Penang Inn Restaurant in Box Hill Menu

Curry Puff (Meat or Vegi (1)) $4.00
Dim Sim (3) Steam or Fried $4.20
Spring Rolls (Meat) (2) $4.00
Spring Rolls (Vegi) (2) $4.00
Sambal Ikan Billis (Spicy fried prats) $5.50
Fried Won Tons (6) $5.50
Lettuce Delights (1) $6.00
Lor Bak (1) $6.80
Satay Beef Skewers (2) $6.00
Satay Chicken Skewers (2) $6.00
Sesame Prawns (2) $6.00
BBQ Pork $6.00
Chinese Sausages $5.80
Quail with Five Spice (each) $7.50
Grilled Beef & Lemon Grass $6.50
Spring Onion Cake $5.00
Garlic Prawn $8.80
Prawn & Bacon Roll (3) $8.80
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup $5.00
Short Soup (Won Ton) $5.00
Long Soup (Noodles) $5.00
Hot & Sour Soup $5.50
Tom Yum Soup $5.50
Penang Combination $17.50
Satay Combination $17.50
Chilli Combination $17.50
Szechuan Combination $17.50
Mongolian Combination $17.50
Sweet & Sour Combination $17.50
Blackbean Combination $17.50
Malaysian Favourites
Curry Laksa (Soup) Noodles $11.50
Char Koey Teow $11.50
Char Mee Hoon $11.50
Thai Mee Hoon $11.50
Salted Fish Char Mee Hoon $11.50
Beef Char Hor Fun $11.50
Hokkien Mee $11.50
Mee Goreng $11.50
Singapore Fried Noodles $11.50
Combination Crispy Fried Noodles $15.50
Char Hor Fun (egg sauce) $15.50
Curry Chicken $14.00
Beef Rendang (curry) $14.00
Gado Gado $11.50
Nasi Goreng (fried rice with chilli) $11.50
Roti Chanai (beef or chicken) $13.00
Chilli Beef $13.00
Chilli Chicken $13.00
Chilli Calamari $18.50
Chilli Prawn $19.50
Chilli Fish Fillet $18.50
Sambal Calamari $18.50
Sambal Beans $11.50
Sambal Egg Plant $11.50
Sambal Chicken $13.00
Sambal Beef $13.00
Kong Boh Chicken $15.00
Ma-Pa Tofu $14.00
Malay Curry Mix Vegi with Tofu $13.00
Chef Suggestions - Chicken
Wild Pepper Chicken $14.00
Fantastic Chicken $14.00
Szechuan Chicken (spicy) $14.00
Honey & Black Pepper Chicken $14.00
Salt & Pepper Chicken $14.00
Basil Chilli Chicken $14.00
Chef Suggestions - Beef
Crispy Dry Shredded Beef $17.50
Cantonese Eye Fillet $19.50
Honey & Black Pepper Beef $14.00
Mongolian Beef $14.00
Szechuan Beef (spicy) $14.00
Chef Suggestions - Pork
Honey & Black Pepper Pork Loin $17.50
Pork Loin with Salt & Pepper $17.50
Pork Loin with Peking Style Sauce $17.50
Chef Suggestions - Duck
Steamed Duck with Mushroom Vegi $19.50
Sweet & Sour Duck $19.50
Duck with Lemon Sauce $19.50
Chef Suggestions - Seafood
Honey & Black Pepper Fish $18.50
Peking Chilli Fish (batter) $18.50
Fish with Salt & Pepper $18.50
Calamari with Chilli & Lemon Grass $18.50
Calamari with Salt & Pepper $18.50
Peking Chilli Prawn (batter) $19.50
Prawn with Salt & Pepper $19.50
Basil Chilli Prawn $19.50
Seafood Combination $19.50
Honey Chicken with Cashew Nuts $13.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Batter) $13.00
Lemon Chicken $13.00
Chicken Satay $13.00
Chicken with Blackbean Sauce $13.00
Chicken Mixed Vegi $13.00
Chicken Cashew Nuts & Vegi $13.00
Chicken Mushroom & Vegi $13.00
Chicken Chilli & Lemon Grass $13.00
Beef with Blackbean Sauce $13.00
Beef with Oyster Sauce $13.00
Beef with Mushroom & Vegi $13.00
Beef with Cashew Nuts & Vegi $13.00
Beef with Satay Sauce $13.00
Beef with Plum Sauce $13.00
Beef Chilli & Lemon Grass $13.00
Sweet & Sour Pork $13.00
BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce $13.00
BBQ Pork with Vegi $13.00
BBQ Pork & Mushroom with Beancurd $13.00
Garlic Prawn $19.50
Sweet & Sour Prawn (batter) $19.50
Prawn with Satay Sauce $19.50
Prawn with Cashew Nuts & Vegi $19.50
Prawn with Ginger & Spring Onion $19.50
Honey Prawn $19.50
Coke/Diet Coke/Coke Zero (can) $2.00
Lemonade/Solo/Fanta (can) $2.00
Garlic Fish $18.50
Sweet & Sour Fish (batter) $18.50
Fish with Satay Sauce $18.50
Fish with Cashew Nuts & Vegi $18.50
Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion $18.50
Vegetarian Dishes
Vegetarian Fried Rice $8.50
Vegetarian Singapore Fried Noodles $11.50
Mix Vegi $11.50
Mix Vegi with Satay Sauce $11.50
Mix Vegi with Chilli Sauce $11.50
Mix Vegi with Blackbean Sauce $11.50
Mix Vegi with Garlic Sauce $11.50
Garlic Baby Bok Choy $11.50
Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $11.50
Chinese Broccoli with Garlic Sauce $11.50
Mix Vegi with Bean Curd $11.50
Sambal Fried Rice (spicy) $11.50
Malaysian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) $11.50
Special Fried Rice (Large) $8.50
Special Fried Rice (Small) $7.50
Steamed Rice (Large) $4.00
Steamed Rice (Small) $3.50
Coconut Rice (Large) $5.00
Coconut Rice (Small) $4.00
Plain Roti (each) $4.50
Plain Ice-Cream $5.00
Lychee with Ice-Cream $6.50
Banana Fritter & Ice-Cream $6.50
Pineapple Fritter & Ice-Cream $6.50
Deep Fried Ice-Cream $7.50

