Sizzler in North Rockhampton Menu

Salad Bar
A new way to enjoy - The Endless Salad Bar includes all you care to eat from our range. The One-Trip Salad Bar at lunch includes one plate of salad, plus your choice of Soup OR Dessert.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Cheese Toast - One piece is never enough! Hot, crisp and cheesy on top, whilst staying deliciously soft on the bottom. Our famous cheese toast is served complimentary w/ every Grill & Salad Bar meal.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Spiced Lamb and Cous Cous Salad - An exciting combination of pulled Lamb, Cajun spices, dried apricots, red capsicum, sliced shallots & Cous Cous, tossed through a lemon and yoghurt mint dressing.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Prawn & Bacon Caesar Salad - A fresh twist on classic Caesar - a combination of prawns, toasted bacon pieces, crunchy cos lettuce, red onion, shallots & parmesan. Finished w/ creamy Caesar dressing.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Coronation Chicken - Combining oven grilled chicken breast, crunchy apples, celery, peaches, almonds and a creamy mix of chutney, mayonnaise and fragrant curry!
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Pumpkin, Cashew & Spinach - Tender roasted pumpkin, capsicum & baby spinach tossed with roasted cashew nuts and a mild chilli dressing.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Cobb Salad - A classic American salad of Crisp Cos lettuce, layered with chicken breast, bacon, tomato, feta, shallots and egg, finished with a tangy red wine vinaigrette.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Chorizo & Corn Caesar - Grilled chorizo sausage, combined with corn kernels, red onion, shaved parmesan, and crispy cos lettuce. Complemented by our creamy Caesar dressing and herb & garlic croutons.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Spicy Chicken & Cous Cous - An exotic combination of spicy chicken, roasted capsicum, cous cous, shallots & baby spinach, finished with a tomato basil & lemon dressing.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Chilli Corn & Chickpea Salad - A light salad combining chick peas, corn kernel, capsicum, red onion, tomatoes, parsley & shallots. Dressed with oriental chilli dressing, lemon juice & black pepper.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Seafood Salad - A customer favourite! Blended seafood pieces, complemented by crunchy sliced celery & tossed through our light, creamy mayonnaise & sour cream.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Mediterranean Pesto Pasta - A delicious vegetarian favourite - penne pasta combined with chargrilled red capsicum, olives, green capsicum, tender baby spinach, sundried tomatoes & tasty basil pesto.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Design-Your-Own Caesar Salad - Make your Caesar Salad the way you like it! Start with cos lettuce and choose from bacon, parmesan cheese, diced egg, Caesar dressing, crunchy croutons plus so much more
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Fresh Salad Ingredients - Make it the way YOU like it. Choose from olives, sundried tomatoes, carrot, cherry tomatoes, red onion, capsicum, corn, a variety of cheeses, delicious dressings & more!
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Savoury Toppings - Whether it’s parmesan cheese, croutons, diced eggs, or bacon bits, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect topping.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Salad Dressings - You’ll never have a boring salad with this selection of Salad Bar dressings. Enjoy Balsamic, Caesar, French, Italian or 1000 Island. Choices may vary by restaurant.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Tacos & Nachos - Create your own Mexican masterpiece with new taco shells or classic corn chips! Start with beef mince, guacamole, jalapeno’s, tomato salsa, grated carrot, sour cream & grated cheese.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Pumpkin Soup - The one our customers say ‘NEVER CHANGE!’ The famous Sizzler pumpkin soup is made from a mix of Kent Special & Fresh Jarravale pumpkins. Always creamy & delicious!
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Seasonal Soups - Your local Sizzler restaurant will also have a range of delicious soups that change seasonally. Check in store for what's available now.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Potato Skins - Many have tried, but none have come close to replicating these hot, fluffy-yet-crispy, delicious potato morsels. Finished off with our special Sizzler seasoning.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Pasta - Freshly cooked linguine and spirali pasta with a choice of delicious sauces like Bolognaise, Alfredo or Tomato & Basil. Sauce choices may vary by restaurant.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Potato Bake - Sliced potato baked with onion, cream, cheese, milk & topped with extra cheese and shallots to give a deliciously crunchy topping! Baked fresh daily.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Bread Rolls - Fresh, fluffy white and herb gourmet bread rolls. Perfect to dip in your favourite Sizzler soup!
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Fresh Seasonal Fruit - We bring you a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit on the Salad Bar that makes it easy to be healthy! We do all the washing, peeling and chopping for you. Just enjoy!
