Montezuma's in Worongary Menu

Dips / starters
Hot Sauce Dip Mild ranchero sauce served with heated corn chips $7.95
Frijole Dip Whipped beans, garnished with ranchero sauce & cheese, served with heated corn chips $7.95
Queso Fundido A blend of melted cheeses, fresh ripe tomatoes, onions and peppers, presented piping hot with heated corn chips (highly recommended) $9.95
Combination Dip Serving of above 3 dips with heated corn chips $10.95
Guacamole Dip Blend of spiced avocado served with heated corn chips in edible corn tortilla basket (only available in season) $10.95
Taquitos Two rolled deep fried corn tortillas stuffed with beef, garnished with ranchero sauce, lettuce and matured cheese $7.95
Chilli Con Carne A tasty dish of ground beef, simmered with tomatoes, beans, onions, herbs, spices, garnished with cheese & shallots. Served with heated corn chips $11.95
Quesadilla Wheat tortillas covered with oven melted cheese, spicy Mexican sausage mix, baked in oven, garnished with lettuce and more cheese $12.95
Nachos San Antonio Nachos with jalapenos, sour cream, olives
$10.95 1/2 serve / $13.95 Full Plate
Nachos Con Reacaudo Nachos with garlic prawns, tangy green sauce, sour cream, served on a bed of rice
$14.95 1/2 serve / $19.95 Full Plate
- Vegetarian – Frijoles (whipped beans) or Picadillo (frijoles, almonds, sultanas) $4.50
- Shredded Beef or Chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage mix) $4.95
- Chicken with ranchero sauce $4.95
Tostada Crunchy corn tortilla heaped with frijoles, lettuce, onions, cheese and sauce -
- Vegetarian – Frijoles (whipped beans) or Picadillo (frijoles, almonds, sultanas) $9.95
- Sin Carne (crunchy corn tortilla heaped with rice, cheese, almonds & sultanas) $10.95
- Carne (shredded beef) $10.95
Montezuma's Delight A corn tortilla smothered with frijoles, cheese, heaped with a diced vegetable salad, ranchero sauce, sour cream, topped with sweet black olives -
- Vegetarian (frijoles, rice and cheese) $15.95
- Carne (shredded beef) $17.95
- Pollo (chicken) $17.95
Albondigas Mexican meatballs with sauce and cheese on a bed of rice $14.95
Enchiladas Soft corn tortilla dipped in sauce, rolled and topped with cheese and oven baked in Mexican sauce -
- Vegetarian (beans & cheese) served with rice and beans $15.95
- Picadillo (vegetarian with almonds and sultanas) served with rice and beans $15.95
- Cheese, Capsicum and Olives served with rice and beans $15.95
- Chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage mix, topped with sour cream) with rice and beans $16.95
- Carne (beef and cheese) served with rice and beans $17.95
- Chicken and sour cream served with rice and beans $17.95
- Seafood (garlic prawns and seafood filling, topped with sour cream) rice and salad $19.95
Chilli Verde Prime chunks of pure beef steak, simmered with onions, spices, herbs, green capsicum, garnished with jalapeno sauce and cheese, served on a bed of Spanish rice $15.95
Chicken Mexican Half a succulent chicken oven baked with an enchilada sauce glaze, served with Spanish rice and frijoles $19.95
Combination meals
Sanan Andres Garlic prawns sauteed in ranchero sauce, jalapenos and capsicum, topped with cheese, baked in oven, served with Spanish rice and two warm wheat tortillas $22.95
Taco Platter Vegetarian- 3 frijole tacos and salad $15.95
- Carne - 3 beef tacos and salad $17.95
- Special - chicken taco, chorizo taco, bean taco and salad $17.95
Yucatan Beef taco, chorizo enchilada, sour cream and rice $17.95
Acapulco (Vegetarian) picadillo taco, frijole enchilada and rice $17.95
Muchachos 4 taquitos on a bed of rice $16.95
Santa Fe Beef taco, bean taco, chicken tostada $17.95
Tampico 3 taquitos, beef taco, bean taco $17.95
Speedy Gonzales Chilli con carne, heated corn chips, beef taco and salad $17.95
Tostada Platter Choice of any 2 tostadas with salad. Carne, Chicken, Picadillo, Guacamole, Vegetarian $20.95
Chihuahua 2 taquitos, beef tostada and salad $18.95
Jalisco Chilli con carne, 2 taquitos, beef taco $18.95
Gringo Beef enchilada, beef burrito and rice $23.95
La Jolla Chorizo enchilada, beef enchilada,sour cream, beans and rice $22.95
Salad (Montezuma's own unique freshly diced vegetable salad, with dressing & topped with cheese). Sm $6.50 / Lg $8.50