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Red Cup Cafe (sample menu)
Eggs Florentine poached eggs, wilted spinach, hollandaise, on toast - what about sausages on the side + $ 4.00 $19.50
The Toasted Chicken grilled chicken breast in turkish, w.cheese, lettuce, Red Cup's basil pesto & mayonnaise $19.50
Smoothie mixed berry $8.50
Biscuits triple choc, or cranberry & white chocolate $4.50
Milk Shakes ( chocolate, Coffee, vanilla, caramel & strawberry) $8.50
Freshly Squeezed Juice, Orange, or the ACC apple carrot & celery $7.50
Big scoop of vanilla ice cream and topping $3.00
Our Chocolate Brownie dolled up w' cream & chocolate ganache $9.50
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Wong's Lucky Bar (sample)
Sweet & Sour Fish in Batter $18.80
Fish in Sweet Corn Sauce on Rice $12.00
Chicken & Prawn Spring Rolls (3pcs) $5.00
Century Egg & Salted Pork Congee $8.50
Baked Chicken in Salt on Rice $9.00
Garlic Pork Ribs with Fried Egg on Rice $10.80
Hong Kong Style Pork Chop & Fried Rice $12.00
Seafood Hot & Sour Soup $4.00
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Mihalis Tavern (sample)
Fish N/A
Rissoles N/A
Chicken N/A
Lemon baked potatoes N/A
Mussels N/A
Octopus N/A
Oysters N/A
Whitebait N/A
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Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant (sample)
Soy sauce rice noodles with eggs & bean shoots - beef, chicken or vegetarian $12.40
Lemon-sweet syrup drizzled over crispy chicken $16.40
Beef m’balls - Design your own -choose your noodles & pick your options $10.50
Home-made chilli jam & fresh basil (xao tuong ot) - squids $17.50
Pick any 2 options RSWLRQV?rare sliced beef(tai) ?beef brisket(nam) ?tripe(sach) ?tendon(gan) ?beef m’balls(bo vien) Beef & $10.50
Roasted cashews & Asian greens - prawns $22.60
Hanoi beef pho - Classic -Tn-rare sliced beef+beef brisket $10.50
Singapore noodles vermicelli stir-fried with pork, shrimps, tofu, eggs & bean shoots, in a light curry-soy flavour or vegetarian $12.40
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Pho Dung (sample)
PORK SKIN VERMICELLI served with shredded pork, carrots, peanuts, cumcumber, lettuce, mints $11.00
Coagulated Ox $3.00
Special soup $6.00
- Prawn $9.00
RICE PAPER ROLLS served with tofu and veggies $9.00
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Restaurant Details

Box Hill
Table Service
1031a Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill, VIC, 3128, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Delivery, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express
Asian, Chinese

Penang Inn Restaurant

Delivery Zone is a 3km radius. Any deliveries outside the radius is subject to managements approval.

This area includes: - Box Hill - Box Hill South/North - Blackburn - Blackburn South/North - Surrey Hills - Mont Albert - Mont Albert North

Penang Inn Restaurant Box Hill Menu

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