The Boardwalk Bendigo at Nolan St Menu

All Day Menu
Acai Bowl - superfood smoothie bowl topped with seasonal fruit, sugar free granola & toasted coconut $14.90
Kick Start Bircher - crunchy nuts & seeds of goodness, lsa, walnuts, chia seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, goji berries, cranberries, pecans, almonds, macadamia & hazelnuts folded with y $14.90
Porridge - gourmet brock farm gluten free handcrafted porridge topped with poached pear, date labneh & cinnamon sugar $12.90
Toast - 2 slices of sourdough served with butter & your choice of yarra valley marmalade, raspberry jam, beechworth honey or vegemite $6.50
Gourmet Fruit Loaf - lightly toasted gourmet fruit toast with side of butter & raspberry jam $10.00
Pancake Stack - buttermilk pancakes topped with house made berry compote, vanilla ice cream & cream $14.50
Totes Epic Eclectic French Toast - poached pear, vanilla mascarpone, white chocolate crumb, salted caramel & blueberries $14.90
Lakeside Melt - a slab of casalinga sour dough topped with basil pesto, spinach, chunks of mashed pumpkin, walnuts & merediths goats curd finished with balsamic glaze $18.00
Morning Glory - the green superfood bowl of health & nutrition: asparagus, kale, avocado, budenis, lemon & parsley served with poached egg & hazelnut dukkah $16.50
Mamma Lisa Stack - lightly toasted sourdough roll topped with grilled bacon, pale tossed cherry tomatoes, avocado & spanish topped with a freshly poached egg & house made hollandaise $19.90
Benedict Cumberbatch - grilled ham, frshly poached eggs served on toast topped with house made hollandaise $15.90
Eggs Atlantic - tasmanian smoked salmon, avocado & freshly poached eggs on toast finished with house made hollandaise $22.90
Bubble 'n Tweak - vegetable rosti stack with sauteed spinach, smashed avocado, a freshly poached eggs, dukkah & a side of house made tomato relish $18.90
Gangnam Style - grilled pacdon park gammons steak topped with wilted spinach, rosemary salt roasted sweet potato, roasted red capsicum & cashew nut pesto topped off with a freshly poached egg $24.90
Boardwalk Breakfast - eggs, grilled bacon,msauteed mushroom, gourmet sausage, grilled tomato, sauteed baby spinach & hash brown with beans $24.90
Eggs & More - eggs (fried, poached or scrambled) served on toast $12.50
Addition: fresh avocado, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, hash browns, tuscan beans $3.00/each
Addition: sausage, sauteed spinach, sauteed kale $4.00/each
Addition: bacon $5.00/each
Addition: tasmanian smoked salmon (50g) $4.00/each
The BS2's - house made dip x3: res capsicum & cashew nut pesto, beetroot & fetta, white bean lemon & garlic served with toasted sour dough fingers & lavosh bites $14.90
Mozart's Pate - the boardwalk's own classical chicken liver pate served with toasted sour dough fingers $14.90
Cheeses Pleases - meredith goats cheese, brie & mervey waley vintage cheddar with quince paste, seasonal fruit, lavosh bites, gourmet fruit loaf & toasted sourdough fingers $25.90
Tina Turner Nachos - simply the best corn chips woth melted mozzarella & finished with house made tomato relish, guacamole & sour cream $14.00
Beer Battered Chips - with house made tomato relish $6.50
Gourmet Sourdough Sandwiches
Simple Simon - grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, lettuce & mayonnaise $16.50
Billy The Fish - smoked salmon, avocado & baby spinach with lime & dill mayo $17.90
Gwenyth Poultry - chicken, avocado, brie, bacon, semi dried tomato & caesar dressing $16.90
Roasted Vegetable Foccacia - baby spinach, grilled eggplant, semi dried tomato, roasted pumpkin, fetta & basil pesto $15.50
Einstein - ham, cheese, tomato & house made relish $12.90
Landy Landy - frid egg, grilled bacon, hash brown, tasty cheese & house made bbq sauce $15.90
Beetroot Salad - roasted ruby beets tossed with spinach, budenis, meredith goats cheese & a balsamic vinegrette $17.50
Maybe add freshly grilled chicken tenderloins $5.00
Maybe add tasmanian smoked salmon $6.00
Our Incredible Warm Chicken Salad - pan tossed warm chicken tenderloins with a honey mustard & balsamic dressing, mixed lettuce, semi dried tomato, spanish onion, mango, cashews & avocado $23.90
Hazelnut Hawke - roasted pumpkin,mquinoa, spinach & candied hazelnuts topped with classic eoss greek yoghurt & harissa $16.90
Chicken Caesar Salad - baby cos lettuce, crispy prosciutto, freshly shaved parmesan, avocado & house made croutons, topped with grilled chicken, a soft poached egg & house made caesar dressing $22.00
Livin' Large
Tango Charlie Bravo - sourdough roll with lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese, grilled chicken breast, bacon, relish, avocado & mayo served with rosemary salt roasted kipfler potato chips & lemon aioli $23.90
