Star of Siam Restaurant in Port Douglas Menu

Pad prik tai kra-tem
Nuea, moo or kae - garlic, beef, pork or lamb, slices of beef, pork , lamb or prawns stir fried with garlic, pepper and soy sauce, served on a bed of sliced onion topped with fresh coriander
-Garlic prawns $19.90
Pad kra prow
Nuea, gai or moo - Chilli beef, chicken or pork, finely sliced beef, chicken, prawns, or pork pan fried with onion, capsicum, shallots, hot chilli and fresh basil, or chilli prawns
-Chilli prawns $19.90
Nuea pad nam mun hoy
Beef with oyster sauce, stir fried sliced steak with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, oyster sauce and sour sauce
Gai pad med ma-muong
Chicken with cashew nuts - stir fried cashew nuts with tender sliced chicken, onion, shallots and flavoured with sweet chilli paste
Pad prew warn mod or gai
Sweet & sour pork or chicken - a thai speciality like you've never tasted before! thinly sliced chicken or pork gently stir fried with fresh juicy pineapple, tomato, cucumber, shallots, sugar, soy sauce, tomato sauce and onion
-Or prawns $19.90
Gai yang (BBQ chicken)
This dish comes from the north east of thailand and is boneless BBQ chicken marinated in turmeric, pepper, salt, garlic and coriander, grilled and served with a homemade sweet chilli sauce, you have never tasted BBQ chicken like this
Bhed ob
Roasted duck thai style - this duck is marinated in ginger, garlic, coriander, five spices, black bean, salt, sugar, honey, dark soy, sauce served on a bed of steamed vegetables
Pad ta-lay
Sauteed seafood - Stir fried prawns, fish, calamari, scallops and mussel meat with onion, capsicum, shallot, garlic, fish sauce and basil
Pla rad prik
Deep fried fish fillet - beef fish fillets, deep fried (crispy or semi crispy), according to your taste, coated with red chilli, garlic, chopped onion, palm sugar, salt & tamarind sauce, the chilli can be medium or hot! a very popular dish - try it and you'll be back for more
Kow pad
Fried rice thai style - fried rice with chicken, peas, onion, shallots and egg, served with slices of tomato, wedge of lemon and cucumber
-Or prawns $13.90
Kow soy
Steamed jasmine rice
-Small $2.50
-Large $3.50
Coconut rice
-Small $4.50
-Large $5.50
Unleavened pan fried bread
Pad pak nam mun hoy
Vegetables in oyster sauce - a mixture of fresh garden vegetables gently sauteed to retain their crisp freshness, flavoured with our delicious oyster sauce
Pra ram long song
Steamed vegetables with peanut sauce
Pad thai gai
Traditional thai noodles - popular special thai noodles, slices of chicken, bean curd, rice stick noodles, bean sprouts and garlic, topped with ground peanuts, chilli flake, sugar and garnished with lemon wedges
-Or prawns $19.90
Pad kee mow ta-lay
Drunken noodle with seafood - Country style thai noodles stir fried with prawns, calamari, scallops, mussel meat, fish, basil, chilli flake, ground peanut and lemon wedges on the side
Peanut sauce
-Small $2.00
-Large $8.00
We can make each dish mild, medium or hot
Toong ngon (money bags)
Parcels of minced lean pork blended in our special thai spices with garlic, peanut and onion, wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried until golden brown, served with our home made sweet chilli sauce, one of our most popular starters
Marinated chicken wings
Tender young chicken wings are marinated in soy sauce, garlic, coriander and a selection of thai herbs and spices that we must keep secret for they are so good you will try and cook them at home, deep fried until crispy brown in cholesterol free vegetable oil, served with our home made mild sweet chilli sauce
Tod mun pla (fish cakes)
Fish kneaded with a red chilli paste and deep fried, served with sliced cucumber and sweet sauce with toasted ground peanuts
Poh pia tod (thai spring rolls)
Taste the thai difference - these spring rolls are a perfect appetizer for any meal (vegetarian)
Satay chicken
Tender brochettes of chicken breast marinated in homemade sauce of thai herbs and spices, grilled and basted with coconut milk, served with a delicious peanut sauce
Goong sa-rong
Deep fried prawns - fresh king prawns deveined and marinated with soy sauce & pepper, wrapped in pastry and deep fried, served with chilli sauce
BBQ octopus
Fresh octopus marinated in thai spices, served with our chef's special hot sauce on the side and garnish of fresh garden vegetables
Curry puff
Minced chicken potatoes, onion and curry powder, wrapped in puff pastry, deep fried and served with mild sweet chilli and cucumber sauce
Gourmet's choice
A satay stick, money bag, spring roll and deep fried prawn, each with its own distinctive and appropriate sauce
Tom yum goong (prawn soup)
A subtle blend of hot and sour flavours with citrus overtones, tom yum goong is the most famous of all thai soups, the ingredients include king prawns, straw mushrooms, lemon grass, sweet chilli paste and fresh coriander - the rest are our secret!