Two soft warm wheat tortillas $2.50
Bowl of ranchero sauce (hot or very hot) $2.50
Bowl of tomatillo sauce $2.50
Bowl of jalapenos $2.50
Bowl of rice $2.95
Bowl of sour cream $2.95
Bowl of heated corn chips $2.95
Mexican Date Cake (Montezuma's famous cake with walnut & syrup topping served warm with ice-cream) $6.95
Mexican Flan (traditional creme caramel served with ice-cream, sultanas and almonds) $6.95
Chocolate Mousse (a favourite chocolate delight served with cream) $5.50
Mexican Mango Mousse (a light tropical treat served with cream) $5.95
Helado (vanilla ice-cream served with chocolate or strawberry topping) $5.50
Helado con Coconut Liqueur (vanilla ice-cream drizzled with coconut liqueur) $6.95
Kids menu
Tacos Beans, lettuce and cheese $4.50
- Beef, lettuce and cheese $4.90
- Chicken, lettuce and cheese (soft wheat tortilla also available) $4.90
Nachos Crunchy corn chips smothered in melted cheese with a side of red ranchero sauce $6.50
El Toro Make your own meal - a wheat tortilla, cheese, lettuce and a bowl of -
- Beans $5.50
- Shredded Beef $6.50
- Chicken $6.50
Baby Bondigas Mexican meatballs with tasty tomato topping and cheese on a bed of rice $6.50
Ninos Enchilada Soft corn tortilla dipped in sauce, topped with cheese and oven baked. Served with rice -
- Beans and cheese $7.50
- Beef and cheese $8.50
- Chicken, cheese and sour cream $8.50
Amigo Burrito A wheat tortilla filled with your choice of filling (as below), sour cream & cheese, baked in oven, served with rice -
- Beans $8.50
- Shredded Beef $9.50
Ice-Cream 2 scoops with your favourite topping. Strawberry or Chocolate $3.50
Chocolate Mousse A yummy chocolate dessert topped with whipped cream (or 1 scoop of ice-cream) $5.50

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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Lamb Lamb ‘Chuletillas de Cordero – beautiful little tender lamb chops are cooked with a garlic and salt crust. Can be served as a tapas hot or cold, but usually served with a side dish of crispy potato cubes, marinated in herbs and garlic and fried. Very tasty. Spanish
Popular Menu Item Caesar Salad Caesar Salad Originating in New York, way back in the early 1900’s this salad is served in every restaurant in the US. Crisp Romaine lettuce is served with a parmesan and garlic mayonnaise, anchovies and croutons, with more grated fresh parmesan on the top. Some restaurants also serve this dish with a boiled egg, or serve as a Chicken Caesar Salad. American
Popular Menu Item Chilli con Carne Chilli con Carne The staple dish served in Mexican restaurants. They normally ask you how hot you want it! The usual minced beef with tomatoes, chillies and kidney beans and served with rice and a side salad. Plenty of bread is also served in a basket to mop up the final bits of sauce. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Burritos Burritos Another version of chilli but wrapped in a soft tortilla roll and served with sour cream, more diced chillis and onions. The tortilla is normally soft grilled or steamed to make it softer so that you can wrap the filling inside and eat with your hands if you want! Salad on the side will certainly cool your mouth down! Mexican
Popular Menu Item Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Tikka Masala is know all around the world as one of the most popular Indian dishes. Served off the bone, the chicken is cooked in a tandoor oven and then braised in a creamy, coconut sauce with a hint of tomatoes and masala spices. Mild to medium heat and served with pilau rice and peshwari naan bread, you rarely see anything left on the plate! Add Mango chutney for a little more sweetness, or lime pickle which will blow your socks off! Indian
Popular Menu Item Lamb Madras Lamb Madras A hotter, sharper dish, but very popular. Strong tomato based sauce with lamb that has been marinated and braised over a period of time. Spices used include chilli, garlic, cumin, coriander and ginger, creating a much stronger flavour and without the sweetness of coconut used in many Indian dishes. Accompany with deep fried onion bhajis, naan bread and cucumber and mint raita to cool you down! Indian
