Metro Chicken in Wooloowin Menu

BBQ Chicken
Hot Chicken $13.75
1/2 Chicken $6.95
1/4 Chicken $4.75
Cold Chicken $9.90
2 Cold Chickens $18.40
Family Dinner - Hot Chicken, 6 Potatoes, peas, gravy and Carrots $28.35
Family Feast - Hot Chicken, 8 potatoes, peas, gravy, carrots & 4 corn $31.95
1/2 Chicken Dinner - 1/2 Chicken, 2 potatoes, peas, gravy $10.70
1/4 Chicken Dinner - 1/4 Chicken, 2 potatoes, peas, gravy $9.15
1/2 Chicken & Chips $9.75
Chicken & Corn - 1/4 chicken, chips, corn & butter $9.40
Paradise Pack - 1/4 Chicken, chips, banana & pineapple fritter $9.40
Snack Pack - 1/4 Chicken & chips $7.75
Mini Pack - 1/8 Chicken & chips $5.85
Boneless Barbecue Chicken $18.15
Extra Large: $4.80, Large: $4.50, Small: $2.80
Extra Large: $6.90, Large: $5.40, Small: $3.85
Garlic Bread $3.55
Pineapple Fritter $1.55
Banana Fritter $2.00
Potatoes (each) $1.40
Pumpkin (piece) $1.60
Corn (cob) $2.20
Large: $3.55, Small: $2.30
Large: $3.55, Small: $2.30
Large: $3.55, Small: $2.30
6 Nuggets $4.55
Nuggets & Chips $6.75
12 Nuggets $8.90
18 Nuggets $13.20
Fish & Chips $8.75
Fish Fillet $5.35
Mixed Seafood - Fish pieces, prawns, calamari, seafood bites & chips $11.25
Prawns & Chips $9.45
Prawns (each) $2.10
Calamari & Chips $9.30
Calamari Pack $7.50
Seafood Bites (each) $1.50
Whiting & Chips $9.25
Seafood Burger - Whiting fillets, lettuce & tartare sauce $6.55
Tempura Fish & Chips $8.75
Tempura Fillet $5.35
Rolls & Chicken Burgers
Chicken Roll - 9 inch roll, barbeque Chicken & mayonnaise $5.95
Fillet Burger - Chicken fillet, lettuce & mayonnaise $5.75
De Luxe Burger - Chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce & mayonnaise $6.55
Works Burger - Chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise $6.80
Tropical Burger - Chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, pineapple & mayonnaise $6.80
Snack Burger - Skinless barbeque chicken, bacon, cheese & mayonnaise $6.65
Grilled Chicken Burger - Grilled Chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato & mayo $6.65
Grilled Tandoori Burger - Grilled Tandoori Chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise $6.80
Coleslaw / Potato Salad
Large: $7.20, Medium: $5.45, Small: $2.55
Egg Salad
Large: $7.80, Medium: $6.20, Small: $2.75
Seafood Platter - 4 x Fish, 8 Prawn cutlets, 8 seafood bites, 16 calamari rings, chips, tartare sauce & lemon $45.50
Mixed Platter - 2 x Fish, 4 prawn cutlets, 8 calamari rings, 4 pieces of Chicken, 4 pineapple or banana fritters, chips, tartare sauce & lemon $37.90
Catering Price List
Barbecue Chicken (each) $13.75
Roast Beef (serves 10) $37.00
Roast Lamb (serves 10) $40.00
Roast Pork (serves 10) $40.00
Salads - Coleslaw, Potato - Per kilo $12.55
Salads - Egg Salad (1 kg serves approx 10 people) - per kilo $13.85
Gravy - per kilo $10.55
Peas & Carrots (1 kg serves approx 10 people) - per kilo $10.55
Potatoes (each) $1.40
Pumpkin (each) $1.60
Garlic Bread (each) $3.55
Nuggets (includes 1 sauce per 5 nuggets) (each) $0.80
Boneless BBQ Chicken (ideal for sandwiches) - Per kilo $18.15
Corn (includes 1 butter per corn) (each) $2.20
Dinner Rolls (each) $0.90
Pineapple Fritter (each) $1.55
Banana Fritter (each) $2.00
Chips (1 kg serves approx 4 - 5 people) - per kilo $12.80
Wedges (includes 110gm sauce per kilo) - per kilo (raw weight) $14.50
Party Packs
Serves 15 people - 15 Spring Rolls, 20 Seafood Bites, 20 Chicken Pieces, 40 Party Meatballs, 15 Chicken Nuggets, 15 Party Sausage Rolls, 2 - 110 gm sauce $200.00
Serves 25 people - 25 Spring Rolls, 20 Fish Pieces, 25 Seafood Bites, 30 Chicken Pieces, 50 Party Meatballs, 25 Chicken Nuggets, 25 Party Sausage Rolls, 4 -110g sauce $285.00
Serves 35 people -35 Fish Pieces, 35 Seafood Bites, 40 Chicken Pieces, 70 Party Meatballs, 35 Chicken Nuggets, 35 Party Sausage Rolls, 35 Spring rolls, 6 -110g sauce $355.00

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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
928 Logan Rd, Holland Park, QLD, 4121, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Hamburgers, Takeaway Food

Metro Chicken

This is the best place ever! Amazing chips, lovely service

Metro Chicken Wooloowin Menu

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