Megisti Blu Restaurant in Belmore Menu

Banquet / Set Menu
BANQUET MENU OPTIONS: For 6 or more At managements request groups greater then 6 are required to choose from the set menu/banquet options. Megisti Blu hopes you enjoy your evening. -
- -
Megisti Blu Mezedes $42 per person
Greek salad -
Choice of 2 dips & bread -
Haloumi cheese -
Followed by platters of Lamb Souvlakia, Keftedes w/pesto, Spicy Calamari, BBQ Octopus, crispy pork ribs, & smoked paprika chicken, served w/lemon, fries & fresh fruit. -
-- -
Megisti Blu Deluxe Mezedes $47 per person
Greek salad -
Choice of 2 dips & bread -
Megisti Octopus -
Followed by platters of Fresh Oyster, BBQ king prawns, Lamb Souvlakia, Glikadia, Spicy Calamari, Tiropites, Loukaniko & smoked paprika chicken, served w/lemon, fries & fresh fruit. -
--- -
The Megisti Blu Meat Platter $55 per person
Greek salad -
Eggplant w/bacon & feta -
Choice of 2 dips & bread -
Followed by platters of Lamb Cutlets, Lamb Souvlakia, Glikadia, crispy pork ribs, smoked paprika chicken, Loukaniko & w/lemon, fries & fresh fruit. -
---- -
The Megisti Blu Seafood Platter $60 per person
Greek salad -
Anchovies & fresh prawns -
Choice of 2 dips & bread -
Followed by platters of Blue Swimmer Crab, Garlic Mussels, BBQ Octopus, Grilled Barramundi fillet, Spiced Calamari, Oysters Kilpatrick, Pesto king prawns, served w/lemon, fries & fresh fruit. -
----- -
Serves 4 - 48hrs pre order required $200
Megisti Lamb Kleftiko -
Greek salad. -
Hummus, Taramasalata, Tzatziki, Eggplant w/Skordalia & Saganaki cheese -
Followed by Whole fresh Australian leg of lamb Cooked very slowly on the bone w/onions, garlic, rosemary & wine. -
Served w/Horta, rocket salad, rosemary potatoes, stuffed tomatoes & green beans. -
------ -
House Set Menu Greek salad, Melitzano Salata, Taramasalata, & Megisti Octopus $55
Followed by your choice of Kotopoulo w/prosciutto Served w/sage butter, rosemary potatoes & an eggplant tomato & olive relish. -
Or Whole Trout Served w/stuffed tomatoes & rosemary potatoes -
Or Sirloin Steak Sautéed w/onions, mushrooms & red wine, served w/rosemary potatoes & Horta. All platters are priced for two people -

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Popular Menu Items
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Popular Menu Item Seared Scallops Seared Scallops Another very popular seafood dish are scallops, which are seared for only a minute or so on either side, and then served on a bed of cauliflower puree or roasted cauliflower. They are also served with seaweed and a soy dip, following the oriental style. Usually a starter size portion, and can sometimes feature crisped pan fried chorizo instead of bacon. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Mussels Mussels You'll find mussels on all seafood restaurant menus throughout the country. We recommend trying them simply steamed with a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Oysters Oysters Fresh or cooked they are wonderful and washed down with a glass of local bubbles. They are a perfect Aussie memory. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Lobster Lobster Lobsters are very popular as long as your wallet can afford it! Tends to be expensive most of the year but people still love them. Usual way of serving is just simply grilled and covered in garlic and herb butter, but lobster salad with baby potatoes is also popular. Quite often only the tail is served and accompanied by prawns or scallops. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Fish Fish Fish is a massive part of the Australian diet, unsurprising since most of the population live on the coast! You will find a variety of fish on every seafood restaurant menu with varieties such as tuna, barramundi, flathead and salmon, just to name a few. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Mezze Mezze Traditional starter of an array of small plates of Greek food, similar to eating tapas style in Spain. Regular dishes include hummus (chickpeas with garlic and tahini) taramasalata ( fish roe), felafels and kofte (spicy meatballs or cigar shaped formed meat with herbs, spice and onions), grilled octopus, grilled halloumi cheese and an aubergine salad, plus many more. Served with pitta bread for dipping and cucumber and mint tsatsiki Greek
Popular Menu Item Moussaka Moussaka An oven baked lasagna style dish but with the pasta being replaced by layers of eggplant. In between the layers is a delicious mix of spiced minced lamb with oregano and tomatoes. The whole dish is topped with a béchamel sauce and baked in the oven until the top is bubbling and golden. Some moussakas have a more savoury custard topping. Moussaka is made differently from restaurant to restaurant and can include sliced courgettes or part fried potato slices, depending on the chef’s recipes. Greek
Popular Menu Item Kleftiko Kleftiko A joint of lamb, usually a whole leg which has been slow roasted until it falls of the bone. Cooked with garlic, lemon, potatoes and onions with plenty of oregano and thyme and tomatoes. Often the lamb is wrapped in paper and sealed to keep in the flavour and left for many hours on a low heat. Very delicious and very Greek! Greek
Popular Menu Item Souvlaki Souvlaki An Amazing Greek dish consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. Check with the staff to the scale of heat as it has been know to surprise people! Be brave and add more spice with a hot chill sauce or soften the heat with garlic yoghurt or hummus Greek
Popular Menu Item Spanakopita Spanakopita A Greek savoury pastry often served as a starter or a snack, consisting of filo pastry wrapped around a filling of chopped spinach, feta cheese, onions, egg and seasoning. The dish is usually served as a triangular pastry, but some restaurants make large trays, almost pie like, and cut out wedges to serve with a mixed salad and yoghurt dip. Greek
Popular Menu Item Baclava Baclava Very sweet and almost ‘teeth-curling’ this is a delicious Greek pastry served as a dessert and comprising of flaky filo pastry, crisp on the outside but with a gooey filling of cinnamon spiced nuts and dried fruit bathed in honey or a sweet syrup. Whilst sold in restaurants as a dessert, it is often found in Greek delis and sandwich shops. Greek
Popular Menu Item Champagne Champagne Champagne and lobster go hand in hand at most of the seafood bars. Each restaurant will have their own house champagne but offering top class vintage champagnes as well such as Crystal and Louise Roderer. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Gewurztraminer Gewurztraminer An ‘off-white’ white wine, very light and a perfect match for seafood. Originally from the Alsace region of France, but now copied by other countries. Should not be expensive, and is similar to Sauvignon Blanc (another good choice with seafood) Seafood
Popular Menu Item Ouzo Ouzo Traditional Greek drink served as an aperitif, although Greek people will drink it at any time! Quite a firey spirit, totally clear until water is added and it becomes cloudy. Almost aniseed in flavour, not unlike the French Pernod, but stronger. Greek
Popular Menu Item Rakomello Rakomello This is more like a ‘hot toddy’ and made with the incredibly alcoholic raki spirit, but mellowed down with water, honey, cloves and cinnamon. Served hot, it is particularly popular in winter months – worth trying, it is quite unique, and the Greeks use it for ‘medicinal purposes’ !! Greek
Popular Menu Item Retsina Retsina Another traditional Greek wine, not known for its smoothness. It has been resonated with pine to preserve the wine, an age old tradition from thousands of years ago. It pairs effortlessly with dishes containing herbs such as rosemary, oregano and dill and is a good accompaniment to chicken and fish dishes. Crisp and quite a herbal taste, but some people really like it. Retsina is also available in a rose version but not all restaurants stock it – do ask though, as it is eminently more palatable than the white version! Greek

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
465 Burwood Rd, Belmore, NSW, 2192, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Greek, Seafood

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