Mylan Restaurant in Wollongong Menu

Spring rolls or veg cha gio $9.00
Fresh rolls or veg goi cuon (GF) $9.00
Steamed dim sims or veg xiu mai $9.00
Steamed rice rolls or veg banh cuon(GF) $12.00
Calamari balls muc vien $9.00
Spicy beef salad goi bo (GF) $12.00
Battered king prawn skewers tom ghim $10.00
Chicken skewers ga ghim $10.00
Chicken roti (GF)
Slowly simmered tender thigh fillets with tomato rice and fresh salad
Vietnamese mild chicken curry (GF) $13.50
Thai red curry with rice
Chicken fillet or king prawn
Vegetarian $13.00
Dry combination or vegetarian with special sauce - egg or rice noodle $13.50
A modernised malaysian creamy coconut chicken stock topped with special herbs and spices
Chicken or beef $14.00
Combination (chicken and seafood) $14.50
King prawn or seafood $14.50
Vegetable $13.00
Extra delicious wonton (3) $4.50
Choose your liking of either egg or rice noodles with our flavoursome clear chicken and pork stock
Chicken fillet $13.00
King prawn & wonton $14.00
Seafood $14.00
Satay seafood $14.00
Wonton $13.00
Vegetable with veg dim sims $13.00
Golden roast duck $15.00
Crispy chicken $14.00
The traditional vietnamese beef & pork stock soup which is one of the country's best known riches
Beef or chicken fillet $14.00
Beef special (beef : fillet, balls, brisket & tripe $15.00
Vegetable $14.00
Fresh delicious vermicelli noodles and salad mixed with the topping of your choice
Charcoal pork verm bun thit nuong $14.00
Special vermicelli bun dac biet
(spring rolls / grilled pork / charcoal pork /and lemon grass beef )
Pork/ veg spring roll vermicelli $13.00
Lemongrass chicken or beef vermicelli $14.00
Lemongrass king prawn vermicelli $15.00
Lemongrass chicken/beef & spring rolls $14.50
Extra spring rolls (2) $4.00
(rice can be replaced with rice/egg noodle for $1 extra)
Vegetarian fried rice (GF) $12.00
Mylan fried rice (tomato rice) (gf) $12.00
Special fried rice (GF) $13.50
Crispy skin chicken & tomato rice(GF) $15.00
●satay (GF)
-beef or chicken $14.50
-combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
-tofu & vegetables $13.50
●lemongrass or chilli (GF)
-beef or chicken $13.50
-combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
-tofu & vegetables $12.50
●spicy ginger & basil
-beef or chicken $13.50
-combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
-tofu & vegetables $12.50
●mixed vegetables (GF) -oyster sauce
-beef or chicken $13.50
-combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
-tofu & vegetables $12.50
●pepper sauce (GF)
-chicken or pork $13.50
●sizzling sweet chilli
-chicken, beef or pork $14.50
Beef or chicken $14.50
Combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
King prawn or seafood $14.50
Tofu & vegetables $13.50
Beef or chicken $14.50
Combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
King prawn or seafood $14.50
Tofu & vegetables $13.50
Beef or chicken $14.50
Combination (beef, chicken and seafood $14.50
King prawn or seafood $14.50
Tofu & vegetables $13.50
Takeaway box $0.50
Extra sauce $1.00

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Nam Restaurant (sample menu)
Pork / Chicken / Beef - Ginger, onion on cucumber & lettuce. $16.00
Beef Salad - Beef with lettuce, tomato and dressing. $11.00
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Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $8.00
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Pork / Beef (Braised only) - Tomato, celery, cucumber, onion, carrot and pineapple. $16.00
Lâ~u Canh Chua Tôm (Prawns Sour Soup) (Small/Large) Prawns in sour soup with pineapple, tomato, celery, vegetable. $20.00/$25.00
Ginseng /Lipton tea and Coffee $3.50
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Trang Vietnamese Restaurant (sample)
Fresh Rice Paper Rolls; Goi Cuon - Two Rolls Of Prawn & Chicken Or Vegetarian; Vermicelli Noodles & Herbs With Peanut Sauce $8
Steamed Rice Rolls - Two Rolls Of Pork Mince Fillings Served With Salad & Dressing N/A
Min Of 4 People Not Available For Takeaway. Includes - 4 Entrees Your Choice Of Four Entrées , 3 Main Meals Selection Of Three Main Meals (Includes Only One Seafood Dish) , All You Can Eat Steam Ric $30.00 per person
Pho Chay - Mixed Vegetables $11
Sizzling; Xao Sizzling - Spicy Sauce, Served On A Sizzling Hotplate N/A
Noodle Soup: Hu Tieu - Your Choice Of Noodles And Meat In A Clear Soup With Greens N/A
Mixed Entrée - Min Of 4 People; A Selection Of Four Entrees $10.00 per person
Extra Wontons (2) / Extra Spring Rolls (2) $3.50
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Seafood with Fresh Tofu $10.80
Hot Pot Chicken Taiwanese Style $9.80
Sizzling Garlic Chicken $9.80
Chicken Teriyaki $9.50
Sizzling Beef Black Bean Sauce $9.80
Duck with Crab Meat $14.00
Thai Green or Red Curry Chicken $10.00
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Food World Cafe (sample)
Honey chicken & rice $11.00
Fried rice beef and lettuce $11.00
Steam dim sim $6.00
Fried fish sweet & sour sauce and rice $11.00
Sezuan combination rice noodles (hot) $12.00
Shredded pork rice noodles $11.00
Crispy skin chicken noodles soup $11.00
-Any combination or noodles extra + $1.00
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Braised beef - Roasted tomatoes, rocket, shaved parmesan and pine nuts with aioli $9
+ Smoked salmon $4
+ Smashed avocado $3
+ smoked salmon $4
Free range fried or scrambled eggs on organic sourdough $7
Ricotta and fig on organic sourdough $6
Salad of the day $8
+ Haloumi $2
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
198 Keira St, Wollongong NSW 2500
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express
Vietnamese, Asian, Thai

Mylan Restaurant

Best Vietnamese Cuisine In WollongongCurry, Gluten Free, MSG-free, Noodles, Pancakes, Seafood, Vegan, Vegetarian, A La Carte, Banquets, BYO, Group Booking, Beef, Chicken, Desserts, Duck, Entrees, Meat, Pork, Rice, Salads, Satay, Soup, Vegetables, Children Friendly, Private Parties, Birthdays, Bucks Parties, Children’s Parties, Christenings, Christmas Parties, Engagements, Graduations, Hens Parties, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, 3 Courses, Dinners, Lunches, Cafe, 51 - 100, Gift Vouchers, Reservations Accepted, Takeaway, Family Operated, Family Owned, Independently Owned, Locally Operated, Locally Owned

Mylan Restaurant Wollongong Menu

Opening Hours

Friday 11am–3pm, 6–10pm

Saturday 11am–3pm, 6–10pm

Sunday Closed

Monday 11am–3pm, 6–10pm

Tuesday 11am–3pm, 6–10pm

Wednesday11am–3pm, 6–10pm

Thursday 11am–3pm, 6–10pm