Fush 'n' Chups - take away style beer battered barramundi with garden salad, beer battered chips, house made tartare & a lemon wedge (grilled fish by request) $23.00
The Boardwalk's Legendary: Chilli Lime Squid - flash fried squid tossed in our own chilli lime seasoning served with salad & house made lemon aioli $22.90
Tram Stop Steak Sandwich - baby scotch fillet steak, grilled bacon, caramelized onion, fresh tomato, memory valley vintage cheddar, cos lettuce, housemade tomato relish & grilled egg between toast wit $24.00
Little Munchkins
The Big Kid - a fried egg on toast with bacon, hash brown & tomato sauce $9.50
Fish & Chips - with salad $11.50
Pancakes - buttermilk pancakes with vanilla ice cream & maple syrup $9.50
Chicken Nuggets - & chips $7.90
Boardwalk Bolognaise $9.90
Drinks - Hot
Espresso $3.30
Caffe Latte ~ Cappuccino ~ Flat White $3.80
Long Black • Macchiato $3.80
Affogato $4.30
Chai Latte $3.80
Dirty Hippy $4.30
Hot Chocolate $4.00
Soy Milk • Decaf • Almond Milk • Extra Shot of Caramel, Vanilla or Hazelnut 50¢
Mug 70¢
T2 Teas - english breakfast•french earl grey•sencha green•gorgeous geisha•just peppermint•madagascar vanilla•lemongrass & ginger•very berry fruitea•white rose•chai $4.00
Drinks - Cold
Soft Drinks $3.50
Lemon, Lime & Bitters $4.00
Capo Tonic Water $3.90
Capo Dry Ginger $3.90
Iced Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry & Caramel $6.50
Bundaberg Ginger Beer $4.50
Hepburn Sparkling Mineral 500ml $5.50
Drinks - Capi Flavoured Mineral Water
Blood Orange • Grapefruit • Lemon $3.90
Drinks - Smoothies
Summerdaze - mango, strawberries, watermelon & yoghurt $8.90
The Incredible Hulk - spinach, kale, pineapple, mango & coconut H2O $9.90
Breakfast of Champions - banana, berries, oats, honey, milk & yoghurt $9.40
Strawberry Fields Forever - strawberries, banana, honey, cinnamon, yoghurt & coconut H2O $9.40
Pattaya Sunset - banana, melon, honey, lime & yoghurt $8.90
Velvet Underground - raw cacao, cacao nibs, strawberries, banana, cinnamon, protein powder, coconut H2O & almond milk $10.90
Extra: chia seeds • porteon powder • spirulina $1.50/each
Drinks - Freshly Squeezed Juices
Popeye - coconut H2O, kale, cos lettuce, cucumber, green apple, celery & mint $7.90
Ruby Red Detox - beetroot, carrot, apple, celery & ginger $7.90
Daily Tonic - carrot, turmeric, orange & ginger $7.90
Ginger Nut - ginger, red apple, orange, carrot, lime & honey $7.90
Holly Forever - orange, apple, pineapple & watermelon $7.90
Single (one fruit) $7.50
Mingle (choose your fruit) orange • apple • pineapple • watermelon $7.90
Brookes BohemianLager - a caramel vienna lager that is perfect for a long beer drinking session $8.00
Brookes American Pale Ale - a lovely dark appearance with a fruity, citrus hop aroma, this american pale ale goes beautifully with red meats $8.00
Holgate ESB - it gets better as it warms up to about 6-8C degrees, a classic earthy english bitter you meet in the pub & invite home for a round of snooker & darts $8.50
Holgate Pilsner - a classic take on the popular lager, light in body but well balanced & flavoursome, this pilsner loves seafood $8.50
Bridge Road Chevalier Saison - regularly voted by critics & punters as one of the best beers in Australia, order one with our sharing is caring plate $22.00
Cascade Light $5.00
Victoria Bitter $5.50
Pure Blonde $6.00
James Boags Premium $6.50
Coopers Sparkling $6.50
Corona $7.50
Asahi $7.50
Wine (by the glass)
2011 Innocent Bystander Moscato $7.00
2011 Villa Maria Pinot Gris $7.00
2014 Skipack Sauvignon Blanc $8.00
NV Balgownie Sparkling Cuvee $7.00
2013 Mandurang Valley Chardonnay $7.00
2013 Two Tails Pinot Noir $8.00
Lands End Cabernet Merlot $7.00
2013 Tellurian GSM $10.00
2012 Balgownie Estate Black Label Shiraz $8.00
Rekordelig - strawberry & lime cider 500ml $12.00
Bumers - pear cider $7.00
Dirty Grannys - apple cider $8.00
Blue Elephant - apple cider No. 1 $7.50
Spirits & Liqueurs
House - jim bean • johnnie walker red label • sminorff vodka • gordon's gin • bundaberg rum • bacardi • southern comfort • coyote tequila • akcropolis cuzo $6.50
Premium - jack daniel's bourbon • jameson irish/whiskey • Johnnie walker black label • canadian club • bombay sapphire gin • campari • absolut vanilla vodka • pernod • pimms • malibu • chambord • fran $7.50
Cosmopolitan - vodka cointreau, cranberry & lime $13.00
Japanese Slipper - midori, cointreau, pineapple & lemon juice $11.00
Pimms Classic - pimms, chambord & dry ginger $14.00
Tear Drop - vodka, blue caracao vanilla $10.00
Espresso Martini - vanilla vodka, kahlua & espresso $12.00

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Below you'll find samples from menus of places nearby.