-Small $8.00
-Large $15.90
Tom kha gai (chicken soup)
A soup of thinly sliced chicken in coconut milk flavoured with galingale, lemon grass, lemon juice, fish sauce and fresh coriander
-Small $8.00
-Large $15.90
Laksa goong (prawn laksa)
King prawn, mushroom, noodles, lemon grass, coconut milk, galingale and lime juice, authentic taste from down south of thailand
-Small $9.00
-Large $15.90
Yum nuea (beef salad)
In bangkok this dish is one of the favourites in both restaurants and home kitchens this salad consists of freshly grilled steak thinly sliced then tossed together with onions cucumbers, tomatoes, shallots, celery, lemon juice, chilli to taste and a sprinkle of fresh herbs and spices
Yum yai (thai chef salad)
Salads are among the favourite food of thai people, this fish allows for the creativity of each individual chef, because any vegetables and cooked meats can be added, for a change of flavour, this dish may also reflect the humour of the chef - we advise you check with your waitress if he is in a good mood - but you can expect chicken, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, onion, herbs and soy sauce as a starting base - let us surprise you!
Yum ta-lay (house salad)
Salads are among the most favoured dishes in thailand as the coolness and crispness of fresh vegetables can be mixed with an assortment of freshly cooked meats and seafood, the ingredients vary according to the season and the chefs moods, but you can expect prawns, calamari, fish scallops, vermicelli noodle, onion and thai salad dressing
Gang keo wan gai or nuea
Green curry chicken or beef, another popular thai curry, finely sliced chicken, beef, prawns or fish cooked in coconut milk, green curry paste, sliced beans, peas and fresh basil
-Green curry prawns or fish $19.90
Gang dang nuea or gai
Red curry beef or chicken, a truly traditional thai curry of beef, chicken, fish or prawns with red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots & basil
-Red curry prawns or fish $19.90
Gang massaman nuea
Beef curry, a rich and aromatic beef curry from the south of thailand cooked with coconut milk, toasted peanuts, bay leaves, potatoes and tamarind paste, an extraordinary taste special from thai muslim cuisine
Panang gai
Panang chicken, chicken cooked with thick panang curry paste in coconut milk, pea, topped with sliced lime leaves
Curry of the house
Roasted duck curry - roasted duck cooked with sliced ripe golden pineapple, homemade curry paste, coconut milk, tomatoes and basil
Choo chee goong or pla
Prawns or fish fillets - prawns of fish fillets cooked with a thick red chilli paste containing coriander root, kaffir lime fruit peel, garlic, red onion and galingale, blended with our highest quality coconut milk, this dish is served with a tangy topping of sprinkled kaffir lime leaf shreds
Gang pak (V)
Red or green curry vegetables -seasonal vegetables cooked in red or green curry paste, coconut milk and basil

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Chef’s Caesar Salad $ 16.00
The Above Meals Are Served With
Salad & Chips, Mash & Veg, Rice & Veg
Wedges & Caesar Salad Or Make Your Own Choice $ 2
With Cheese & Chips
$ 10.00
Chicken Breast Scallopini
Served In A Rich Creamy Mushroom Sauce
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Chef’s Lamb Shanks
Served In A Cacciatore Sauce With mash Potato And Vegetables
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Popcorn Chicken & Chips $ 10.00