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Apple Crumble - Juicy, sliced Apples, topped with our secret crunchy crumble mix and baked fresh in restaurant. Top it off with a swirl of real dairy vanilla ice cream! An all-time Salad Bar favourite
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Salted Caramel Panna Cotta - Fresh milk, cream and the addictive taste of salted caramel combine in this refreshing cold set dessert, the perfect end to your meal. Topped with caramel sauce.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Choc Raspberry Pavlova - Fluffy milk chocolate pavlova topped with freshly whipped cream, sweet raspberries and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Ice Cream - Channel your inner stylist & create a designer sundae with our real dairy vanilla or chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, smarties, jelly beans, choc chips or wafers.
Adult One-trip: $13.95, Adult Endless: $17.95
Malibu Chicken Sliders - Enjoy two succulent chicken patties, topped with streaky bacon, Swiss Cheese, baby spinach and our signature Malibu sauce. The perfect start to your meal! $4.95
Salt & Pepper Calamari - Tender pineapple cut Salt & Pepper Calamari, lightly seasoned and served with creamy lime mayonnaise. $4.95
Honey BBQ Chicken Wings - Six tender chicken wings, basted in our mouth-watering Honey BBQ Sauce...These are guaranteed not to last long! $7.95
Bowl of Chips w Aioli - Everyone loves a bowl of hot chips, especially served with aioli! Why not grab one to share amongst your table? $3.95
Lunch Specials
Chicken Caesar Wrap - Part of our new lunch specials range, chicken breast, lettuce, onion, tomato, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing. Served with our tasty thick cut chips! $11.00
Grilled Hoki and Salt & Pepper Calamari - Part of our new lunch specials range, grilled Hoki served with tender calamari and our tasty thick cut chips! $11.00
Beef Burger - Part of our new lunch specials range, tender beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, crispy salad and smoky burger sauce. Served with our tasty thick cut chips! $11.00
Cheese Toast - One piece is never enough! Hot, crisp and cheesy on top, whilst staying deliciously soft on the bottom. Our famous cheese toast is served complimentary w/ every Grill & Salad Bar meal.
Adult One-trip: $6.00, Adult Endless: $7.50
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank - Delicious slow-cooked lamb in a Dijon mustard and herb sauce, served with creamy mashed potato and buttered peas. $19.95
Rump Steak - Our flavoursome 200gm Rump Steak is seasoned with special steak seasoning, grilled to your liking & served with your choice of sides & sauce. $17.50
Eye Fillet - Our most tender cut of steak – 200g premium beef loin fillet, grilled to perfection with our special steak seasoning. Served with your choice of sides and sauce! $24.00
T-Bone - A premium 500gm T-Bone steak, grilled to your liking with our special steak seasoning & served with your choice of sides & sauce. $27.00
Honey BBQ Pork Ribs - Succulent pork ribs, grilled to perfection and basted in a tangy honey barbecue sauce. Served with your choice of sides.
1/2 Rack: $25.95, 3/4 Rack: $31.95
Sizzling Garlic Prawns - Our garlic prawns are marinated, grilled & served sizzling on a bed of crisp capsicum, onion & finished with a tasty garlic lemon butter. Served with a wedge of fresh lemon $15.95
Grilled Barramundi - A delicious fillet of grilled Australian Barramundi topped with herb & garlic butter. Served with lime mayonnaise & your choice of sides. $19.50
Shrimp Fry - A Sizzler classic returns to the menu. Enjoy our signature golden fried shrimp, accompanied by cocktail sauce and your choice of side! $13.95
Fisherman's Plate - Tender Salt and Pepper Calamari, Tempura Flathead, Tempura Prawns and Thick Cut Steak Fries! Served with a lemon wedge and lime chilli mayonnaise. $18.50
Malibu Chicken Supreme - Lightly battered chicken, topped with ham, Swiss Cheese and accompanied by our delicious Malibu sauce. Served with your choice of sides. $13.50
Swiss Grilled Chicken - A juicy, tender boneless chicken breast topped with bacon, Swiss cheese and fresh, homemade tomato salsa. Served with your choice of sides. $14.50
Endless Beverage Bar - The Endless Beverage Bar includes all-you-like Pepsi & Schweppes soft drinks, orange juice, Amoré Milano Espresso Coffee, as well as a range of regular and herbal teas. $3.95
Kids Salad Bar
4 Yrs $5.95
5 Yrs $6.95
6 Yrs $7.95
7 Yrs $8.95
8-12 Yrs $9.95
Under 4 Free
Kids Grills
Kids Shrimp - Now kids can enjoy our crumbed shrimp, served with their choice of side & tomato sauce. Includes the Endless Salad Bar. $10.95
Kids Chicken Nuggets - Tender, crumbed boneless pieces of chicken, served with chips & tomato sauce. Includes the Salad Bar. $10.95
Kids Cheese Burger - A juicy beef patty topped with cheese, between a soft burger bun & served with chips & tomato sauce. Includes the Salad Bar. $10.95
Kids Rump Steak - 130g grilled, juicy Rump steak, served with chips & tomato sauce. Includes the Salad Bar. $10.95
Pop Tops - Kids can now enjoy Pop Tops in either Apple or Apple & Blackcurrent! $2.50
Kids Soft Drinks - You can't beat us for value! The Kids Endless Beverage Bar includes Pepsi & Schweppes soft drinks, orange juice & water. $2.50

