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Currently there is no menu available for Ritz Cafe in Fairfield. We are continuously adding menus, so check back soon!

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KFC (sample menu)
Hot & Spicy Boxed Meal - 1 x Zinger Fillet Burger 1 x Hot & Spicy - 1 Piece 1 x Potato & Gravy - Regular 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular, 375ml drink $9.95
Kids Popcorn Meal - 1 x Popcorn Chicken - Mini 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular 1 x Apple Pop Top $4.95
Grilled Taster Box $3.75
Zinger Stacker Combo large - 1 x Zinger Stacker 1 x Seasoned Chips - Large, 600ml drink $12.95
Bacon & Egg Roll $3.95
Kentucky Burger $7.95
Zinger Box - 1 x Zinger Fillet Burger 1 x Wicked Wings - 3 pieces 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular 1 x Potato & Gravy - Regular 375ml drink $10.45
Sweet Chilli Twister Combo - 1 x Sweet Chilli Twister 1 x Seasoned Chips - Regular , 375 ml drink $8.95
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Lao-Thai Luammit Restaurant (sample)
Combination (Pad Luammit) - Braised meat, seafood, cashews in oyster sauce $16.00
Fresh Lemongrass -
Crispy Egg Noodle (Mee Grob) - Crispy egg noodles with vegetable in oyster sauce -
Duck $16.00
Hokkien Noodles (Pad Hokkien) - Hokkien noodles, mixed vegetable in mild sauce -
Vegetable Only $12.00
- Som Tum Samunpay (Herb/Seafood) $14.00
Prawn - Seafood $15.00
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Tenda Charcoal Chicken (sample)
1 lamb shish + lettuce +tomatoes +pickles $8.00
Chicken Burger $7.00
Whole Chicken (take away / eat in) $13.00 / $19.00
Kabsi $6.00
Quarter Chicken (take away / eat in) $5.00 / $7.50
Baba Ghannouj ( reg / large) $5.00 / $7.00
Battered or crumbed fish $5.00
Calamari $5.00 for 6
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Sushi Hub (sample)
Set C Assorted Maki Platter 3-5 ppl 72pcs $45
Set B Sushi Sashimi Combo 2-3 ppl 24pcs $28
Grilled Prawn N/A
Freshly made daily It is named after the Shinto god Inari, who is believed to have an affection for fried tofu. Our fried tofu skin pouch is filled with wonderful flavours of content such as crab mea N/A
Set E Sushi Sashimi Combo 4-5 ppl 62pcs $48
Grilled Scallop N/A
Freshly made daily A variety of freshly sliced raw fish such as salmon, tuna is available. Marinated Jellyfish, Octopus and Seaweed salad is also on offer. N/A
French Dragon N/A
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Green Peppercorn (sample)
Roast Duck Red Curry - Gang Ped Yang - A rich red curry of roasted duck with cherry tomatoes, pineapple, lychee, chilli and Thai basil $17.90
Crispy Pork Belly with Stir Fried Kangkong - Stir-fried Asian water spinach with garlic, chilli topped with crispy pork belly $18.90
Charcoal BBQ Ox Tongue - Marinated ox tongue, grilled over a charcoal bbq. Served with mum's special sauce $11.90
Lamb $13.90
Lao Sausages - Home made pork sausages, lightly seasoned and grilled over a charcoal bbq giving it a crispy skin and tender centre. Served with mum's special sauce. $11.90
Lamb $13.90
Chicken, beef or pork $12.90
Pad Kee Mao - Spicy stir-fried flat rice noodles with oyster and soy sauce, garlic, egg, chilli and basil -
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
43 Ware St, Fairfield, NSW, 2165, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Opening Hours

The opening hours for Ritz Cafe are coming soon