Nearby sample menus

Borchelli Ristorante (sample menu)
Penne Contessa pan fried chicken w snow peas cherry tomato & cracked pepper in a light white wine cream sauce $17.90 / $22.90
Baby Veal cooked Saltimbocca style w beans, capsicum & croquette $28.90
Spaghetti Bolognese rich meat sauce $14.90 / $19.90
B.E.T Your choice of eggs on toast w bacon $12.00
Spaghetti Marinara fresh seafood, garlic, napoli $16.00
Pollo Parmigiana crumbed chicken breast w beans, capsicum & croquette $25.90
Buttered Green Beans $7.00
Kalamarta Olives tomato sugo, sage, chilli, garlic $8.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Borchelli Ristorante
Piyawat Thai Restaurant (sample)
Laab Gai - minced chicken breast, browned then tossed in toasted rice, flavoured with thai herbs & spices $14.00
Tofu Todd - deep fried tofu served with Thai sweet chillies (10 per serve) $8.00
Popia pug - vegetarian spring rolls (6 per serve) $8.00
Yum Neua - grilled steak, sliced then flavoured with sweet chilli paste, thai herbs & spices $14.00
Pud Med Ma Muang - meat of your choice stir fried with sweet chilli paste, cashew nuts & garden vegetable (Chicken, Pork, Beef/Prawns/Vegetables) $15.10/$18.50/$14.50
Pud Gratiem - meat of your choice stir fried with garlic & black pepper sauce (Chicken, Pork, Beef/Prawns) $15.10/$18.50
Nam Sod - browned minced chicken, tossed & flavoured with ginger, peanuts, sweet chilli paste & thai herbs & spices $14.00
Laab Ped - grilled duck, sliced then flavoured with sweet chilli paste & Thai herbs $17.50
Clean Here for the full menu for Piyawat Thai Restaurant
Don Chichios (sample)
Chicken Hawaiian - (Small / Large / Family ) Sauce, Cheese, Marinated Chicken Breast, Pineapple $6.00 / $9.00 / $13.00
Tandoori - (Small / Large / Family ) Tandoori Sauce, Cheese, Marinated Chicken Breast, Cashews, Spring Onion $6.00 / $11.00 / $14.00
Satay Beef - (Small / Large / Family ) Satay Sauce, Cheese, Seasoned Beef, Bacon, Onion $6.00 / $9.00 / $13.00
Yogurt $0.50
Margherita - (Small / Large / Family ) Sauce, Cheese, Oregano $5.00 / $8.00 / $10.00
Vegetarian - (Small / Large / Family ) Sauce, Cheese, Mushroom, Olives, Capsicum, Onion $5.00 / $8.00 / $12.00
Chips - Options Of - Gravy , Cheese Sauce $3.50
BBQ Pizza - (Small / Large / Family ) BBQ Sauce, Cheese, Seasoned Beef, Tomato, Onion $6.00 / $9.00 / $13.00
Clean Here for the full menu for Don Chichios
Megabite (sample)
Yiros Salsa & Dip Pack - Your choice of meat, served on pita with lettuce, covered in a spicy salsa & tzaziki N/A
Yiros Long Rolls - Your choice of meat, served with gravy or salad N/A
Milk Shakes N/A
Soft Drinks N/A
Wedges with the Lot - Cheese, sour cream & salsa N/A
Yiros Dinner Pack - Your choice of meat, served open style with garden salad, pita, tzaziki, hommus & chips N/A
Drover - Scotch fillet, lettuce, tomato, onion & sauce N/A
Special - Schnitzel Burger - Chicken schnitzel, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo N/A
Clean Here for the full menu for Megabite
Pinky's Pizza (sample)
CAPRICCIOSA - ham, mushroom & olives, anchovies as request (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
BBQ CHICKEN - roast chicken, onion, capsicum & bbq sauce (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
Pork Nuggets n/a
PINKY'S CHICKEN - roast chicken, bacon & pineapple (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
MARINARA - prawns, calamari, clams, mussels & garlic (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
Potato Wedges & Sour Cream n/a
PINKY'S SUPREME - ham, mushroom, onion, capsicum, pineapple & cabanossi, olives & anchovies as request (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
MEAT EATER - ham, bacon, cabanossi & mince beef, bbq as request (Reg/Lge/Fam/Monster) n/a
Clean Here for the full menu for Pinky's Pizza

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British & American Chinese Restaurant Asian, Chinese

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Nolan St, Nolan St, Bendigo, VIC, 3550, Australia
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard

The Boardwalk Bendigo

Our take on service and hospitality means a real coming of age for our pavilion by the lake.

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