Pizzami in Ivanhoe Menu

Herb - Mixed herbs, cracked pepper, sea salt & extra virgin oil $10 / $13
Aglio - Garlic , seas salt & extra virgin oil $10 / $13
Formaggio - Garlic, fior di latte cheese & extra virgin oil $10 / $13
Rosso - Sea salt, oregano, garlic, olive oil & splashes of Napoli sauce $10 / $13
Lombardia - Gorgonzola, cheese, parsley , sea salt & extra virgin olive oil $12 / $15
Spaghetti Pescatora - (spaghetti only ) mixed fresh seafood , diced cherry tomatoes, parsley, garlic oil (also available with Napoli sauce) $22
Amatriciana - Napoli sauce, paneetta, spring onions, chillii , garlic & shaved parmesan cheese $18
Carbonara - Paneetta, egg, parmesan, cheese, parsley $18
Napoletana - A rich Italian tomato cheese $16
Bologanese - A rich Italian tomato sauce with minced meat $16
Puttaanesca - Napoli sauce, chili, garlic, oregano, olives, capers, shaved parmesan, olive oil & parsley $18
Arrabbiata - Napoli sauce, hot salami, chilli. Garlic, shaved parmesan, olive oil & parsley $18
Tortellini Rustica - Napoli sauce, leg ham, mushrooms, oregano, parmesan cheese, chilli and touch of cream $22
Pappardelle Bosciaola - Pork sausage, porcini mushrooms, olive oil, rocket leaves, garlic & chilli $22
Pizza Rosa
Al Crude - Napoli sauce, fior di latte cheese, pesto & garnished with rocket leaves & shaved parmesan M: $18 / L: $20
Celentana - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, pesto garnished with prosciutto crudo & basil M: $18 / L: $20
Golosona - Napoli sauce, gogonzola cheese & garnished with prosciutto crudo & basil M: $18 / L: $20
Antonio - Napoli sauce, provoleone cheese, sausage, panetta cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic oil, basil M: $18 / L: $20
Puttamca - Napoli sauce, garlic , oregano, buffalo cheese, olive, chilli, capers, basil & oilve oil (anchovies optional) M: $19 / L: $22
Carasella - Napoli sauce, fior di latte cheese, spinach, pork sausage, olives, pesto M: $18 / L: $20
Capriccio - Napoli sauce, fior di latte cheese, leg ham, artichokes, mushrooms, olives M: $18 / L: $20
Amatriciana - Napoli sauce, fior di latte cheese,paneetta, spring onions, basil and garnished with shaved parmesan cheese M: $18 / L: $20
Arrabbita - Napoli sauce , hot salami, buffalo cheese, olives, chilli, garlic, shaved parmesan, olive oil & parsley M: $19 / L: $22
Regima - Napoli sauce, buffalo cheese, fresh basil, sea salt & olive oil M: $19 / L: $22
Pizzami - Napoli sauce,fiordil latte cheese, pumpkin, zucchini, spinach, roasted capsicum, roasted eggplant M: $18 / L: $20
Grofta Azzurra - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, prawns, spinach, garlic oil garnished with smoked Salmon, basil and lemon juice M: $19 / L: $22
Picante - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, spinach, hot salami, chilli, potato & olives M: $18 / L: $20
Boscalota - Napoli sauce, pork sausage, porcini mushrooms, provolone cheese, chilli & garlic M: $19 / L: $22
Pizza Bianca
Pizza Dylan - Fior di latte cheese, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, hot salami, onion, provolone, gesto & garlic oil M: $19 / L: $22
Fisciotta - Sliced tomato, buffalo cheese, basil, shaved parmesan M: $19 / L: $22
Souvalaki - Fior di latte cheese, cherry tomatoes, lamb fillets, olives, fetta, Spanish onions & garnished with rocket leaves & tzaziki M: $18 / L: $20
Pumpkin - Buffalo cheese, pumpkin, pine nuts, fetta & garnished with rocket M: $19 / L: $22
Pizza Del Re - Sliced tomato, buffalo cheese, prosciutto & basil M: $19 / L: $22
Quack Quack - Fior di latte cheese, Peking duck, spring onion garnished with fresh cucumber & Hoising sauce M: $19 / L: $22
Pera - Gorgonzola cheese, pears & garnished with prosciutto, rocket & balsamic glaze M: $19 / L: $22
Montanara - Fior di latte cheese, roast potatoes, roast onion & shaved parmesan on a pesto base M: $18 / L: $20
Deliziosa - Gorgonzola cheese, pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, crushed walnuts, garnished with rocket leaves & prosciutto M: $19 / L: $22
Pizza Oceans - Fior di latte cheese, calamari, prawns, garlic, chilli, lemon, parsley and a balsamic glaze M: $19 / L: $22
Pizza Tradizionale
Margherita - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte, cheese, basil M: $15 / L: $18
Napoli - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, anchovies, olives, basil, shaved parmesan, garlic M: $16 / L: $19
Tropical - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, leg ham, pineapple M: $16 / L: $19
Capricciosa - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, leg ham, mushrooms, olives (anchovies optional) M: $16 / L: $19
Mexicana - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, hot salami, spanish onions, roasted capsicums M: $16 / L: $19
Calabrese - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, hot salami, olives, chilli M: $16 / L: $19
Meat lovers - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, pork sausage, hot salami, leg ham, pancetta, chicken, BBQ sauce M: $18 / L: $20
Chicken - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte cheese, chicken pieces, Spanish onions, BBQ sauce M: $16 / L: $19
Vegetarian - Napoli sauce, Fior di latte, cheese, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, olives M: $16 / L: $18