Popular Menu Item Crispy Duck with Pancakes Crispy Duck with Pancakes Served in virtually every Chinese restaurant around the country, Crispy Duck is a sociable way of eating with a group of friends or family. The duck is air-dried and then roasted in the oven with a honey and soy glaze and Chinese 5-Spice. This renders the skin crisp while the flesh stays tender. It is then shredded and served with a plum sauce, pancakes and finely sliced matchstick pieces of cucumber and spring onion. Take one of the pancakes from the bamboo steamer, a spoonful of sauce and top with the shredded vegetables and duck. Roll up and crunch it to it, simply delicious! Chinese
Popular Menu Item Onion Bhaji Onion Bhaji One of the most popular starter or side dishes in Indian restaurants. Shredded onion is mixed with herbs, spices and flour then deep fried in either flat rosti style cakes, or round balls. Usually served with shredded lettuce, onion, cucumber and tomato and a tray of dips, including cucumber raita, mango and red hot lime pickle. Indian
Popular Menu Item Butter Chicken Butter Chicken Butter Chicken is a much loved dish in Australia. Usually served mild in restaurants, you can of course ask for added heat. It is creamy, smells divine and is full of flavour. If you have someone in your group who is not a fan of hot curries this is certainly the dish for them to try. Cashew Paste is often used to thicken the sauce which adds the richness to the dish. Indian
Popular Menu Item Tapas Tapas Tapas has had a rapid rise in popularity over the last 5 years due to the sociability of eating in groups in a casual way. Lots of small dishes are provided as ‘taster’ type delights, consisting of food such as ham and cheese croquettes (croquetas), garlic prawns (gambas ajillo), patatas bravas (spiced potato, garlic and tomato baked dish), tortilla (Spanish omelette) and many others. Usually eaten with a good bottle of Spanish wine. Spanish
Popular Menu Item Spanish Omelette Spanish Omelette There are many varieties of the spanish omelette but the true variation only consists of eggs with potato and onions with a hint of garlic. Nowadays restaurants also serve them with capsicum and they are frequently part of a tapas platter. Usually sliced into wedges and served with bread, the Spanish often make this dish into a sandwich! Spanish
Popular Menu Item Chorizo Chorizo A spicy hard sausage that is used in many dishes, or served on its own as part of a tapas. When fried, the deep red colour seeps into the pan (the colour comes from the smoked paprika from which the sausage is made). Can be served sliced in baguettes or included in other dishes, including potato dishes, it adds a different texture and warmth to whichever meal you have. Spanish
Popular Menu Item Paella Paella Paella is served in huge circular pans, set in the middle of the table for sharing. Originating in Valencia in the l9th Century, when it was essentially a rice dish with vegetables and seafood or meat, most paellas are now mixed and include chicken, squid, vegetables, rice, saffron and white wine, with heaps of garlic! The rice is often left to ‘crisp’ up on the base of the pan and needs scraping to remove – very delicious. Spanish
Popular Menu Item Gazpacho Gazpacho A summery cold soup, very traditional but also made in several different ways in restaurants. The base of the soup is tomato and pepper which as been blitzed from raw, and with the addition of cucumber, onions, tarragon and garlic. A dish of diced cucumber, capsicum and avocado in salsa-style is served to the side to sprinkle over your soup, along with garlic croutons. A very delicious appetiser Spanish
Popular Menu Item Chicken Wings Chicken Wings Chicken wings – barbecue marinade, spicy chilli marinade and even southern fried coating are predominant in American restaurants. Small wings and even tiny drumsticks are served, skin on with a delicate marinade and a selection of dips, such as barbecue, chilli, blue cheese and lime and pepper. Sometimes chargrilled and other times cooked in the oven and oozing in sauce. Starter portions are usually quite large! American