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Insalata Verde - mixed green leaf salad $12
Zuppa Di Pesce - selection of the best, freshest seafood available - including reef fish, tiger prawns, bugs, baby octopus, calamari, mussels and clams - cooked in white wine and fish stock, with a to $48.50
Spaghetti Con Le Vongole - spaghetti tossed with clams cooked in white wine, herbs, tomato, basil and a touch of chilli $22/ $32
La Tagliata Di Manzo - a cut of our Black Angus Rib-Eye, chargrilled, served with chargrilled artichoke, rocket & lemon $24
Polpette Al'Limone - veal and pork meatballs with lemon, white wine and fresh bayleaf $5 each
Pesce - Sassi fish and chips with house made tartare sauce, salad & fries $24
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Eagle Boys Pizza (sample)
BBQ Chicken & Bacon - Chicken, streaky bacon, Spanish red onion, mushrooms & cheese on a BBQ sauce with chives N/A
Garlic Prawn - Garlic prawns, capsicum, Spanish red onion & cheese on a tomato sauce with garlic aioli, lemon & chives N/A
Heat Wave - Spicy pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, chargrilled capsicum, Spanish red onion, feta & cheese on a chilli tomato sauce N/A
BBQ Meatlover’s - Streaky bacon, pepperoni, beef, sausage, shredded ham & cheese on a BBQ sauce N/A
Capricciosa - Shredded ham, Spanish red onion, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, baby spinach, garlic & cheese on a tomato sauce N/A
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream N/A
Cheese Lover’s - Cheese on a tomato sauce N/A
Pepperoni - Pepperoni & cheese on a tomato sauce N/A
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Domino's Pizza (sample)
HALF 'N' HALF - Your choice. Combine any 2 of our delicious pizzas in 1 n/a
DOUBLE BACON CHEESEBURGER - Ground beef, rasher bacon, & mozzarella on a BBQ base, topped with mayonnaise n/a
GARLIC PRAWN - Prawns, baby spinach, fresh tomato, oregano on a crème fraiche base, with garlic sauce n/a
FIRE BREATHER - Ground beef, Italian sausage, jalapenos, pepperoni, fresh tomato, red onion & mozzarella topped with chilli flakes n/a
HICKORY BBQ PULLED BEEF - Slow cooked pulled beef, rasher bacon, pepperoni, red onion & mozzarella on a BBQ sauce base, topped with a Hickory BBQ sauce swirl n/a
AMERICANO - Pepperoni, mushrooms & mozzarella n/a
BANGERS & BEEF - Ground beef, Italian sausage, mozzarella on a BBQ sauce base n/a
MARGHERITA - Cherry tomatoes, fresh tomato, basil & mozzarella n/a
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Coffee Club The (sample)
Fruit toast N/A
Cheese & bacon topping N/A
Multigrain, ciabatta or thick-cut white toast N/A
Chocolate mud cake N/A
Cinnamon french toast Slices of sweet battered toast served with maple syrup and a light dusting of cinnamon sugar. N/A
Gourmet spanish omelette A spanish-style omelette made with fresh cage-free eggs, wood-smoked chorizo, smoked bacon, marinated capsicum and potato. Topped with balsamic roasted tomato and rocket. N/A
Egg on toast N/A
Beer battered flathead fillets & chips Fish fillets encased in a light, crunchy beer batter. Served with tartare sauce, seasoned chips and salad. N/A
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12 Macrossan St, Port Douglas, QLD, 4877, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express
American, Thai

Star of Siam Restaurant

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