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Toyama Japanese Restaurant (sample menu)
- Mixed Vegetables $10.00
Tekka Maki - Tuna Roll $4.00
Toriyaki - Chicken cooked with ginger sauce and vegetables $15.50
Nasu Hasami Age - Deep fried eggplant stuffed with chicken mince served with ginger sauce $7.50
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Hotate - Grilled scallop with garlic butter sauce $8.80
Beef Udon - Udon noodle soup served with beef and vegetables $13.00
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La Porchetta (sample)
Cassata Layers of nougat & chocolate gelato together with Chantilly cream, candied fruit & a core dipped in strega liqueur $6.80
Tartufo A delightfully Rich Chocolate Gelato coated with a dark cocoa and finished with a mouth-watering Cherry centre $6.80
Italian Side Salad Fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber & olives with a balsamic dressing $7.00
The Lot Tomato base, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, hot salami, olives, onions, shrimps, bacon, pineapple & anchovies $11.90 / $14.00 / $17.60
Caesar Salad Lettuce, croutons, bacon, boiled egg, anchovies, parmesan, drizzled with Caesar dressing $13.90
Beef Ragu Tender pieces of beef slowly simmered in a tomato base sauce $13.90 / $16.60
Vegetarian Tomato base, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives & capsicum $10.40 / $12.80 / $16.00
Marinara A selection of mixed seafood in a homemade tomato, garlic, olive oil & white wine sauce $15.10 / $17.40
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Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar (sample)
Bottled Drinks 1.25L - $4.50 Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Lift, Mount Franklin Lightly Sparking (1.25L), Mount Franklin Still (1.5L). $4.50
Caesar Salad - Mixed Leaf Salad, Bacon, Parmesan & Croutons, (Anchovies optional) with Caesar dressing. $10.50
Spicy Spanish Seafood - Marinated Garlic Tiger Prawns, Scallops, Shallots, Caramelised Onions & Thinly Sliced Spicy Chorizo, served with a Chilli Infused EVOO. $12.50
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Nando's (sample)
Mixed Platter (for 2-3 people) 1/2 chicken, 8 ribs and 4 tenderloins. $26.95
2 Whole Chickens with 3 large sides* $52.25
Natural Cheddar Cheese $1.50
4 Grilled Tenderloins $8.95
The Hot Duet Chicken meatballs & a cheesy pita. $7.95
Pequeno Mini Chicken Pita $9.95
Whole Chicken with 2 large sides* $29.25
Side Salad $3.95
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Ivanhoe Tavern Charcoal Grill Steakhouse (sample)
Rocket Salad - Rocket, honey balsamic reduction, parmesan, walnuts (Small/Large) $8.50/$13.00
Potato Chips (Small/Large) $6.50/$11.00
Assorted Home Made Crpes: Caramelised Pear - Packham Pear in Maple Syrup, sugared cinnamon and staranise served with 'Blue Ribbon' vanilla ice cream $10.00
Wagyu Porterhouse (AWARD WINNING STEAK) F1 350g $88.00
Lamb Cutlets - (3pcs) served with chips, salad & ice cream or sorbet for dessert $19.00
Chicken Breast Mediterranean - Grilled chicken breast, creamy mushroom sauce & semi-sundried tomato $33.00
Assorted Home Made Crpes: Spiced Apple - Granny Smith apple, vanilla syrup glaze and exotic cinnamon served with 'Blue Ribbon' vanilla ice cream $10.00
Dessert of the Week $10.00
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Restaurant Details

Counter Service
209 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe, VIC, 3079, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Italian, Pizza & Pasta


Pizzami is a family run Woodfired Pizzeria.

With an inclosed courtyard providing a relaxed and casual atmosphere, Pizzami is the perfect place to come and share an evening with your loved one, gather for a few drinks with friends or bring the whole family for a great meal.

Pizzami Ivanhoe Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Pizzami are coming soon