Popular Menu Item Meat Loaf Meat Loaf A staple dish in the USA, meatloaf is usually cooked in the oven and consists of a combination of meats such as minced beef, pork or chicken, laden with onions, herbs and spices and usually served with a gravy or spicy tomato sauce. Sometimes served with fries and salad or even coleslaw or roasted vegetables and even mashed potato, a classic meal eaten in households all over the US. American
Popular Menu Item Burgers Burgers What is an American restaurant without burgers? Every US café and restaurant in Australia will serve burgers and plenty of different varieties and toppings. Usually come with bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce, jalapenos, lettuce and tomatoes inside a seeded bun. Other varieties include chilli burgers (served with minced beef) ranch burgers served with blue cheese and Italian burgers served with crisped up pancetta and mozzarella. Side dishes are usually fries and salads. American
Popular Menu Item Taco Taco There are food trucks doing great tacos around the country. The Fish tacos are delicious with lime sauce and pickles. Our recommendation is to seek out the food trucks, grab some tacos and chill out in the sunshine. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Pancakes Pancakes Served as part of a breakfast or as a dessert, you cannot escape pancakes in all forms and fashions in an American restaurant. For breakfast, which tends to be all day in American restaurants in Sydney, they are served with thin and crispy rashers of bacon and maple syrup. For dessert, they can be served with fruit and syrup, ice cream and even extra cream. Banana pancakes are one of the most popular served. American
Popular Menu Item Fries or Chips Fries or Chips Still predominant on menus, chips or fries are served in so many different ways now. Fat chips or skinny fries, curly fries, straight cut or skin-on wedges are all served with various meals or on their own. Some of the fries are served just salted, but others are seasoned with spices such as Cajun, to make them that little bit hotter. Usually served with dips or sauces such as barbecue sauce, ranch dressing or just plain tomato sauce. American
Popular Menu Item Nachos Nachos Everyone loves nacho chips, particularly when they are smothered in salsa, jalapenos and grated cheese and when the cheese melts under the grill – delicious! Can be served with a side order of guacamole and sour cream, its almost a meal in itself, but usually a sharing bowl on the table as a starter or with drinks. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Quesadillas Quesadillas These are similar to burritos but the filling is wrapped inside the tortilla, cheese is grated over (and sometimes a white sauce) and then baked in the oven.The fillings differ – minced chilli beef is the most popular but they can be filled with spinach, peppers and jalapenos, with grated cheese. Usually served in an oval dish, bubbling from the oven, with a side salad. Mexican version of garlic bread with jalapenos is a must if you like lots of spice! Mexican
Popular Menu Item Kingfisher Kingfisher This is probably the most popular beer served in Indian restaurants, the brewery being owned by one of the richest men in the world! 5% alcohol content, but the taste is quite light and quite refreshing with a hot curry. Indian
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer Tsingtao is the most popular Chinese beer in China. Best served with spicy food, it is crisp and refreshing when ice cold. It has a nutty, sweet taste and is a perfect accompaniment to Chinese dishes. It is a lager style beer and a modest 4.8% alcohol. Chinese
Popular Menu Item Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea is a famous Chinese tea brew, deeply aromatic and usually served at the end of a meal with great ceremony. Always served with a teapot and cup, often on a bamboo mat. The unique flavour and aroma is caused by the jasmine blossom fragrance being absorbed into the tea during growth. Subtlely sweet, is is renowned throughout the world. Chinese
Popular Menu Item Beer Beer There are some great ‘Mexican’ beers, which can also originate from Spain! Bottled beers are served such as Sol and Mexicana, usually served with a wedge of lime in the neck of the bottle. Mexican