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HOT CHILLI BEEF - Ground beef, red onion, capsicum & mozzarella topped with buffalo hot sauce & chilli flakes n/a
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PEPPERONI - Lots of pepperoni & mozzarella n/a
DELI VEGE & CAMEMBERT - Baby spinach, camembert, red onion, mushroom, capsicum, fresh tomato, olives, oregano on crème fraiche topped with tomato capsicum sauce n/a
TANDOORI CHICKEN - Seasoned chicken, Tandoori spices, fresh tomato, red onion, capsicum, topped with a mint & coriander sauce n/a
PERI PERI CHICKEN - Sliced roast chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onion topped with peri peri sauce n/a
MARGHERITA - Cherry tomatoes, fresh tomato, basil & mozzarella n/a
SUPREME - Pepperoni, rasher bacon, capsicum, ground beef, Italian sausage, mushroom, pineapple, mozzarella & oregano n/a
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Salmon & Avocado Stack - smoked salmon & fresh avocado stacked upon a poached cage-free egg. served with toasted ciabatta lavished with a light dill & cottage cheese spread n/a
Le Croque-Monsiuer - an indulgent serving of lean leg ham with dijon mustard, swiss cheese & melted cheese on battered ciabatta, served with seasoned chips & a garnish salad n/a
Chilli Beef n/a
Chicken Breast & Avocado - made with chicken breast, avocado, cheese, spanish onion & tomato n/a
Portugese-Style Chicken - a sliced chicken breast marinated in herbs & spices, cooked until tender & served with a yoghurt sauce n/a
Greek Salad - crisp cos lettuce, cucumber, tomato wedges, kalamata olives, spanish onion & feta with a zesty fat-free lemon & oregano dressing n/a
Gourmet Spanish Omelette - a Spanish-style omelette made with fresh cage-free eggs, wood-smoked chorizo, smoked bacon, marinated capsicum & potato. topped with balsamic roasted tomato & rocket n/a
Bacon & Egg Roll - smoked bacon, a fresh fried egg & melted cheese served on a ciabatta roll with a dash of BBQ sauce n/a
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Jamaica Blue Pty Ltd (sample)
Vietnamese Beef Salad N/A
Chicken & Corn Soup N/A
Prosciutto, Tomato & Parmesan Sourdough N/A
Roast Beetroot & Goat's Cheese Salad N/A
Tandoori Chicken N/A
Classic Greek Salad N/A
Cauliflower & Bacon Soup N/A
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Bagel N/A
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McDonald's Family Restaurants (sample)
Aussie BBQ Brekkie Roll - With two sizzling sausage patties, Don® bacon, cheese, creamy mayo and barbeque sauce sandwiched in a fresh roll n/a
Hot Fudge Mega Choc Waffle Cone n/a
Grilled Chicken Bacon Deluxe Burger - Made with 100% Aussie chicken breast, sizzling bacon, creamy garlic aioli, cheddar cheese, fresh cos and iceberg lettuce and tomato in a chilli and chive topped b n/a
Chicken McBites® - 10 piece pack - Our legendary, super-tasty Chicken McBites are the perfect side to any meal. We only use the highest quality chicken n/a
Hamburger - 100% Aussie beef, topped with onion, pickles, zesty ketchup and mustard, all on a soft, fluffy bun n/a
Filet-o-Fish - Dive in and enjoy our Filet-o-Fish. Sourced for its succulent and fresh flavour, we cook tender portions of fish and enhance their great taste with zesty tartar sauce and cheese n/a
English Muffin n/a
Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce n/a
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Ranch N/A
Chicken Teriyaki N/A
Chicken Schnitzel N/A
Tomato N/A
Coke - 390ml N/A
Hot Chilli N/A
Meatball N/A
Old English N/A
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Restaurant Details

North Rockhampton
Table Service
Stockland Rockhampton Bruce Hwy, North Rockhampton, QLD, 4701, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard


Sizzler introduced the first Soup, Salad, Pasta, Fresh Fruit and Dessert Bar concept. Since those pioneering days, we have expanded our ‘classic grill’ to include, not only steak and seafood, but also delicious chicken dishes, BBQ ribs, combination meals, and burgers.

’Variety’ and ‘freedom to choose’ set Sizzler apart from other dining experiences. At Sizzler customers are free to control the volume, nutritional balance and variety of each meal by ordering from the grill and helping themselves to our famous Soup, Salad, Pasta, Fruit and Dessert Bars.

Sizzler presents a warm, friendly face to its customers who represent a wide range of people. Sizzler’s distinctively designed, clean, friendly restaurants offer a ‘casual dining’ alternative that comfortably sits between fast food and fine dining.

Sizzler is wholly owned by Collins Foods Limited, an Australian listed public company with its Head Office in Hamilton, Brisbane. There are Sizzler restaurants in the USA, Thailand, Japan and China

Sizzler North Rockhampton Menu

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