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Noodle Haven (sample menu)
MEE GORENG SEAFOOD Thick egg noodles with medley of seafood, tofu & asian greens in a curry sauce. Served mild, medium or hot. $11.50
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Vegetable $12.00
Tom Yum ** Spicy hot and sour with lemongrass, lime leaves mushroom, lemon juice and coriander. -
Rockling fillets $15.00
Money bags ( 5 pieces ) A delicate pastry pouch filled with prawn, vegetable Served with plum sauce. $7.00
Pud Khing Stir-fried with young ginger and mixed vegetables. -
Yellow curry Yellow curry paste cooked in coconut milk, potato, carrot, onion topped with cashew nuts. -
Goong Hom Pa (4 pieces) Deep fried prawn wrapped in pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce. $7.00
Red curry Traditional red curry from dried red chilli paste cooked in coconut milk and vegetables. -
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Hommus Small $5.50 / Large$7.00
Adana Kebab - Spicy beef mince on a flat skewer served with salad in Turkish bread $11.00
Tabouli Salad Small $5.00/ Large $6.50
Chicken Shish Kebab - Chicken cubes marinated cooked on a skewer served with salad and Turkish bread $12.00
Mixed Kebab - Both lamb& chicken served with salad in Turkish bread $11.00
Turkish Bread Loaf $5.00
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Spicy bean curd $5.50
With chinese mushrooms $16.50
Kung po fish $16.50
Roast pork omelette $14.50
With cashew nuts $17.50
Honey chicken $15.00
Sizzling lamb $17.00
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Egg & bacon toast $3.50
Crab Sticks $1.50
Jar of onions $4.50
King George Whiting $7.20
Chicken $8.90
Dim Sims Steamed $1.00
Fish Burger $7.50
The Lot $9.70
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Table Service
95a Evan St, Sunbury, VIC, 3429, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Thai

Ma's Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar

Lovely and accommodating staff, very helpful with menu choices. Great atmosphere and beautiful décor.

Ma's Thai Restaurant & Wine Bar Sunbury Menu

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