Raya Thai Indonesian Restaurant in Helensburgh Menu

Springrolls (2) - Available also in vegetarian Lumpia are Indonesian springrolls served with peanut sauce $4.90
Crazyrolls (5) $6.50
Golden Ships - Marinated chicken mince wrapped with egg pastry served with sweet chili $4.90
Curry puffs (2 pcs) - Minced beef, potatoes and curry paste wrapped in puff pastry served with mild sweet chili Available also in vegetarian Beef minced cooked with curry paste wrapped in pastr $5.90
Money Bags (Thung Thong -2 pcs) - Minced chicken, corn, peas wrapped like money bag $4.90
Dumplings $10.90
Thai Fish Cakes (Tod Mun Pla) - Served with cucumber chili sauce $4.90
Namsod - Thai style Sang Chow Bow with minced chicken and lime juice dressing topped with roasted peanuts $9.00
Mix Entree per person - Top 4 favorite entrees; Springroll, Curry Puff, Money Bag and Chicken Sate $9.90
Sate (4sticks), choices: Chicken or Lamb $10.90
Prawns - The specialty of the house, served with our well-known sate sauce $14.90
Lamb Cutlets (2 pcs) - Grilled marinated lamb cutlets served with sate sauce $9.90
BBQ Chicken - Marinated grilled chicken fillets serve with our well-known sate sauce; this recipe has been passed by our family from our hometown and is the signatory MAIN DISH in our restaur $16.90
Vegetarian $14.90
Chicken / Beef or Lamb $16.90
Prawns or Seafood / Duck $18.90
Beef Rendang Curry Well-known Indonesian beef curry in cooked in a spiced coconut milk -
Lamb Gulai Curry Indonesian style lamb stew curry with cardamoms and coconut milk -
Tongseng Another interesting way to enjoy our lamb, stir fried with cabbage and tamarind sauce served on sizzling hot plate -
Thai Green Curry (Kew Warn) Traditional green curry cooked in coconut milk, medium to high rate for the heat, choices: Vegetarian or chicken or beef or seafood -
Thai Red Curry (Mussaman) A rich, aromatic mild red curry from South of Thailand, cooked in coconut milk and blend spices and peanut, available in: Vegetarian or chicken or beef or seafood -
Thai Phanang Curry Thick mild curry and has slightly fruity sweet taste, available in: Vegetarian or chicken or beef or seafood -
Balinese Curry (Bumbu Bali) This dish curry is one of the house creativity using chili prawn paste and coconut milk, available in: Vegetarian or chicken or beef or seafood -
Tom Yum Soup A subtle blend of hot and sour flavours with citrus over-tones, galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and straw mushrooms, garnished with fresh coriander, available in: Vegetarian o $6.90
Tom Kha Soup Coconut infused broth, available in: Vegetarian or chicken $6.0
Wonton Soup (Indonesian style) $7.90
Laksa Soup Served as MAIN DISH, coconut curry soup with rice vermicelli skinny noodle, tofu and garnished with fried onion and fresh coriander, available in: Vegetarian or chicken $15.90
Vegetarian $14.90
Chicken / Beef or Lamb $16.90
Prawns or Seafood / Duck $18.90
Sweet and Sour Sauce (Bumbu Asam Manis) Indonesian style tomato base cooking with choices: Vegetarian or crispy chicken or crispy fish fillets or crispy prawns -
Chicken Rujak Another way of enjoying our popular sliced bbq chicken with Balinese sauce Available in beef also -
Nut Sauce (Bumbu Kacang) Created by our chef's special sauce with ground peanuts and a touch of chili with choices: Vegetarian, or chicken or prawns -
Black Bean Sauce (Bumbu Tauco) Indonesian style black bean sauce using selected vegetable, choices: Vegetable or chicken or beef or prawns -
Thai drunken Prawns Pan fried peeled king prawns flavored with chili and dash with cooking wine -
Honey sauce (Bumbu Saus Madu) Choices: crispy chicken or crispy prawns -
Thai Garlic Sauce (Kra Tiem) Flavored with garlic, ginger and soy sauce with selected vegetables with choices: Vegetable or, chicken or prawn/seafood -
Thai Chili Basil Sauce (Pad Kra Pow) Thai style stir fried with a touch of fresh chili, basil and seasoning with choices: Vegetable or chicken or calamari or prawns -
Gado-Gado Assorted blanched vegetables and tofu, topped with peanut sauce and garlic crackers -
Chap Chay Indonesian style stirfried mixed vegetables with chicken-prawns, available also in vegetarian -
Raya Thai Duck Plan your own duck dish by choosing your own sauces from the following selected sauces: Green curry, Red curry, Phanang curry, Balinese curry, Nut sauce and Thai garlic sauce -
Chicken with Cashew Nuts Stirfried cashew nuts with tender sliced chicken, onion, selected vegetables, young baby corn and flavored with chili jam -
Mee Goreng Indonesian style fried noodle wok tossed with chicken-prawns, available also in vegetarian -
Pud Thai Thai style clear noodles wok tossed with chicken-prawns, egg, bean shoots in sweet sauce, also available in vegetarian -
Nasi Goreng (fried rice), available in vegetarian, chicken or lamb -
Black rice Pudding with ice cream and special syrup $7.00
Fried Ice cream with cream $7.00
Sticky date pudding $7.00
Banana Fritters with ice-cream $7.00

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Table Service
115 Parkes St, Helensburgh, NSW, 2508, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Asian, Indonesian

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