Popular Menu Item Naranja Naranja The Spanish are very proud of their oranges, so much so that they make a big thing out of serving fresh juice ‘presse’ style, which means the oranges are freshly pressed only when the drink is ordered. The oranges tend to be very sweet and are often used in cocktail style beverages, particularly with a touch of Grenadine and a green liquer such as crème de menthe or Chartreuse. Whichever way, the drink is a kick of sunshine. Spanish
Popular Menu Item Rioja Wine Rioja Wine The most prolific Spanish wine served, Rioja is popular with red wine drinkers, whether amateurs or connoisseurs. Deep and fruity from the Rioja region of Spain, it comes in many varieties, but a good example should be smooth and velvety. Varies in price, but a good one can be purchased at a relatively cheap price. Spanish
Popular Menu Item American Beers American Beers Some of the larger American restaurants serve all types of beer including stouts, ales, lagers, wheat beers and special brews, sometimes up to 40 different types. The bigger restaurants will also tend to have custom brews, which are usually smooth and wheaty. Cider has also become popular, even though in the US it is not so prevalent. Bottled beers are also readily available and will almost always be American. American
Popular Menu Item Green Tea Green Tea Green tea is very popular in Chinese restaurants and sushi bars. This could be due to its apparent ‘healing properties’ and distinct flavour. Green Tea aids digestion of raw food and has a slightly earthy but not unpleasant taste. Served in a cup that is often prettily decorated. Chinese, Sushi
Popular Menu Item Sangria Sangria This is a lovely refreshing ‘punch’ style drink, served in big pitchers or jugs and set on the table for everyone to share. Alcohol content varies, as some restaurants make it the traditional way with red wine, chopped fruit and brandy, while others make it a cooler, longer drink with red wine and soda or lemonade, but still with copious amount of fruit. Called Sangria due to its deep red colour (sangria means ‘blood’ in Spanish) it is served in restaurants and pubs in Australia in the summer months, with lots of ice. Fruit often includes apples, oranges, melon, pears and nectarines, more or less any fruit available. Spanish
Popular Menu Item Manhattan Manhattan One of the most famous American cocktails, this is normally promoted in most American-style restaurants. Cocktail list is usually pretty comprehensive, but the Manhattan is probably the most asked for. A mixture of whisky (usually rye whisky), sweet vermouth and bitters, it is stirred or shaken with great gusto and then strained into a cocktail glass. Sometimes it is served as a longer drink over ice in a highball glass. Decorated with a cherry or a slice of lemon, most restaurants will serve variations of this cocktail with other elements. American
Popular Menu Item Tequila Tequila Tequila has become popular drunk as a shot, and followed down by an ice cold Mexican beer! Very strong spirit, served with wedges of lime and salt to eat off the back of your hand! Definitely a drink originating from Mexico and drunk in pubs and bars as well as restaurants. Can also be drank as a long drink such as a Tequila Slammer, which is made using a fizzy drink such as lemonade or ginger ale. Slammer Royale is a serious drink for the ‘professional’ – Tequila is mixed with champagne! Mexican

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Spanish, American, International, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, European


The Taste Of MexicoOur restaurants offer a menu of authentic Mexican dishes sufficiently varied to cater to a range of tastes.Dinner from 5.30 - late 7 daysChocolate, Gluten Free, Local Produce, MSG-free, Seafood, Spicy, Steak, Vegan, Vegetarian, Bookings Required, BYO, Childrens Menu, Group Booking, Licensed, Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Pie, Prawn, Rice, Salads, Sausage, Tacos, Vegetables, Children Friendly, Birthdays, Dinners, Lunches, Training, Bar, 101 - 200, Disabled Access, Gift Vouchers, Reservations Accepted, Takeaway, Accredited, Guaranteed, Australian Owned, Family Operated, Family Owned, Locally Operated, Locally Owned, Owner Operated, Open Late, Open Monday - Friday, Open Saturdays, Open Sundays

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