Tamagawa Japanese Take-Away in Balgowlah Menu

Agedashi Tofu (4pcs) Fried Tofu in Tempura sauce $7.30
Hiyayakko (2pcs) Chilled Tofu with condiments $3.00
Beef Tataki Sashimi style $11.00
Shumai (6pcs) Japanese style Dim Sim $7.30
Tofu Yasai Ankake (4pcs) Fried (or boiled) Tofu & mix vegetables in special sauce $8.30
Gyoza (6pcs) Japanese style mince dumpling $7.30
Seafood Gyoza (6pcs) Japanese style seafood dumpling $7.80
Seafood Spring Roll $7.80
Vegetable Spring Roll (6pcs) $7.30
Prawn Tempura (2pcs) $6.00
Fish Tempura (2pcs) $6.00
Whiting Tempura (2pcs) $6.00
Sea Eel Tempura (2pcs) $8.00
Wagyu Beef Ponzu sauce (Japanese soy vinegar) Japanese BBQ sauce Sesame miso sauce $20.00
Grilled Mackerel $10.30
Grilled Hokke Mackerel $11.00
Deep Fried Octopus $8.80
Deep Fried Yellowtail $8.80
Tamagawa Salad Seasoned seaweed, tofu & cooked tuna $9.80
Hoso Maki Sushi Small size seaweed rolls (6pcs) -
- Avocado Roll $2.80
- Pickles Roll $2.80
- Cucumber Roll $2.80
Chu Maki Sushi Medium size seaweed rolls (4pcs) -
- Salmon Roll $4.80
- Tuna Roll $4.80
- Eel Roll (with Avocado $0.30 extra) $6.00
Nigiri Sushi A La Carte -
- Tuna (1pc) $2.80
- Salmon (1pc) $2.20
- Cuttlefish (1pc) $2.00
- Prawn (1pc) $2.40
- BBQ Eel (1pc) $3.00
- Egg Custard (1pc) $2.00
- Seasoned Seaweed (1pc) $2.00
- Octopus (1pc) $2.00
- Salmon Rice (1pc) $3.00
- Kingfish (1pc) $2.40
- Scallop (1pc) $2.40
- Sea Urchin (1pc) $2.80
Roll Platter (for 4 people) Assorted 48 seaweed rolls $45.00
Nigiri Platter Assorted small seaweed rolls (18pcs) & assorted Nigiri Sushi (16pcs) $47.00
Kingfish Sashimi Kingfish (raw fish) slice (7pcs) $12.00
Tuna Sashimi - Tuna (raw fish) slice (7 pcs) $13.80
Boiled Octopus - Boiled octopus slice (7 pcs) $11.80
Katsu Don - Fried pork or chicken fillet with egg and onion $10.50
Tama Don - Crab stick with egg and onion $10.00
Ebi Tama Don - Fried prawns with egg, shallots and onion $11.00
Una-Ju - BBQ eel with special sauce with Miso soup and pickles $17.50
Ten Don - Tempura prawn and mix vegetable with Miso soup $14.00
Nishoku Don - Mince with egg custard on rice $10.50
Vegetable Croquette Teishoku $13.80
Sashimi Teishoku (No Salad included) $16.00
Tempura Teishoku (No Salad included) $15.00
Shokado Bento - Sashimi, Teriyaki chicken, Japanese style Dim Sim, crumbed chicken fillet and prawn etc. $17.50
Teriyaki Chicken Teishoku - Chicken with Teriyaki sauce $13.80
Karaage Teishoku - Fried chicken $13.80
Shogayaki Teishoku - Finely slice pork in ginger sauce $13.80
Udon (Wheat Noodles) -
- Udon - Udon noodles in soup topped with chicken, crab sticks, seaweed, shallots, beans, etc $10.50
- Niku Udon - Udon noodles with Teriyaki chicken or beef (Please choose in soup or without soup) $11.50
- Tempura Udon - Udon noodles in soup topped with 2 Tempura prawns $12.50
Soba (Buckwheat Noodles) -
- Tempura Soba - Buckwheat noodles in soup with 2 Tempura prawns $12.50
- Sansai Soba - Buckwheat noodles in soup with Japanese vegetables (Sansai) $11.50
- Hiyashi Sansai Soba - Cold buckwheat noodles with Japanese vegetables (Sansai) and dipping sauce $11.50
Ramen (Egg Noodles) -
- Miso Ramen - Ramen noodles in soy bean soup with roast pork and shallots $10.50
- Seafood Ramen - Ramen noodles topped with seafood and crab stick $12.00
Tantan Ramen - Sesame paste and peanuts butter flavoured with spicy pork mince $12.80
Special -
- Yaki Soba - Pan fried egg noodles with vegetables (with chicken $11.50) $10.50
Curry Rice - Chicken curry on rice $10.50
Ebi Fry Curry - Served with prawn crumbed and fried on rice $14.00
Katsu Curry - Chicken curry with chicken or pork fillet (crumbed and fried) on rice $13.50
Miso Soup - With tofu, seaweed and shallots $3.00
Gari - Sweet ginger $1.50
Teriyaki Sauce $2.50
Taiyaki - Japanese waffle red beans inside with ice cream $7.00
Queens Cliff - Nigiri Sushi - Crumbed Chicken (Tonkatsu) - Salad - Seaweed Roll - Teriyaki Fish - Soy Beans (Edamame) - Small Udon Noodle $17.00

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Restaurant Details

Takeaway Food
Table Service
66 Wanganella St, 318 Sydney Rd, Balgowlah, NSW, 2093, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Japanese, Asian

Tamagawa Japanese Take-Away

Tamagawa Japanese Take-away is a favorite among many northern beaches residents who know a good Japanese feed when they taste it. Tables inside and out provide seating for those looking to sit down and enjoy their meals, takeaway is the order for most of Tamagawa’s patrons through. The cuisine is all Japanese, they do the simple things well, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Teriyaki and the stock Japanese Udon and Ramen Noodles are all fantastic, and with all meals being reasonably priced there is little cause for disappointment. Call for any further enquiries or to place an order.

Tamagawa Japanese Take-Away Balgowlah Menu

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