San Remo Pizza Parlour in Hillarys Menu

The Works - everything on the bench (Small/Large/Family) $13.00/$18.00/$20.00
San Remo - ham, olives, mushrooms, capsicum & pepperoni (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Pineapple - ham & pineapple (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Vegetarian - mushrooms, olives, capsicum, onions & fresh tomato (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
American - ham, tomato & cheese on top (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$18.00
Gluten Free bases available n/a
Barbecue Sauce available n/a
Marinara - olives, smoked oysters & shrimps (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Capricciosa - ham, mushrooms & olives (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
All Meat - ham, bacon & pepperoni (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Portifino - bacon, mushrooms & shrimps (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Marascialla - bacon, anchovies & olives (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Greg Special - ham, bacon & pineapple (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Aussie - bacon (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$18.00
Mexican - ham, pineapple, capsicum, onion, olives & chillies (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$19.00
Margherita - extra cheese, tomato & herbs (Small/Large/Family) $12.00/$17.00/$18.00
Chicken - chicken, mushroom, onion & fresh tomato (Small/Large/Family) $13.00/$17.00/$20.00
Extra toppings (Small/Large/Family) $0.30/$0.40/$0.50
Egg $0.50
Chicken (extra) $2.00
Garlic Bread $4.00
Jumbo Size + $5.00

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Kale, Silverbeet, Chilli, Parmigiano $10.00
Beef Short Ribs Slow Cooked Short Ribs with Baked Potato & Porcini Mushroom $36.00
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Ravioli (V) Homemade Ravioli with Goat Cheese, Pumpkin & Macadamia Pesto $26.00
Manchego Croquette (V) Crumbed Spanish Sheep Cheese with Capsicum & Hazelnut Sauce $10.00
Rosemary Potatoes $9.00
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Spinnakers Cafe (sample)
Small Bites- Garlic bread (GFO) $ 8.00
Fresh Fruit Salad (Weekend Only)- A selection of seasonal fruits served with Greek yoghurt $ 16.00
Eggs Royale- Poached eggs and smoked salmon served on an english muffin with hollandaise sauce $ 18.00
Salt and Pepper Calamari- Salt and pepper calamari topped with sweet chilli soy, aioli and served with a salad $ 21.00
Breakfast Bagel- Bacon, sausage and fried egg served on a bagel with hollandaise sauce $ 13.00
Fritters With Bacon- Sweetcorn and spinach fritters, poached egg, bacon and tomato relish $ 18.00
Toast and Preserves- Homemade white, whole-meal or fruit toast with strawberry jam, orange marmalade, honey or vegemite $ 4.50
Extras- Toast, grilled tomato $ 2.00
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Jamaica Blue (sample)
Sweet Potato & Beetroot Salad N/A
Classic Greek Salad N/A
Chicken, Pesto & Sundried Tomato Wrap N/A
Individual French Bacon Tart N/A
Spiced Chicken & Hummus Wrap N/A
Turkey & Brie Bagel N/A
Tandoori Chicken Salad N/A
Tomato, Bacon & Chickpea Salad N/A
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Jamaica Blue (sample)
kids patty cake, teddy bear biscuit,ribbon ham sandwich and akids shake or babychinoserves one child $10.50
Cheese Toastie toasted cheese sandwich $5.20
Gluten free bread add$1.50
Iced Chocolate, Coffee, $5.70
Gourmet Grilled Chicken Burger - beetroot chutney and mayonnaise on a brioche bun, served with beer - battered chips tender char - grilled chicken breast, avocado, tomato, red onion, lettuce greens $16.50
Babychino $1.00
Iced Frappé - mango, espresso, chocolate, mocha,matcha green tea or lime mint $5.90
Iced Long Black $4.90
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Sushi Sushi (sample)
Sashimi Deluxe
4 maki sushi, 16 pc Tasmanian Atlantic salmon sashimi, 4 pc california roll,4 pc futomaki roll, 1 seaweed inari, 14 pc nigiri -( 2 prawn, 2 unagi (eel) , 2 tomago (egg), 8 salmon. 44 pc caters for 4-6
Seafood Lovers
Large -36 pc rolls - (12 pc cooked tuna, 12 pc prawn, 12 pc S&P calamari), 10 nigiri - 4 seared salmon, 4 salmon, 2 prawn / Medium 24 rolls - 12 pc cooked tuna, 12 pc prawn, 8 nigiri - 4 seared salmon, 2 salmon, 2 prawn
Maki Sushi
80 pc maki selection includes 40 pc Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, 20 pc daikon radish and 20 pc cucumber. 80 pc caters for 4-6
Mixed Hand Roll
56 bite sized pieces of our most popular handrolls, teriyaki chicken, avocado cucumber, salmon, prawn and california. 56 piece caters for 4-6
Calamari Supreme
Large - 32 pc rolls - (8 pc crunchy cooked tuna, 12 pc prawn, 12 pc teriyaki chicken, 4 seared salmon nigiri, 8 pc S&P calamari edamame) / Medium - 20 pc roll ( 8 pc crunchy cooked tuna, 6 pc prawn, 6 pc salmon), 2 seared salmon nigiri, 8 pc S&P calamari.
California Delight
Large - 56 pc rolls - (10 pc california, 12 pc cooked tuna, 11 pc avocado cucumber, 12 pc crispy chicken, 11pc prawn. / Medium 36 pc rolls - 6 pc california, 6 pc cooked tuna, 6 pc cooked tuna, 6 pc avocado cucumber, 6 pc crispy chicken, 6 pc prawn teriyaki chicken.
Vegetarian Delight
Large - 36 pc rolls - (12 pc inari cucumber, 12 pc vegetarian, 12 pc avocado cucumber), 2 plain inari, 2 avocado nigiri, edamame. Medium 36 pc rolls (12 pc inari cucumber, 12 pc vegetarian, 12 pc avocado cucumber)
Salmon Sensation
Large - 34 pc rolls - (10 pc seared salmon, 12 pc cooked tuna, 12 pc teriyaki chicken, 8 nigiri ( 4 seared salmon, 4 salmon) Medium - (10 pc seared salmon, 6 pc cooked tuna, 6 pc teriyaki chicken) 4 nigiri - 2 seared salmon, 2 salmon
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
10/, Unit 10, 37 Endeavour Rd, Hillarys, WA, 6025, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Pizza & Pasta

San Remo Pizza Parlour

Good value pizza, the Mexican pizza is great.

San Remo Pizza Parlour Hillarys Menu

Opening Hours

The opening hours for San Remo Pizza Parlour are coming soon