Out 4 Thai in Cheltenham Menu

Cassava Cracker $4.70
Por Peia (6 per serve) - Thai pork spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce $6.90
Curry Puff (4 per serve) - Thai chicken curry puffs served with yoghurt dip $6.90
Tod Mun (4 per serve) - Spicy Thai fish cake $6.90
Prawn Rolls (4 per serve) - Minced prawn meat marinated with Thai special sauce served with sweet chilli sauce $7.90
Special Entree
Hoy Jor (5 per serve) - Crab meat, water chestnut, minced pork wrapped in bean curd skin with Thai herb $7.90
Look Chin Ping (3 per serve) - B.B.Q. pork balls on skewer $7.90
Goong Hom Pah (5 per serve) - Prawns wrapped in spring roll pastry $7.90
Chicken $6.90
Prawns $6.90
Tom Yum - Thailand's most famous soup prepared from an authentic blend of lemon grass, lime leaves, chili and lemon juice -
Thai Salads (main course size)
Nam Sod - Minced pork salad with ginger, onion, chili and lemon juice $14.90
Larb - Thai style minced chicken salad with onion, mint and lemon juice $14.90
Nuer Nam Tok - Grilled beef salad with onion, mint and lemon juice $14.90
Pia Goong - Prawn salad with chili, mint, lemon grass, lime leaves and lemon juice $16.90
Yum Ped Yang - Thai style roast duck salad $15.90
From the Wok
Gai Yang Grilled Chicken $15.90
Moo Yang Grilled Pork $15.90
Neur Yang Grilled Beef $15.90
Pud Prig - Chili, garlic stir fried in our chef's special sauce, choice of -
- Beef, Chicken or Pork $14.90
- Prawns or Squid $17.90
Pud Khing - An aromatic ginger stir fried with choice of -
- beef, Chicken or Pork $14.90
- Prawns or Squid or Fish $17.90
Pud Grapow - Basil leaves, chili and garlic stir fried -
- Beef, chicken or Pork $14.90
- prawns or Squid $17.90
Pud Preaw Wan - Sweet and sour stir fry with pineapple, cucumber and tomato, choice of -
- beef, chicken or Pork $14.90
- Prawns or Fish $17.90
Pud Namman Hoy - Mixed vegetables stir fried with oyster sauce, choice of -
- Beef, Chicken or pork $14.90
- Prawns $17.90
Pud Med Mamuang - A classical Thai stir fried with cashew nuts, choice of -
- beef, chicken or pork $14.90
- prawns $17.90
From the Curry Pot
Beef, Chicken or Pork $14.90
Prawns or Squid or Fish $17.90
Gang Dang - Thai red curry -
Gang Keow Warn - Thai green curry -
Gang Panang - Dry curry in thick coconut milk with peanut sauce -
Pla Lard Prig - Deep fried fish fillet topped with special chilli sauce $17.90
Pla Jian - Deep fried fish fillet dressed with pork, tamarind and ginger sauce $17.90
Pla Neung See Ewe - Steamed fish fillet with ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and spring onion $17.90
Pla Neung Manow - Steamed fish fillet with lemon and chilli $17.90
Thalay Kee Mao - Seafood stir fry with thick and spicy sauce $17.90
Hor Mok Thalay - Steamed seafood in red curry sauce $17.90
Choo Chee - Prawns or fish topped with red curry sauce $17.90
Goong Ob Mor Din - Spicy prawns cooked in hot pot with vermicelli $17.90
Rice & Noodle
Kao Pud Supparod - Fried rice with seafood, tomato and pineapple $15.90
Steamed Rice Small $2.90 / Large $3.90
Kao Maplaw (coconut rice) Small $3.90 / Large $4.90
Kao Neaw (sticky rice) $3.90
Roti Bread
Plain $2.90 / Garlic $3.50
Satay Sauce (to serve with roti) Small $1.00 / Large $3.50
Kao Pud - Thai fried rice, choice of -
- Beef, Chicken or Pork $13.90
- Prawns or Squid $14.90
Pud Thai - Rice noodles, spring onion, bean sprouts and grated peanuts stir fried with traditional Thai sauce, choice of -
- Beef, chicken or Pork $13.90
- prawns $14.90
- -
Vegetarian Curry Puff (4 per serve) $5.90
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4 per serve) $5.90
Deep Fried Tofu $6.90
Vegetarian Tom Yum $6.90
Vegetarian Clear Soup $6.90
Vegetarian Main Course
Pud Pag Ruammit - Vegetables and tofu stir fried with oyster sauce $13.90
Pad Grapow Pag - Vegetables and tofu stir fried with fresh chili and basil $13.90
Pud Khing Pag - Vegetables and tofu stir fried with ginger $13.90
Pud Preaw Wan Pag - Sweet and sour stir fried with vegetables and tofu $13.90
Pud Pag Nam Satay - Vegetables stir fried with tasty peanut sauce $13.90
Pud Med Mamuang Pag - Vegetables and tofu stir fried with cashew nut $13.90
Gang Keow Wan Pag - Thai green curry with vegetables and tofu $13.90
Bua Loy - Sticky rice balls cooked in sweet coconut milk $6.50
Glouy Bout Chee - Banana cooked in sweet coconut milk $6.50
Glouy Tod - Thai style banana fritters $6.50
Banana Pancake $6.50
Special Banquet for Take Away Only
Bronze - 1 serve of spring roll, 1 serve of curry puff, cashew nuts stir fried with beef, chicken or pork, Green curry with beef, chicken or pork, 1 large steamed rice and 1 roti $38.00

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Wild Mushroom and Pancetta Risotto - mushrooms and pancetta in a creamy risotto with roasted garlic, basil and shaved parmesan $25.00
VB Battered Flake - served with tartare, lemon, chips and salad or vegetables $14.00
Duck and Plum Spring Rolls - served with sweet chilli sauce $15.00
Classic Caesar Salad - cos lettuce, crispy bacon, poached egg, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing (anchovies optional) $17.00
Fish and Chips - Tempura battered flathead tails with lemon and tomato sauce $9.00
Chef's Wagyu Beef Burger - Chef's own 250gm wagyu beef patty, tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon, egg, cheese, caramelised onion, aioli and tomato chilli jam served on a brioche bun with steakhouse chips $24.00
Warm Moroccan Lamb Salad - served with couscous, feta and a minted yoghurt dressing $28.00
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The Coffee Emporium (sample)
Daily toast White sourdough/soy linseed/fruit loaf With choice of Vegemite, Honey, Strawberry Jam, Nutella or Peanut Butter $6.00
Asparagus open melt Asparagus, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato on toasted sourdough $11.00
Gourmet Ham Roll Smoked ham, lettuce, tasty cheese and ripened tomato on toasted sourdough $12.00
Extra -
Egg Benedict Poached eggs with smashed avocado, hollandaise sauce on open sourdough Ham / Bacon / Salmon $17.00
Breakfast Bowl Toasted granola with natural greek yoghurt, honey& seasonal fruit $12.00
- Tomato onion avocado lettuce $10.00
Smoke Salmon Stack Toasted soy n linseed bread topped with dill cottage spread and smoked salmon fanned avocado,fresh tomato and a lemon slice $15.00
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Table Service
294 Charman Rd, Cheltenham, VIC, 3192, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Thai

Out 4 Thai

Variety of Traditional Thai Cuisine please ring 9585 2108 for booking or for take away

Out 4 Thai Cheltenham Menu

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