Nandos in Chatswood Menu

Flame-Grilled PERi-PERi Chicken
For one Fresh A-grade chicken, marinated for 24 hours & basted with your choice of Plain...ish, Churrasco BBQ, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce.
1/4 Chicken $6.45 / 1/2 Chicken $11.45
4 Grilled Tenderloins $8.95
8 Churrasco BBQ Ribs $8.95
4 Churrasco BBQ Thigh Pieces $8.95
To share -
Whole Chicken Marinated, basted & flame-grilled to perfection. $18.45
Whole Chicken with 1 large side* $23.85
Whole Chicken with 2 large sides* $29.25
2 Whole Chickens with 2 large sides* $47.25
2 Whole Chickens with 3 large sides* $52.25
Mixed Platter 1/2 chicken, 8 ribs and 4 tenderloins. $26.95
Two's a Party* Two 1/4 chickens, 2 tenderloins, 2 thigh pieces and 2 regular sides. $27.25
Supremo Chicken Burger D G E Chicken breast, mixed lettuce, tomato, light mayo & PERi-PERi chutney on a white or wholemeal crusty Portuguese roll. *Nutritional Info based on White PG Roll $9.95
Supremo Chicken Burger with bacon & cheese D G SL S E $11.95
Supremo Chicken Burger with the Lot D G SL S E With bacon, cheese, caramelised onion and egg served on your choice of a white or wholemeal crusty, Portuguese roll. $13.95
Supremo Chicken Burger with Portuguese BBQ sauce D G E With BBQ sauce and caramelised onions. (No PERi-PERi chutney). $9.95
Veggie Supremo D G S E V Veggie pattie, mixed lettuce, carrot, tomato, light mayo & PERi-PERi Chutney. *Nutritional Info based on Wholemeal PG Roll $9.95
Classic Chicken Burger D G S E Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato & light mayo on a soft white bun. $8.45
Classic Chicken Burger with 2 chicken breasts D G S SM E $12.95
Classic Chicken Pita D G E Chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, & light mayo in a flavoursome pocket bread. $8.45
Veggie Pita D G E V Veggie pattie, cucumber, lettuce, tomato & light mayo in a flavoursome pocket bread. $8.45
Classic Chicken Wrap D G E Chicken tenderloins, lettuce, tomato & light mayo in a soft tomato tortilla. $7.45
Supremo Chicken Wrap D G S Chicken tenderloins, mixed lettuce, tomato, sweet chilli PERi-PERi sauce & light cream cheese in a soft multigrain tortilla. $8.45
Espetada S Hanging skewer of chicken, capsicum & onion served with your choice of regular side. $14.20
Espetada Grande (for 2-3 people) S Two skewers with large side. $26.80
Paella S SM Grilled chicken with tomatoes, onion & capsicum tossed over spicy rice. $10.75
Paella Grande (for 2-3 people) S SM $17.95
Garden Salad V Mixed lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, onion, shredded carrot & cherry tomato. $8.95
Garden Salad with Chicken Mixed lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, onion, shredded carrot & cherry tomato. With Grilled Chicken. $12.40
Mediterranean Salad D V Garden salad with feta & olives. $10.50
Mediterranean Salad with Chicken D Garden salad with feta & olives. With grilled chicken. $13.95
Nandinos (Children)
Especially for little chicks. Includes a fruit box & kids chips or corn. For under 12s only. -
Churrasco BBQ Thigh Pieces* $9.95
Grilled Tenderloins* $9.95
Chips (Regular) V $3.95
Chips (Large) V $5.95
PERi-PERi Chips (Regular) V $3.95
PERi-PERi Chips (Large) V $5.95
Seriously Large Chips / PERi-PERi Chips V $7.95
Spicy Rice (Regular) S V $3.95
Spicy Rice (Large) S V $5.95
Coleslaw (Regular) D G E V $3.95
Coleslaw (Large) D G E V $5.95
Cous Cous (Regular) G V S $3.95
Cous Cous (Large) G V S $5.95
Side Salad V $3.95
White Rice V S $3.95
Grilled Corn on the Cob (Regular) V $3.95
Grilled Corn on the Cob (Large) V $5.95
Portuguese Roll G V $0.95
Portuguese Rolls (6 pcs) G V $5.70
Mt Franklin Still 600ml $3.10
Coke/Sprite/Fanta 390ml $3.10
Mt Franklin Sparkling 450ml $3.15
Coke/Sprite/Fanta 600ml $3.95
Goulburn Valley Juice 250ml $3.10
Cheese D $1.00
Egg E $1.00
Pineapple V $1.00
Caramelised Onion G SL S $1.00
Bacon D G SL S $1.00
PERinaise/Creamy Chip Dip D E $1.95
Pequeno Mini Chicken Pita D G E Marinated mini chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & light mayo in a mini pita bread. $4.95
Pequeno Mini Chicken Burger D G E Marinated mini chicken breast, mixed lettuce, tomato, chutney & light mayo in a mini Portuguese roll. $5.45

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Chilli Marinated Chicken Fillet $16.90
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BBQ Platter - Mixed Vegs, Premium Beef, Pork Belly, Smoked Duck Fillet $55.00
Prawn Ball with Kimchi salsa sauce $16.80
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Grilled Pork Ribs set $15.90
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Pies N/A
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Small Dim Sims $0.95
Bacon $0.40
Bacon 'n' Egg burger $4.90
Sea Scallops $1.20
Hamburger 'w' Bacon & Egg $5.70
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Pork ribs in winsure style $ 14.80
Shredded chicken & prawn fried rice with two different sauces $ 14.80
Steam flounder with ginger shallot $ 16.80
Seafood bean curd hot pot $ 18.80
Beef & scramble egg fried rice noodles $ 10.80
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Cafe Markus (sample)
Avocado/ Spinach/ Mushroom/ Roasted tomato/ Fresh tomato/ Hollandaise sauce (each) $2.50
Fruit Salad - Seasonal fruit salad served with muesli, yoghurt and honey $10.90
Eggs Benedict - A choice of Ham, Smoked salmon or Spinach on toasted sourdough served with hash brown $13.50
BRAT - Bacon, Rocket, Avocado, Tomato $8.20
Vegi Wrap - Scrambled eggs, spinach, cheese, avocado $7.50
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Cheese, Tomato $5.80
Apricot Slice $3.80
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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Counter Service
1 Anderson St, Westfield shopping centre, Chatswood, NSW, 2067, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Charcoal Chicken, Takeaway Food

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