Sun Chung Cafe in Aspley Menu

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup $5.00
Chicken Mushroom Soup $5.00
Short Soup & Roast Pork $5.00
Long Soup with Chicken or Pork $5.00
Combination Short Soup $6.00
Combination Long Soup $6.00
Special Spring Rolls (Large) $7.00
Dim Sims (4 per serve) $4.20
Mini Rolls (4 per serve) $3.00
King Prawn Cutlets (4 per serve) $5.60
Prawn Chips $2.00
Hot Chips n/a
Special Fried Rice $7.00
Fried Rice (Large/Small) $6.00/$5.00
Fried Rice (Extra Large) $8.50
Steamed Rice $3.20
Braised Chicken Vegetables $8.50
Braised Chicken Almonds or Cashews $9.00
Braised Chicken Pineapple $8.50
Braised Chicken Satay Sauce $9.00
Braised Chicken Bean Sprouts $8.50
Braised Chicken Mornay Sauce $7.00
Honey Chicken $8.50
Lemon Chicken $8.50
Crispy Chicken with Fried Rice $7.00
Crispy Chicken with Chips $7.00
Sweet & Sour Pork $8.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.00
Sweet & Sour Braised Steak $8.50
Sweet & Sour King Prawns $11.00
Sweet & Sour Fish $8.50
Sweet & Sour Special Combination $9.00
Chicken & Rice $8.00
Prawns & Rice $8.50
Steak & Rice $8.00
King Prawns & Rice $11.00
Braised Pork Plum Sauce $8.50
B.B.Q. Pork Plum Sauce $9.00
Crispy Pork Plum Sauce $8.50
Braised Pork Black Bean Sauce $8.50
Braised Pork Chilli Sauce $8.50
Braised Pork Combination $9.00
Braised Steak Black Bean Sauce $8.50
Braised Steak Pineapple $8.50
Braised Steak Bean Sprouts $8.50
Braised Steak Oyster Sauce $8.50
Braised Steak Satay Sauce $9.00
Braised Steak Mornay Sauce $9.00
Braised Steak Chili Sauce $8.50
Braised Steak Plum Sauce $9.00
Braised Steak Tomato & Rice $8.00
Braised Steak Combination $9.00
Chicken Chow Mein $8.00
Steak Chow Mein $8.00
Chicken & Prawn Chow Mein $8.50
Prawn Chow Mein $8.50
Pork Chow Mein $8.00
King Prawn Chow Mein $11.00
Combination Chow Mein $8.50
East Asian Chow Mein $8.50
Special Chow Mein (Chinese Style) $9.50
King Prawns with Almond or Cashew $11.00
Garlic King Prawns $11.00
Honey King Prawns $11.00
King Prawns Satay $11.00
Sea Scallops Black Bean Sauce $11.00
Sea Scallops Chinese Mornay Sauce $11.00
Fried Sea Scallops $11.00
Sea Scallops Combination $11.00
Fried Prawns $11.00
Braised Chicken Ginger & Shallots $9.00
Steak Chinese Style $9.00
Pork Ribs Special $9.00
Mongolian Lamb $9.00
Seafood Combination (No Vegetables) $12.50
Shandy Special $10.50
Special Omelette $9.00
Ham Omelette $8.50
Chicken Omelette $8.50
Prawn Omelette $8.50
Chicken & Prawn Omelette $8.50
King Prawn Omelette $11.00

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THE SAUCY WOK (sample menu)
Laksa - Chicken, Beef or Pork - a thick egg noodle & thin rice noodle combination with seasonal vegetables in a spicy, rich & creamy coconut broth $12.00
Kuai Teow - thick rice noodles, succulent BBQ pork, egg & fresh vegetables. wok tossed in sweet soy with a hint of chilli $12.50
Seafood Noodles - thin egg noodles, prawns, shrimp, fish cake, crab meat & fresh vegetables. wok tossed in our chef's special sauce $15.00
Sweet & Sour Pork $15.00
Fried Rice - rice, ham, peas, onion & egg, seasoned & tossed in the wok with a dash of sesame oil (Small/Large) $5.00/$8.00
Wonton Noodle Soup - thin egg noodles with handmade wontons, fresh vegetables & BBQ pork in a clear & tasty broth $12.00
Beef, chicken or BBQ pork wok tossed with Super Combination $15.00
Pork in Plum Sauce $15.00
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Fish Online Seafood Cafe (sample)
Family Pack - 4 Crumbed fish fillets, 4 Seafood sticks, 4 Seafood bites, 4 Calamari, 4 Potato Scallops & chips $50.00
Coral Trout $13.50
Battered saveloy $3.20
Homemade dressing $5.00
Coleslaw $5.50
Seafood stick (each) $2.40
Fish (crumbed) $9.00
Chips (minimum) $7.00
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Saiko Sushi Restaurant (sample)
Beef teriyaki $21
Creamy Salmon - Fresh salmon, cream cheese and avo $6.5
Edamame $4
Salmon teriyaki $21
Aburi salmon nigiri sealed salmon $4.5
Salmon Sashimi (6pcs) $12
Cooked prawn nigiri $3.5
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The Cheesecake Shop (sample)
White Gold Mudcake $28.95
Caramel $25.95
Treasure Cake $38.95
Mississippi Baked $30.95
Tropical Torte $29.95
Marble Mudcake $30.95
Caramel Mudcake $28.95
Wildberry Baked $26.95
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Coffee Club The (sample)
Bacon, eggs, tomato & toast Smoked bacon and fresh cage-free eggs cooked your way with roasted tomato and toasted ciabatta. N/A
Seasonal fruit salad Freshly cut seasonal fruit served with honey-sweetened greek yoghurt. N/A
Gourmet spanish omelette A spanish-style omelette made with fresh cage-free eggs, wood-smoked chorizo, smoked bacon, marinated capsicum and potato. Topped with balsamic roasted tomato and rocket. N/A
Egg on toast N/A
Beer battered flathead fillets & chips Fish fillets encased in a light, crunchy beer batter. Served with tartare sauce, seasoned chips and salad. N/A
Le croque-monsieur An indulgent serving of lean leg ham with dijon mustard, swiss cheese and melted cheese on battered ciabatta. Served with seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
The reuben Sliced pastrami with melted swiss cheese, mustard and creamy coleslaw on toasted ciabatta. Served with a dill pickle, seasoned chips and a garnish salad. N/A
Chicken nuggets with chips or salad N/A
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Restaurant Details

Table Service
1273 Gympie Rd, Aspley, QLD, 4034, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

Sun Chung Cafe

This is the best value Chinese on Aspley. The food is very nice; and the value per dish is amazing.

Sun Chung Cafe Aspley Menu

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The opening hours for Sun Chung Cafe are coming soon